Post Halloween Highlights 2013


Halloween 2013 was a typical night for us.  It rained the entire day and it rained (rather poured) the entire two hours of trick-or-treating.  It was miserable.  I felt bad for all the little trick-or-treators who were bundled up from the cold, their costumes were covered up so they could keep warm, as they walked door to door under their parents umbrella.



We were all ready to bring up all of our expensive Halloween Animatronic props to set in the driveway for the kids, but due to the rainy conditions, we had to leave all of our “cool props” inside so they would not get ruined. We were bummed.  We could not even bring out our cemetery gateway on Halloween because that is only made of boxes, masking tape and some spray paint, and that would have been ruined by the rain, not to mention the winds.  Another bummer.


I spent about a half hour applying my Halloween makeup to transform myself into my favorite Johnny Depp character, Edward Scissorhand. All I kept thinking while I was standing outside in the rain was “I hope my makeup does not run”.  I stood there freezing my butt off in my costume and could not wait for the two hours of treat night to be over already.


We stood in between our front bushes next to the house trying to stay out of the rain and keep dry as we awaited for the kids to walk up the driveway. One by one, the kids arrived.  Since it was raining, we did not get the large groups we normally do in the first hour of trick-or-treating, so that means that we have lots of candy leftover.  (I guess that is not a “bad” thing), but we would have rather passed it all out to the kids.  


I am not sure if Murphy’s Law had anything to do with Halloween night, but the day before Halloween was absolutely beautiful weather (as we even enjoyed a fire pit that night and had our neighbors come over), and the day after Halloween was overcast, but no rain.  We are used to these weather conditions, always hope for the best…..but we never get what we want for treat night.

Here is a quick video of our front yard home haunt with music, two fog machines going, and yes, Nikita barking in the background at the trick-or-treators!  (LOL)


22 thoughts on “Post Halloween Highlights 2013

  1. Wild! Love that costume, you look just like him. HA! What are your scissor hands made of?

    Your yard must be the best in town. I’ve never seen anything like it. I imagine the little ones were sufficiently spooked. Too bad the weather didn’t co-operate for you. I guess you’re already busy dismantling and storing everything for next year. How will you top this, my gosh. Great job Val.

    • My scissor hands were made out of foam and painted, then velcro’d onto gloves! Good question you ask on how we are going to TOP next year!!! Well, by the time next Halloween rolls around, we will have made a graveyard wrought iron fence around the front yard. We will make it from pvc pipe and wood, and I will be hand-making the finials on top of each pvc fence post! You bet, everything was dismantled the day after Halloween, set out in the driveway to dry before packing it all up, and then….I got the mower out to cut the lawn that was not mowed in weeks! Hope you watched the video too (at the bottom of the post) where Nikita was barking at the trick-or-treators and you can hear the rain coming down too!

      • Absolutely did watch your video with all the flashing lights and ghouls….it sounded like it was raining pretty hard. I liked the music you play too.

        Why did I know you ALREADY are thinking and planning for next year already, LOL….that sounds insane! I can’t wait to see what turns up..mwaa haaa ha!

      • Me and my Sweets were looking at our graveyard and we realized that we need a fence around it to top off the yard! We can even make Skully & Friends hold onto the fence and act like they are looking out! It is going to take some good ole math to figure out the size of everything, but I am up to the challenge. Mwaaaa!

  2. Oh my gosh, your house and makeup are fantastic!!! I’m so sorry the rain was such a problem but it looks like you still had a good time! We were so excited bc this was our first year in a home so we actually got to hand out candy and I just loved it!

    • Hey Morgan! I remember you saying that about being excited about having your first Halloween in your home! I hope you decorated it with a huge smile! I am glad you got to see how I was dressed for Halloween! I was so worried my makeup would run down my face in the rain. Did you watch the video too? (it’s at the bottom of the post) I just nominated you for an award today too on my blog! 🙂

    • That sums it up…darn rain! We just always hope for the best – and get rain, snow, or hurricane winds…it’s just typical on Halloween night around here. Glad you liked the video! Did you hear it raining in the background too?

    • Thanks! I love that costume! Had to figure out how to do the makeup, and FYI…the red cuts on my face were from my red nail polish! I bet no one knew that! (I did not want to use the tube of blood that I bought cause it was runny and the nail polish worked out great!) We are used to bad weather, we just always hope for the best. This year was no different than others. Last year we had hurricane Sandy blow through and Halloween was even postponed by a few days to get better weather for the kids.

  3. What a bummer about the weather, but the sound of the rain actually enhanced the spookiness of the video. Ditto Nikita in the background. Your costume is awesome and the decorations are amazing, even without the rest of them making a showing. So fun!!

    • Hi Cupcake! Yep, we are used to the bad weather, but it does stink to stand in the rain for two hours passing out candy. Grrrr. I know what you mean about hearing the rain & Nikita in the video, I laughed when I heard it too!

  4. What a wonderful display for Halloween. You certainly go to a lot of trouble. We just had our neighbours 2 grandchildren round for trick or treat and I gave them sweets, but we are so rural that no one else comes by. Loved your video!!

    • Oh man, with us living in the city, we normally get lots of kids, but the number of them was cut back dramatically because of all the rain we had. Glad you got to see the video! 🙂

    • Hi Easy! My makeup actually held up without running down my face too! I don’t know how scary I was as Edward while holding an umbrella passing out candy! LOL It was hard to do so too, because of those scissors on my hands! I know, every year it is always something with the weather, but we’re used to it….we just pray for at least two hours with no precip, but that never happens. It’s a bummer, but it’s all over for this year…there’s always next year! Glad you liked my makeup & the yard!

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