Work in Progress: Paper Mache Mummy



It stinks when you run out of gauze!

I was trying to finish the paper mache Mummy yesterday, and ran out of gauze.  Man, they don’t give you much in that box.  So now I will head back to the store today to get more.  And, before I forget to bring it to your attention, please note that his fingers are now bent the way they should be! I brought out my handy little glue gun, and I glued his fingers in the position I wanted them!  Worked perfectly!


I truly love how this little guy is turning out, and it has inspired me to try to make another one or a few more!  Making little paper mache people or mummy’s is not hard at all, as long as you know how to roll up a piece of newspaper and use masking tape to hold the pieces together.  You don’t have to unstuff the mummy, just create him and paper mache him and you’re done!  Unless you want to paint something fancy smancy on him.

For my Mummy, all I did was unroll the gauze a little and cut a nice length of it, dipped it into my paper mache mix (aka: flour & water) squeezed out the excess mix, and then tried to lay it nice and flat on the mummy as I wrapped the piece around him as far as it would go.  Then cut another piece of gauze, and so on.  Then I ran out.  What I liked about using the gauze, is that it dried so nicely!  It almost felt like a cast that you wear if you arm was broken.  I even left a few ends of the gauze “hang” because when was the last time you saw a perfectly wrapped Mummy?


I have a photo of him with two blue push pins, and those will be his eyes.  I am going to use my Sharpie marker and make the eyes black, but I wanted to show you how cute he looks with eyes!


The mummy looked really awesome standing on top of the mantel next to one of the paper mache pumpkins, as I was right, he is the perfect addition to the Halloween display!  You gotta love it when things come together like this!  But speaking of coming together…. I switched out the white LED lights from inside the pumpkins, and used an orange string of Halloween lights instead, and it totally changed the whole look of glowing pumpkin! With the yellow insides painted on the pumpkin, the orange lights really show up nicely!  (In the photo below, I had to laugh as that bright red streak in the photo is a car’s tail light that whizzed by as I was taking this photo)


I can’t tell you how much I am thrilled on how all of these little projects are turning out! I still can’t believe that I personally made them, but I did, and I guess you just never know what you can do….unless you try!  I hope that some of my projects have inspired you to give paper mache a whirl!

26 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Paper Mache Mummy

    • Yeah! I made someone’s morning! Yahoo! I just had a thought yesterday…. since I am “showing off” my pumpkins in our windows every night, I don’t have any little table to set them on….so I had a thought to make a few! I just grabbed some boxes and I am going to paper mache a little cute stand for the pumpkins!

  1. Those are FABulous!!! Ma has been thinkin’ of makin’ a paper mache of MOI !!! Yeah, she’s not too crafty, so it’ll probably end up bein’ a good halloween mystery decoration!! BOL
    Loves the Mummy!! I bets the gauze cost more than the whole mummy did! (gauze is expensive!!)
    Great job!!
    Ruby ♥

    • Hi ya Ruby! That would be so neat if your Mom made a paper mache….YOU! Now, I would want to see that! Yes, I do agree that gauze is expensive! I wonder where the mummy’s bought it back in the days? LOL

  2. Very Ghoulish Val ! Does Bella and Nikita bark when they see those maniacal faces all lit up? You’ve done such a great job. Sometimes you can by gauze at the fabric store by the yard too, if you’re willing to cut strips yourself. Since it’s so thin, it’d probably be easy to cut through many folds. Awesome fingers your mummy has now! Can’t wait to see her/him all finished.

  3. That was the post I was waiting for :o) I hope we can start with our projects soon, our ideas are gigantic – but I’m not sure if we can realize it :o) Have a great saturday, thanks for the instruction! The mummy looks cute, that guy needs a hug :o)

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