They Called me Fat!

When doggies hear the words “bye bye”, they imagine going some place magical, with lots of toys and treats.  We heard those words on Saturday, and believe me, there were no treats or toys where we were going.  Our magical car ride past the Fall colors only led us to the place they call the “V-E-T-S”!  Yikes!

Yep, Daddy and Mommy snookered us and took us to the V-E-T-S!  In a way, that place is not that bad, as long as you stay in the front room along with all the other doggies. The trouble begins when you have to go through one of those brown doors to the back.  Both Bella and I sat there getting to know some of the doggies waiting in the front room with us.  We said hi to a little puppy sitting next to us and exchanged some good ole butt sniffs, he was nice.


Then a white doggie came in, heard she was something called a Lab-Doodle, or something like that.  She was ok at first, until she crossed into my area, then the trouble started.  Nikita snapped at her, scared everyone in the room, even us, and we decided it would be a good thing to keep them separate for the time being.  Man, Nikita, you were not behaving well today, what’s up with that?


A huge doggie named Homer stormed through the front door and sat down with the rest of us.  He was a sweet dog though, big, but sweet. (I bet he was a drooler) The room was filling up very quickly.  We also had lots of kitties in cages too waiting with us, and all they did was hide in the back of their carriers (big chickens!) as they did not like all the commotion.


Then it happened.  I heard someone from behind the counter call my name.  Nikita who?  Man, I hope they were talking about someone else. Maybe if I just sit here looking the other way, it would be “me” that they are calling.  Bummer, it was “me”.  Andy came from behind the counter and took my leash…nooooooooooooo I screamed and I scratched the floor to try to get my footing but the floor was too slippery.  I was being pulled to the “b – a – c – k” room….noooooooo.  The look on my face said it all.  I was scared.  I wanted my Mommy.

They took me in the back room where I got my nails trimmed.  They needed to be trimmed, but I could have done without them being done. But who am I?  I don’t make the rules, I just go along with them whether I like them or not.  Wait?  It’s over?  They are bringing me back out to the front room! Yeah, we can go home now!  What?  What do you mean “we’re not done yet”?  It was Bella’s turn to go into the back room now, but she just walked in there like nothing was going on.  (suck up)

Bella’s nails are now pretty and she joined me in the front room with all those other doggies and scared cats (I wonder if that is how they got the name Scardy Cats?) and I kept my eye on Brandy to make sure she would stay on her side of the room.   She did.  I did, however, give her a snarl or two to make sure she knew I meant business.


One by one, the doggies were called to head into an exam room.  All I kept thinking was “man, glad it’s not me”, but eventually they got around to calling our names (again) and it was our turn to be dragged in the room with the cold stainless steel table.  Up you go, said one of the helpers and onto the cold table I went.  My face immediately went into the “I’m not scared, I’m not scared” face as Dr. Danis entered the room.  He is nice and always has a hug for me.  He checked me out, looked in my ears and at my teeth, and gave me the shots that I needed (and I always sit still for these), and then it happened.  I was called fat.  Well, not quite in those words, but you get the picture.  My Mommy & Daddy were being told that I need to go on something called a diet.  What is that?  Is it something to eat?  I had gained a few, a couple of pounds and the nice doctor said that it would be good if I started eating some reduced calorie dog food.  (I hope the new food tastes good.)  I can’t believe I gained so much weight, but we did not notice because it was a gradual thing and it is hard to tell with me because I am so furry and fluffy.  Nonetheless, I am on a diet until I shed a few pounds.  My treats are now being changed to little baby carrots, and thank God I love carrots, but I love those little crunchy treats so much.


All of the tests they ran came back with good results, and it was our time to head home.  We survived another trip to the V-E-T-S, and hope that the next time we are told that we are going bye bye, it’s not to this place.


As always, when we get back home we are exhausted from our experience and nap time is sure to follow.  Ah, the comforts of home and my blankie never looked so good.


There’s no place like home.


32 thoughts on “They Called me Fat!

  1. Oh yes, VET day is a very big day. Mother here is typically worn out and I need to go to bed afterwards.☺ So the vet called Nikita fat? Good grief. She is a big girl…but I never thought of her as fat…well I guess it can’t hurt to feed her more nutritional items…any hoo, carrots are good for the eyes. Maybe, I should be giving Dalton carrots instead of treats too.

    • She definitely does not look fat to us either, but he knows what he is doing, so I am taking his advice! Thank God she likes carrots. Instead of her doggie treats, she is getting carrots. All she knows is that she is getting “something” and that is good enough for her. Has Dalton ever ate a carrot before? Bella did not like them at first, but I think she saw Nikita eating them and now she likes them. Silly dogs!

    • OMG, now that is funny, but not a good reason to change V-E-T-S! We love our guy as he and his staff are so good with the dogs. It just threw us for a loop when he told us that she could stand to lose a few pounds. What? Not our dog! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

    • How is yours going Wally? At least I am glad that I like carrots, so I am getting those as a treat instead of dog bones. Now that is a bummer, but what am I gonna do. Good luck to you as well!

  2. Dear Nikita, oh ya the V-E-T day is misery. More for mum than the diva’s. Buddy never seemed to mind too much. He gleefully stumbled thru life without a care in the world. The hard part was getting him in the car because of his messed up knees. Sorry to hear you’re on a D-I-E-T.
    I say: yuk, phooey, hate-em, unfair, crumb and a bunch of other things a lady can’t say. Good luck, you have a year to make it work. Just don’t do it like I do and “starve yourself the last two weeks because you continue to eat treats when ever you want”. Ooops, now I’ve said too much?

    • Hi Boomster! Man, that word D-I-E-T just stinks, doesn’t it? But, our V-E-T knows what he is doing, and if poor Nikita has to lose a few, then that is what she is going to do. I know that we will sneak in a treat or two here and there, but I think all of the extra’s she got did it, like a piece or two of pizza crust or Egg McMuffin bun pieces etc. (all of which were in small portions) Carbs Man, those are all carbs!

  3. FAT??!! OMD, I hear that word ALOT!! Okays, maybe not alot, butts I had to go on a diet too! It’s not so bad! The food is yummers, though I wish there were more treaties involved!! BOL
    I don’t like carrots or any veggies, so Ma gives me extra kibbles as treaties and she found these wonderful 3 calories treaties that Wellness makes that she gives me for ‘special’ things.
    I lost all my weight that the vettie wanted me to loose, butts Ma wants me to loose a couple more cause I jump around so much. She’s worried abouts any extra weight hurting my joints.
    Anyhu, I thinks you’ll do just fine on the diet!! I hear some doggies like carrots!!
    Ruby ♥

    • Hi ya Ruby! I am glad that I like carrots! Yep, the V-E-T said that losing a few pounds would be good and I know that I can do it. If I am hungry and need a snack, my Mommy already has some good ole carrots cutup for me in a Tupperware container. Ready to go! Our Mommy’s definitely know (as well as the V-E-T) on what is good for us! I’ll do ok, because I guess that everyone at one point needs to lose a pound or two.

    • It won’t be that bad, I just need to cut back on all the yummy treats and extras that I get. I look just perfect and not fat, but I know the doc knows what he is doing. That one pic of me is quite pathetic, isn’t it? I can’t believe I am such a big baby when they want to take me to get my nails done. The people at the V-E-T-S are always so nice to me, and I should behave better!

  4. I’m no doctor, but you look perfect to me, N. Mom weighs me obsessively every week. If I gain one pound, I am on treat restriction till I lose it. Now that she doesn’t have a sore knee anymore, I can take longer, faster walks with her, so my weight stays pretty regular. I hope your new food is yummy.

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake! It is so funny that you just left me a comment because we were just up at Big Lots and noticed that they had a wine called “Cupcake” and we said….”I wonder if Cupcake knows that they named a wine after them?” It’s true! We think that Nikita looks perfect too, and definitely not fat, but the doc knows what he is doing, so we are going to cut back on the treats for awhile. I am so glad to hear that your Mommy’s knee is doing much better! Phew!

  5. I’m glad all tests came back with good results. Guess what the vet said to me : I’m too fat! Scandalous! I had to lose 3 lbs. What a horror. We should do a class action lawsuit :o) We only use the waiting room when no one is inside, otherwise we wait in the car or I can play in the back yard of the vet, that’s better because every room is my hunting ground :o)

    • I am normally really good with other doggies, not sure why I did not like Brandy yesterday. We just sit nice and quiet by Mommy & Daddy and be really good, yesterday I must not have liked that white dog. Yep, all tests were good and we are glad that our V-E-T visit is over. Mommy says that we are on stealth mode now since we got our nails trimmed, as she cannot hear us coming! LOL

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