Do We Have Enough Toys?

Our Mommy dumped out our toy box today to vacuum off all of our toys. One by one she pulled them out and piled them up behind her. One by one, we snuck each one away to play with them!


We tried to count the number of toys us lucky dogs had in our toy box, and we lost count over 30.  WOW!  Do you think we have enough toys? We have a couple of stuffed chickens, some awesome “long doggies”, a pink teddy, a purple eggplant, Mickey Mouse, a huge orange pumpkin, a snowman without any arms, an unstuffed raccoon, a pink piggy with only one arm and one leg, and lots of stuffed balls.


We played with all of our toys all morning, then laid down right in the middle of the pile as if we were protecting them from any predators that may be lurking.  The predator is usually Bella, who always sneaks up from out of nowhere and steals the toy right out of Nikita’s mouth, then the chase is on!  Gimme that back, Nikita would squeal! That is MY toy! Bella usually does not listen, and runs around in circles as if she is saying “neener neener neener, I’ve got your toy”, and on one of her passes, she always boops Nikita to taunt her to chase her.


The game is the same every time one of them has a toy.  The chase is always on, and the circling begins until someone steals the toy from the other.


Bella seems to always want the limelight, and pokes her face right in front of the camera right when I am taking a photo of Nikita.  Today was no different.  Photo-Bombing at its finest!


We know that a lot of doggies out there don’t even have close to the number of toys we have, and that is sad, but don’t forget that we were also two of the rescued doggies who came from nothing, and who have everything now. Love, peace, and joy and the best forever home ever, not to mention all the toys a doggie could ever dream of!

28 thoughts on “Do We Have Enough Toys?

  1. Hi Y’all!

    I’m allowed some toys all the time now, but no stuffies ’cause I immediately “unstuff” them.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Oh yes they are! And they play with all of their toys too, not just a certain one or two, they put them all to good use! The real long doggies, as we call them, they use for tug of war!

  2. Your pals certainly are Livin’ La Vida Loca 😀 Bud had a chewed up frizbie and a tennis ball that we replaced weekly, that’s about it. LOL We couldn’t give him stuffed toys, they only lasted 5 minutes and made a mess. Might as well give him the money to rip up, about the same thing.

  3. I had a dog trainer who encouraged us to do something with Isis that she called Power Play. We called it Toy Time. We’d leave only one or two toys out all day (can you imagine?) and once a day, we’d dump out the toy box and squeal, “Toy Time! It’s Toy Time!” And then play interactively with the doggie for 15 minutes, letting her choose which toys to play with. She always went for these really cheap squeaky Milk Bone toys. After 15 minutes, we were supposed to put all the toys away except for two (which were always the Milk Bones, otherwise she’d get very sad). We don’t play that anymore, but try not to have ALL their toys out all the time. Mia loves to squeak squeak away with toys, until she desqueaks and eviscerates them. Leo only wants toys when they are in Mia’s mouth.

    • Oh, we don’t leave all those toys out all the time, I was just vacuuming them the other day and they were sneaking the cleaned ones! We have a nice huge toy bin that they walk over to, pick out a toy, and play! Since I am home with the dogs all day, I definitely have lots of play time with them.

    • Ooooh Weeeee, we love that chicken stuffie! If it was not for our Mommy knowing how to sew, we would have no toys. We love those toys that have things coming out of them (like the chickens eyes, etc) cause those are the first things that usually get chewed! Believe me, our Mommy has sewed on many arms and legs and a few eyes in her time! 🙂

  4. OMD, you would not believe how many toys I have guys!!! BOL
    Gpa is always bringin’ toys over for me, and Ma buys toys from the clearance bin at the pet store for cheap! She also gives some to the shelters, butts I must admit, I need help…’My name is Ruby, and I’m addicted to toys’…..hehehehe
    Ruby ♥

    • Hi Ruby,
      Welcome to TOY ADDICTION THERAPY! We are here to help you with your toy addition. Now, when did you think this all started for you? Did you have a good childhood? Did the kids steal your toys? Don’t worry Ruby, we are here to help you with your toy addiction, and if we can’t help…we can at least share our toys with ya!

  5. I think it’s great you have so many toys!! And you are having so much fun with them. Of course you deserve them all. Our dogs don’t have quite as many, but that’s because our golden retriever, Sheba, likes to destroy them all….so they don’t last long. We have some tough toys, and about 6 balls, since ball is the girls’ favorite game. But only 1 or 2 stuffies, because those are the ones that don’t make it long!

    • I know what you mean about the toys getting ruined. We have gone through a lot over here, but actually have only truly lost a handful of them, because Mommy knows how to sew. I guess us doggies go through periods where we rip em to shreds, and other times, we just play nice with them. Ever since we rescued Bella, both of them play tug of war now with their toys and that some times pulls them apart. You just never know how strong your dog is until….you are on the other end of a toy when they are pulling! LOL

    • I don’t know if I believe that your humans are BIG MEANIE HEADS because you are well taken care of! I am sure that you have tons of toys to play with, and if you don’t, we will share our toys with you! Come on over!

    • Oh boy, lots and lots of them are missing limbs! The Pet Hospital (on top of fridge) still has a few casualties up there! Thank God our Mommy knows how to sew! Some of our older stuffies don’t even look like the original toy any longer and Mommy calls them “Franken Toys”.

    • Aw, thank you! They are beautiful in so many ways! I love Bella’s brindle tiger coloring too! Yeah, I know. I don’t think they have ENOUGH toys either. I am sure Santa will be delivering them some more!

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