20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

    • Oh heck, we have not started the shopping part for Christmas yet, as we do a lot of it online! At least I am on the ball for getting out all of our Christmas decorations though! I just love looking at the lights on the tree! If you shop online at all, have you checked out the site http://www.retailmenot.com ? It provides you coupon codes for tons of stores to use for discounts! Also, not sure if you have this in your area, but there is also a place called http://www.ebates.com too for discounts. Check them out!

    • LOL, oh anything that I place on Nikita’s head (and in this case, neck) she is not happy with it! I had to hang the wreath on her though, just for a pic before I hung them on our front windows! I like getting the outside decorations done right when Halloween is over, because the weather changes here so quick. Do not want to be outside hanging Christmas lights on the gutters and bushes when it is snowing and/or freezing outside! Brrrr. (We just heard last night that our weather is going to change too in a few days and they said that we might need our shovels! YIKES!)

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