A Wickedly Fun Weekend

The weather cooperated for us on Saturday as we began to carry upstairs from storage, all of our Halloween prop boxes.  Oh the many trips up and down the stairs with all of our wicked delights for the front yard.  The detailed decorating has begun.  (the photo below is a little ghostly effect that I used to enhance our yard)


As I worked on carrying up all of the props, Roy went to work unpacking them and positioning them in the front yard.  Our Home Haunt has started to come alive!


With each prop carefully staked into the ground, a colored flood light was also placed in front of each item to illuminate it at night.  It was like watching a synchronized swimming routine as we worked in sync putting the yard together.


Once we had all the props and lights set in place, Roy had to connect all of them with extension cords.  Yep, you guessed it, we have “tons” of extension cords!  So far, if we did not lose count, we have approximately 15 flood lights, 13 extension cords, 14 tombstones, and at least 15+ props right now in our front yard.


Our wickedly fun decorating weekend definitely caused a stir in the neighborhood, as people slowed down to look and/or stopped to say what a great job we were doing, and even our neighbors stopped by to check out our new prop additions.


Even our favorite police officer, Houston, stopped by say hello as he was patrolling the neighborhood for speeders on our side street.  (he even ticketed about five speeders and stop sign crashers this weekend alone while we were outside!)


And, just so you know...WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING DONE DECORATING WITH OUR PROPS!  We still have lots more elaborate props to bring out in the yard, but we don’t display these until the day of Halloween because they are too expensive to be left out in the yard as they could be stolen.  We have 6′ tall animatronic props like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, a Ripping Reaper of Souls who rips open his chest to reveal all the souls he has captured, and Freddie Krueger, along with LED lighted ghosts, and metal orange lighted willow trees to light up our graveyard.  Dapper Death and Count Dracula will also make their appearance too!

Lunging Mad Demon DogWe have a new freakishly scary Halloween prop on order to add to our graveyard and we are certain that this prop will scare the pants off all the trick-or-treaters.  It is called a Lunging Mad Demon Dog that growls then lunges forward when anyone passes by.  Hee hee hee, we can’t wait to see the reactions of the parents too as they stand on the sidewalk and watch their kids walk past this guy!



The green guy in our front door is from WOW Windows and all that it is, is a piece of plastic that you hang over your windows and then just turn a light on behind it.  That’s it!  Nikita was peeking out the front door under the green guy to see what was going on outside.

If the kids want candy, they have to walk through our spooky Cemetery Gateway on our driveway (which we put up on the day of Halloween), walk through the low laying fog that covers the front yard, and past a few scary props just to get candy.  Why make it easy on them, right?  That is what Halloween is all about, scary stuff and things that go bump in the night, so beware if you are heading to our house on Halloween!  (the photo below is from a prior year, and this is not yet up in the driveway)

2011 Home Haunt Photo

Stay tuned for more Halloween posts and our final spooky post after Halloween, as we should be able to include a video of our yard in action, along with music too.  Oh, did I forget to mention that all of our lights are hooked up to a Gemmy Light Show? Yep.  Roy hooks up everything to this expensive piece of Halloween equipment and all of our lights “dance” to whatever spooky music is playing through speakers that are placed in the yard.  He adds all the Halloween themed songs to his iPod and then hooks the iPod to the Gemmy Light Show.  It is definitely a show that you don’t want to miss!

22 thoughts on “A Wickedly Fun Weekend

    • Oh yes it is so much fun! When we have to take it all down….now that stinks! It’s a lot of work! But then I can get our tomato cages ready and wrap them with white LED lights and turn them into little Christmas trees for the front yard! I did that last year and it made the front yard look so pretty with all of our tomato cages lined up in a row with the lights on them!

    • It does look really cool at night, the perfect lighting effects! We even have two more skeletons that we have to figure out how to hook to the house like they are crawling up the wall! Hee hee hee 🙂

    • Hi ya Ruby! We have had really good luck on nothing getting stolen from our yard, but those larger props would definitely be gone if left outside. But, we would never leave them outside anyways because they have all kinds of wiring in them and getting them wet would damage the props. We are so glad you like what we have done so far! 🙂

    • Howdy Wally and Sammy! Thanks for stopping by to check out our Home Haunt! And just like I mentioned…we are not even done decorating yet! Well, at least for now. On Halloween day, we bring out all the rest of the things. Isn’t that Demon Dog we have ordered really scary? Man, I can’t wait to get him. 🙂

    • Oh yes….this is the BEST time of the year (other than Christmas)! If you came a knocking at our door, we would give you some candy! I do love how the lights illuminate all the props in the yard too! I am glad that you liked my new Halloween header – – – and YOU were the ONLY one who said anything about it! I added my little paper mache mummy I made into the header and I cracked myself up when I saw what I designed. That little mummy face is hilarious.

    • I am blushing over here! I can’t wait for it to actually be over already so I can get back to my normal schedule. I have put so much time (and still am) in all of these paper mache projects, that I have neglected some of my blogging buddies. Then, my allergies with the changing temps have kicked in badly, so we craft when we feel good. We are having a lot of fun and definitely do enjoy decorating for Halloween over here!

  1. You’re making me look forward to Halloween! It’s a holiday that I don’t usually look forward to. Coming from 35 years as an elementary school teacher, Halloween was always a NIGHTMARE day at school. It makes me want to pull the covers over my head on October 31 and not come out till November 1. I can’t do that, though, because I’m dying to see your decorations!

    • Aw, thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! We are having a lot of fun decorating and you should see the stream of cars that stop and or slow down to take a look at everything we have in the front yard! We just picked up TWO MORE Skully’s and we are going to try to figure out how to get them to crawl up the front of the house. Now that will definitely make people look when they see skeletons crawling up the front of the house over the gutter and onto the roof! The kids do love what we do and we love that! 🙂 November 1st, I mow the lawn and take everything down.

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