The Ever Changing Weather in Cleveland, OH

If you live here, you are used to the weather changes.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and orange barrel season where the road construction crews feel the need to bring out the orange barrels only when the weather gets bad.  The photo below are the pumpkins sitting on my neighbors front porch.  I could not resist taking a photo of them freezing in the snow.

Pumpkins on Porch

Two days ago, I mowed the lawn & blew all the leaves out of the yard, doing the final lawn cleanup for the year.  Last night it snowed, and snowed a lot. We woke up to everything covered in white.  Simple beautiful, but I am not ready for it yet.  It is around 34 degrees here and the wind just blows right through you.


When I took the dogs out this morning, this was the first time this year that they saw snow this deep and they WENT CRAZY!


Bella always has to know where Nikita and I am when we head outside, and she runs to the bedroom window to look out.  When she sees us coming back in, she runs down the hall and sits by the backdoor, acting like she was there the whole time.  (I know better)


Bella ran in circles so many times that she got me dizzy and I had to stop her or I would have fallen over.  Nikita wanted to “dig” cause that is what she loves to do the best when she sees snow.  (I always make her huge piles of snow to dig in and she always comes up covered white with tons of snow on top of her nose)  They are like little kids playing in the snow and I love watching them run and jump and have a good time.



The skies are filled with those huge “snow clouds” as we would call them, and we know that we’re in for more snow when we see them.  The photo below, looks like Nikita is trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue!  LOL


Both Nikita and Bella and napping right now, conserving their energy for later when our second round of snow hits us.  These dogs just love the snow!


24 thoughts on “The Ever Changing Weather in Cleveland, OH

  1. Wish I could embrace the snow like they do. I’m not usually running in circles. We’ve had two days of rain and it’s going to get really cold on the weekend…I’m going to need to get my skates out just to go to the market…Winter Schminter

      • Melting, geez that would be so confusing for a dog coat. Buddy used to shed like mad most of the summer. We got hammered with snow yesterday, at the same time I was having a surprise get together at a restaurant for
        Mr B’s 50th. I just looked out the window and can see they’ve graded the roads now, thank goodness….urg. it’s always on a day you have big plans it seems. Enjoy the reprieve, I’m envious.

      • Oh boy that stinks that you got hammered with snow. I know more is coming our way because our temps have dropped considerable. I can’t even go outside with the dogs without being bundled up really well. The winds just blow right through you. Brrrrr! Tell Mr. B HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us! And yes, something always happens when you plan an outing. I think it’s that darn Murphy’s Law & a bit of Mother Nature combined.

    • Hi Kari, and let us all welcome our new subscriber to Nikitaland! Our dogs just love the snow and it is hard to get them to come back into the house when they see it! It is always play time over here in Cleveland, OH when it snows! I hope you get lots of snow this season! 🙂

    • Come on over Misaki! Yeppers, our first snow was on Oct. 24th, but it was just a little. The snow we got this week was much much more! We are having a blast running around in it every day! Wooo Hooo!

    • I know, aren’t the frozen pumpkins pic a hoot?! My neighbor carved them for Halloween and now they are getting smushy. I wonder if they are stuck to the front porch now? LOL 🙂

    • John, you always know how to make a girl feel wonderful. NOT! Rub it in why don’t cha! LOL I know, I know, that we have to deal with this weather, but sometimes I don’t have to like it! Right now, I can see huge flakes coming down outside, and I’ve got my shovel ready! Enjoy your warm flip flop wearing weather! Wish I was there!

    • I wonder if I could use that word on Bella too?! LOL I guess running in circles is the “thing” to do nowadays! I like how she grunts the entire time too while doing her loops! Hugs to you Cupcake!

  2. Lovely pictures but don’t envy you the snow so early. We are expecting our first frost here tonight which will kill off the last of the summer flowers, the begonias are still looking lovely, but the frost will finish them off.

    • Hi Kathy! I know what you mean about that good ole nasty frost killing your flowers. I still had lots of them blooming when our first frost arrived weeks ago. Killed em all. They keep saying that we should be getting another 3-5 inches tonight too. Geez, I am not ready for this! Like I said, the weather here is so unpredictable as I mowed two days ago, and today I shoveled snow. It sucks.

    • Hey, now that is a good idea to use the pumpkins for snowman heads! LOL Love it! Yep, Nikita and Bella absolutely love the snow. We’re supposed to get more later today from 3-5 inches! YIKES!

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