Wordless Wednesday: Taking Care of Junk Mail





28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Taking Care of Junk Mail

  1. Now there’s an idea I never thought of! That could keep our dogs very busy! This is my first time I over here…I came over from 2 Brown Dawgs Blog on their recommendation. Great blog, and your dogs are beautiful! What breed is Nikita, if you know? Thx

    • Welcome! I hope you subscribed to our blog too! Nikita is part German Shepherd/Akita. Bella, we are not sure what she is a mix of, but she is the most lovey dovey dog around. We are so happy that we rescued them both and gave them the best forever home! Thanks ever so much for hopping over from 2 Brown Dogs (we love them so much)!

    • We’re kinda like postal inspectors. When Mommy brings in the mail, we are always there by the door to do a good sniff down on all sides of each piece of mail. (the mail from Grandma – we always wag our tails!) Once inspection is done, we pick out the junk stuff and run around the house with it until we shred it to pieces! TAKE THAT JUNK MAIL!

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