Wordless Wednesday



Got a new carpet – Dogs are fighting over who gets to lay on it.


Found more packing tape!


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Share? What’s that? LOL Nikita won on that new carpet. It is so cute on how Bella gets soooo excited when she gets something she knows she is not supposed to have. She’ll play with that tape ring for hours!

    • Oh Misaki, the inevitable happened on Halloween night…..it rained, and it rained hard. We stood outside for two hours in the rain by our front bushes handing out candy while getting soaked and cold. I am not even sure how many kids we saw last night, as our usual crowd did not come out due to the rain.

  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU TWO!! We hope you and your pawrents have a BLAST tonight with all the treat or treaters!
    Wally & Sammy
    p.s. in answer to your question yesterday, we are from Johannesburg, South Africa – land of no snow and no Halloween celebrations.

    • Aw, that has to stink – – no snow or Halloween, wow a double whammy! You two would love the snow! We hope our Halloween does not get rained out now, the weather forecast changed already. Keeping our fingers crossed!

    • Oh I know! It was hilarious when I first brought the new carpet in….the sniffing fest started, then they each kept laying down on it, more sniffing, more circling to find the right spot, and finally they both ended up napping on it together. Dogs are hilarious, aren’t they?!

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