Happy Birthday Maggie!

Yesterday was Maggie’s birthday, but today, she will be driving to work and will see this….


Happy Birthday Maggie!  Hope your birthday was a happy one!  I had to put Skully and his friends to work today!  (love the hats!)


Nikita and Bella

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Maggie!

  1. LOL, you could rent those out all year round for birthday jokes on peoples lawn. Maybe with a tombstone that reads, “Here Lies Your Youth”…I bet they’d be a hit! You could charge a fee for drop off, set up and retrieval….$$$$

    • Oh there ya go…..get Skully out there and put him to work! He asked me the other day if he could mow the lawn again, but we can’t mow the front any longer because of all the extension cords and such. That is a good idea that you had!

      • Oh oh, (as if you don’t have enough going on) What about your own collection of Birthday cards as gifts! LOL. You’re so great with your camera.

      • I was just saying that this morning, that I have too much going on right now. I think I over-extended myself this Halloween, but I am pulling through and getting our props done. I will rest on November 1st. No wait…on November 1st I have to start packing up EVERYTHING that is in the yard and pulling out the lawn mower to mow the lawn. By then, the grass will have grown really tall! Phew….

    • Maggie got the biggest kick out of Skully and his friends goofing around in the front yard! It is not every day that you drive past someone’s house and see skeletons wearing party hats! LOL

    • Yes, friendships are a precious thing! I hope Maggie loved it! I know that it is causing a huge stir on my street today! It’s not every day that you see skeletons wearing birthday hats! LOL

    • Yep, we LOVE Maggie over here at Nikitaland! Maggie (& Lisa too) got to meet Nikita when she was a little puppy and they fell in love with her. Been friends for a long time now!

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