You Don’t Know Jack

The excitement is building around here for Halloween!  My calendar tells me that we have only 19 more days until Halloween, and I am frantically still trying to get all of my Halloween prep done.

I have been working on a few more paper mache pumpkins, yes, I am a glutton for punishment, but making these things is addicting!  Once you completely finish one, you have the craving to make MORE!  With each and every paper mache pumpkin I have made, I am getting better and more creative and I have definitely mastered the technique of using the jigsaw to cut out the pumpkin faces!  Here is what Pumpkin No. 6 looks like so far…




With Skully & his friends hanging out in the front yard, I decided that Skully needs to be holding a paper mache pumpkin.  (The pumpkin above will be what he will hold in his skeleton hand!) I decided that the pumpkin he would hold needed to be a bit smaller than the ones I have already made.  I just took a plastic grocery bag (ya know those little blue plastic bags at the grocery store) and stuffed it with lots of paper, then went to work!

Both Nikita and Bella take turns napping next to me on the kitchen floor while I am paper maching the pumpkins, and it is so cute.  Every few minutes, they peek at me to see what I’m doing, and back to sleep they go. I think that Nikita liked laying next to the little heater I have that is drying the pumpkins, while Bella sat by the back door, basking in the sun. (that is one of Bella’s favorite places to sit)  I think Bella loves sitting by the back door because she can see Molly, our neighbors dog when she comes outside.

NIKITA 10-11-13


Today, we’re going to be back out in the front yard adding more props and lights to our graveyard.  What?  You thought that we were done after you saw the photo’s of Skully & his friends?  Nope!  We have many more props to bring up from the basement to fill up the front yard, so keep watching to see how we transform our front yard into an awesome Halloween display.

On a special note for today, our wonderful next door neighbors are getting married!  Yep, Julie and Shawn are getting hitched and we could not be happier for them!  We saw Shawn drive away this morning in his white vintage Mustang, all dressed up and ready for his exciting day!  We wish them the best of luck & lots of love on their special day!  Congratulations!

17 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Jack

  1. Beautiful dogs, beautiful pumpkins, fabulous garden. You are a woman of many talents. I’m having fun poking around here tonight. Thanks for the Epsom Salt tip. I always have it on hand in bulk for my aching muscles…just never tried it in the garden. Will do.

    • Aw, that is so sweet! Poke around here more often, you are always welcome! Oh boy, you will love the results from the Epsom Salts for sure! We did not use them one year and we had a lot of veggie rot, but this year we used it and it made such a huge difference! Definitely stock up for next year! Your garden will love you for it! Have a great day Alys!

  2. So you’ll be proud to know I started my own version of a wall-mounted paper mache moose. I have ONLY started the basic shape (2 balloons and LOTS of masking tape), but your posts have been my “bible” as I proceed. I will post pics and pingbacks as I progress!!!

    • OMG, that is so cool! I am so proud to have inspired someone! I inspired another blogging buddy who made a paper mache dog too! Yes, please do ask for assistance if you need it. I can’t wait to see your moose!

    • Hi there Hook! Thanks so much for stopping by! You have had some really awesome blog posts lately, but then again….when don’t you! LOL I just love your blog and all of your stories.

    • LOL, now that would be so adorable to get photographs of them in the graveyard! He drove his beautiful Mustang today when he left, so I am sure it will be used in some of their wedding photographs! They are such a cute young couple and I wish them all the best.

  3. Happy (almost) Halloween you crazy crafter…WOW, you are a force. Looks like a pumpkin factory. You’re so handy with the tools too. Great Job with the skill saw, I’d actually probably hack a digit off, now that’d really be scary. Your fur babies are so polite to wait for mum while she does projects….cute. The diva’s love to snooze away the day on their pillow here while I’m crafting too, I just love to watch them sleep.

    • Hey Boomie! We just spent the entire afternoon out in the front yard hauling up all the props from the basement (well, I did all the hauling up at least) and the yard looks awesome. I took a lot of photographs of almost each and every prop we have in the yard too today and I don’t think that most people know how many items are actually in the front yard. From eerie shrunken heads, to the little black bird on my black painted tree branches. I know what you mean about hacking off a digit. I have to be very careful using this jigsaw as I am holding the pumpkin between my knees while I am cutting. Yep, both Nikita and Bella love their Mommy and are always just a few feet away from me. Hugs to you!

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