Fall Creeping In

Fall has finally crept in upon us and have dropped our temperatures to the point where I need to wear a warmer coat and a hat outside.  (45 degree mornings taking the dogs out to pee, stinks)  Bummer.  My flip flop wearing days are over, and I will be dusting off my winter boots soon.  I already threw my winter coats in the washer over the weekend to clean them up a bit, so I am ready for whatever waits us.  But, the good thing we did see is that our temps for Halloween night are supposed to be around 67, but we’ll see if that happens.  (what we are used to around here are cold winds and damp temps)

I spent a considerable amount of time over the last few days putting our garden to rest, as our gardening season has definitely come to an end.  I even wept today as I was pulling out our last pepper plants.  I miss it already.  I will miss checking in on our plants every day to see how they are doing and what has newly sprouted.  Although it seems that not too long ago we were taking our plants outside from their nice warm environment under the grow lights to their new home in the backyard. Now, months later…the season is over, but it fed our family well.  I thought it was appropriate to have the grim reaper stand over the garden for now.


It did not take even a day for the deer to investigate our garden area after I took our garden fence down yesterday.  I woke up today to find deer droppings all around the garden, hoof prints in the garden dirt, and the failed attempts at trying to eat our hibernating strawberry plants.  Thank goodness I covered the strawberry plants with straw and good strong netting so the deer could not get to them.  (phew)

Bella and Nikita always find some interesting things to play with around the house.  Sometimes I wonder if we should not buy them toys to play with, rather just give them a paper towel roll to toss around the house.  They enjoy all the things that they should not have, but what dog doesn’t?  Bella enjoys stealing my packing tape rolls, but when I see her running like a Tasmanian Devil around the house, I know exactly what she has!


And here is sweet Nikita having tons of fun with the sturdy roll from the bubble wrap. She carries this all over the house (well, after I take the bird off of it) and she plays keep away from Bella.  This roll is a treasure for her and she loves the heck out of it!  


21 thoughts on “Fall Creeping In

  1. NO ONE is ever going to sneak in your yard with that Grimm Reaper hanging out….LOL that is really scary. On the plus side, I can see you’re working really hard, the yard looks spotless. Fun GIF you make for Nikita too 😀 I like when she looks right at you. Hope your weather hangs in for a bit, winter is toooooo long xk

    • Yeah, someone noticed our “spotless” yard! I do work hard and keep the yard looking beautiful, thanks so much for noticing! I love making those quick little GIF files because it makes it look like a little movie! Nikita is a card when she acts so goofy with stuff like that. Just imagine her going wooo woooo when you watch that GIF, cause that’s what’s she’s doing. I do like it when she looks right at you, that is when the woo woo comes in! LOL

      It rained, rather poured for us here on Halloween night. Will tell you more about that later, but what a bummer. I even dressed up with face makeup too… I was Edward Scissorhand!

      • OH SNAP, all your gorgeous work out in the pouring rain. Mother nature has a cruel sense of ha ha.

        Edward Scissorhand!!!! You are a scream, can’t wait to see. TTFN have a great weekend Val, hugs all around xK

      • I just finally did our Post Halloween blog post with pics of my costume and makeup! Hope you like it! Yeah, it sucked handing out candy in the pouring rain! You cane even hear the rain in the video that I attached to the blog post! Yes, Mother Nature is cruel.

    • I know, right! But if we stopped buying them all these toys and just gave them the “other” stuff to play with, we would feel guilty. But they do love those odd things to play with. I know that Nikita has been playing with that long bubble tape tube for a week and a half now and she loves it and runs all over the house with that long tube in her mouth.

    • Aw, that is so sweet of you to say that! We loved our garden too and miss it already! We can’t wait until January when we get our new seed catalogs to look at and then in Feb/Mar we’ll start our little seeds again, and the whole process begins….again! We love it!

  2. We are sad to see your garden go too…we have loved following it’s growth through the summer and all the delicious treats it gave you. But having barked that we are now very interested to see what you all get up to during the winter months! Coming from a very different climate we just find your posts fascinating!

    We wanted to wish you all good luck for the big day tomorrow, we cannot wait to read all about!!

    Wally & Sammy (and mom)

    • Hey Wally, Sammy & Mom! We are sad to see our garden go too, but we did feed our entire family (& grandma too) will all the goodies from the garden! We wish the gardening season was longer too, but it all goes by so fast! Where are you guys located again? I forgot? As for the winter, both Nikita and Bella absolutely love running and jumping in all the snow piles, and I even make them a snow fort to crawl in too! We build snow doggies in the yard and have lots of fun! Thanks for the well wishes for tomorrow’s Halloween, but we just heard that it might rain and that stinks! Hope it holds off for us, as our trick-or-treating is only two hours long. Phew! We’ll see!

  3. Bella and Nikita have the right idea. Stolen non-toys are the best fun! Mom left the cabinet open while she was eating, and I took out so much Tupperware, she thought I was having a Tupperware party in the living room.

    Love and licks,

    • I know, right?! Everything that we should not have, we WANT! Mommy cuts up a cardboard box and we stand there salivating until we get a piece to play with! Now, that is hilarious that you had a Tupperware party Cupcake! Next time, we will play along with you! That sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂

  4. The deer entered your garden although the grim reaper was there? Wow! maybe you should dress him like a hunter? We have a gazillion of this rolls here too, mom thinks she can use it sometimes for something hehe

    • Now, that would be funny to dress up the grim reaper like a hunter. The deer would probably walk right past him though. Tell your Mom she could use those rolls for perhaps table legs on a paper mache table, or even a little paper mache stand for on top of a table to hold a candle!

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