Paper Mache Pumpkin No. 5

I can’t help myself.  These pumpkins are addicting to make.  I am on Pumpkin No. 5 right now, and have No. 6 in the works.  Pumpkin No. 6 will be a much smaller pumpkin that I am going to pose in the hand on Skully in the front yard as he is holding up my handmade pallet coffin.



Pumpkin No. 5 is by far my thickest pumpkin ever!  I used my Evolv Jigsaw and a drill to carve out the face.  You start with the drill to make an entry point for the saw blade, then slow the speed down on your jigsaw a bit and carefully follow the face drawn on the pumpkin.  


I drew a few mouths and eyes by hand on the pumpkin before I found one that I liked.  I know, they all could have been ok, but since I am perfecting my pumpkins as I work with the paper mache, I am going for perfection.  After I got the face that I wanted, it was time to get to work and cutout the face.


I cut one of my pumpkins with an Xacto Knife, but that took me close to an hour to cutout the face, so I changed to the Evolv Jigsaw to make this part of the process much quicker.  You have to be extremely careful when using any saw, but you work slowly and keep all of your fingers out of the way of the blade, and you will be ok.


I have learned a lot from making all of these paper mache pumpkins, and one thing that I have learned is that you MUST stuff the plastic bag really full of crumpled newspaper so that the pumpkin holds its shape.  This photo shows how much “stuffing” came out of this pumpkin.  When you remove the stuffing (aka, crumpled newspaper) from the pumpkin, you keep it for your next pumpkin.  Why reinvent the wheel and crumple more paper, when you already have a bag full of stuffing!


Since these pumpkins are not sealed for outside weather conditions, we are currently only placing them in our front windows at night so everyone can see them.  If we left them outside, they probably would be damaged due to water or the dew that sets in overnight.  I might try some of that Flex Seal product on one pumpkin before I paint it, to see if that product will work with sealing the paper mache and holding its shape.  Anyhow, with the amount of pumpkins I have now, I wanted to place them in the windows, but had no table to place them on.  Had to fix this problem…

With all of my craft projects, I use what we have around the house.  I save a lot of odd things, just in case I need them, one being the nice hard cardboard kitty food boxes.  These came in handy for making a table.  I just took three empty kitty food boxes and two old UPS shipping boxes and taped them together.  Then I mixed up a batch of paper mache (flour & water) and went to work!  The UPS boxes made the perfect top & bottom to my little table, as the kitty food boxes made the perfect column.


So, what do you think of Pumpkin No. 5?  It still needs to be painted, but it looks great in the front window, even unfinished.  I also used one of our LED camping lights inside this pumpkin instead of the orange Halloween lights which makes it glow differently than the others.  Variety is the spice of life!

16 thoughts on “Paper Mache Pumpkin No. 5

    • Oh thank you so much! I have been dying to jump in and play around with paper mache for a long time now, and I am so glad that I started trying to make some things this year. It is a lot of F-U-N! You should do a search on my blog for paper mache, and check out all of the other posts!

    • I still need to paint Pumpkin No. 5, but it looks really cool in the window right now all lit up! I am glad as well that I had the idea to make a little stand for the pumpkins. I need to make a few more, but ran out of kitty boxes! LOL 🙂

    • Oh trust me, I will be doing a blog post on that soon! Once I get all of the pumpkins done, I will take a photo in the day time with all of them, and once again at night when they are all lit up! I can’t tell you enough on how happy I am with how all of them turned out. This last one I made was the thickest pumpkin ever, as I just kept adding more and more layers of paper mache to it!

    • Oh boy, we get about 200 kids at our house on Halloween. Last year was different because we had hurricane Sandy blow threw here and they postponed Halloween by a few days for the kids since the weather was so bad with winds and rain. The parents even love all of our Halloween props and decorations that we have in the yard. We even use a Gemmy Light Show that has music, so when the music plays, all of the lights dance to the music. Then we add a few fog machines to all of this and the kids go crazy!

  1. How great!!! I started today too! But sadly I had no hot glue and the duct tape was not strong enough to hold the legs, so I have to try another way. You’re right it needs a loooooong time to dry :o)

      • I used the hair dryer for some minutes :o) today I made the second layer and noticed that I forgot to fix the head…hope I can do it afterwards tomorrow :o)

      • Never thought of using a hair dryer, if you don’t have a small heater to dry your paper mache layers. What do you need to “fix” on your head? If you need to make some embellishments on your pumpkin, you can also rip up paper towels and use them as eyebrows & such. It works really well.

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