Christmas Came Early for a Good Dog

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!  Well in this case, yes Nikita, there is a Santa and he is named Daddy.  

Ever since we rescued Nikita over three years ago, she has been allowed on the furniture, well, one couch in particular and the bed at night.  During the day, she would lay by Mommy’s feet to stay close to her, on her couch, or her favorite corner in the kitchen under the window so she could see outside.  She really never showed much interest in napping anywhere else, until about a month ago.


Bella has her own little fluffy bed with a nice fluffy fleece blanket that Mommy always keeps nice and clean for her.  (I really think this dog loves the smell of the dryer sheets!)  Anyhow, this is where Bella always naps. On her bed. That is how it has always been…until recently.  


We noticed that Nikita had started to nap on Bella’s bed.  Whoa!  Now where am I supposed to nap?  This kept going on for awhile, and we decided it was time to get Nikita her own fluffy bed.  Not sure if it was because of the weather change here, the floor being cold, but Nikita loves the cold floor, or whatever the case may be, but we felt that she needed her own fluffy pad.  Unsure if she would actually nap on it once we got it, we went ahead and got one anyway.  


Well, her new fluffy bed arrived on Monday and she has not got off of it! The look on her face was priceless as she snuggled in her fluffy wool bed. She walked around in circles, sniffing every inch of that bed, then she curled up and went to sleep. It was safe, and it is “mine”!

Bella has her bed back and it is pretty safe to say that her bed will not be visited again by Nikita, and she can keep her own scent amongst the dryer sheet smell.

26 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early for a Good Dog

    • Hi ya Maggie! Yep, Nikita is napping right under the front windows and loves her new bed! Bella has tried to get on it, but we tell her no way, but I think she “knows” that it is Nikita’s. Bella is probably thinking “Good. I am glad you got your own bed, so get off of mine!!” LOL

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for subscribing to NIKITALAND! I can’t wait to catch up on things on your blog too! Yep, Nikita loves her new bed. I am now convinced that EVERY dog needs a fluffy place to call their own. Have a great day! Val

  1. I wonder if laying on Bella’s bed was Nikita’s way of saying I’m the boss..the pack leader? Our cats used to do that to Buddy even though he was there first. I’d have to go chase the Diva’s off his bed because he was trained to be tolerant around them and always was. Even when it meant sitting on the floor.

    • Nikita does rule the house and Bella does back down when she knows that Nikita knows best. We had thought about it a long time ago to get her a bed, but since she enjoyed napping on the couch, we figured she might not use the bed. Now we know. She loves it and it is in her favorite corner in the kitchen where she likes to lay. She is happy and we can see it! Bella is learning that it is NOT her bed, but that does not stop her from trying. The other day I walked into the room and saw Bella sitting perfectly still in the middle of Nikita’s bed. I walked in, looked at her, and she looked at me, then walked off of it and onto her bed. It was funny!!!!!

    • Hi ya Wally & Sammy! I have been all grow’d up for awhile now, but I preferred to take my naps on the comfy white couch in the living room. But now, my bed is fluffier and cooler than I could have ever imagined and I LOVE IT! Heck, how come I never thought of asking my Mommy & Daddy for one of these before? 🙂

  2. It’s so rewarding to spend the money and have the doggie actually use the bed. I have had it both ways with Cupcake. She’s had one bed that she LOVED and one that she HATED. You got it right with Nikita’s new bed. Well done.

    • PHEW! We are also glad that she loves it so much! Bella keeps trying to get on it and we tell her no, as it is just for Nikita. Bell Bell has her own nice fluffy bed for napping! I know what you mean though, as you spend the money and just cross your fingers that they will like it. Since Nikita never had one, we were hoping she would like it. She just preferred the couch before, until we noticed her crawling onto Bella’s bed. Glad we got this one right!

  3. Nikita looks so happy on her bed! We just bought a another one for ZuZu to have in the living room and she loves it, it’s so cute to see her curled up on it…when the cats haven’t stolen it!

    • Oh believe me, she loves this bed! She is snuggled in it right now too. Bella has a make-shift bed in our bedroom of a few comforters so she can snuggle in at night, but Nikita gets to sleep on the bed with us. What is so cute, at this very moment, they are each on their “own” beds, curled up in little balls napping. What an adorable sight! 🙂

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