Snow in October?

Well, here in Cleveland, OH you can expect anything when it comes to the weather in our area.  Last night was no different.  I took the dogs out before dinner and I saw that Nikita’s back was getting covered with little white stuff.  Yep, the white stuff called SNOW!

We came back into the house to prepare dinner and looked outside when the Halloween lights turned on from the timer and saw this…


A full blown front yard snow fall!  WOW!  Skully and his friends need scarfs!  The snow did not last long, but it was really truly something to see in October.  Now, we are wondering what we are in for on Halloween night!



Two more of Skully’s friends were added to our front yard and they are attached to our gutters hanging off the house!  Yep, they are crawling up the bricks on the front of our house inside some cool webs.


Skully even adorned his football gear and rooted for the Browns on Sunday, but his team spirit was drowned as they lost.  But we are used to this in Cleveland, as we always say….”There’s always next year!”


12 thoughts on “Snow in October?

    • Oh I know, we could not believe it actually snowed here already and it was coming down really good. Some areas around here actually got ground cover and power outages. Glad that was not us, but it would have made for some awesome photographs of Skully and his friends in the snow though!

  1. Holy Toledo, light a fire and break out the marshmallows….you got snow before us 😀 Glad it didn’t stick. Your climbing skeletons are totally scary. How do you sleep at night? LOL. I hope you get lots of kids so that everyone can enjoy all your hard work. Have a great weekend Val.

    • Yeah I know, can you believe it? We did get snow before you! (not that we’re proud of it at all) We would rather not have any snow in October. Skully and his friends went crazy in our front yard. Now if only we could find a skeleton dog, then I would have Skully walking a skully dog on a leash in our front yard! LOL Have a fantastic weekend too! {{hugs}}

    • I know, can you imagine it? I was shocked when I saw it coming down so hard. It never stuck to the ground, but the flakes were huge!!! Our temps have taken a severe drop, so the snow was not too surprising. Thank God I finished putting the garden to rest earlier in the week, as it is time to get ready for Winter. Totally not ready for this. For some reason, I am thinking that we are going to have a bad winter with lots of snow. Last year we did not get hit too bad.

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