Paper Mache Mummy

Geez, I could not resist!  After publishing my last post, and a few people commented on the cute mummy at the garden center, I just had to see if I could create one!  You know me and challenges…. I took it head on and got to work right after hitting “publish”.


It came together quite easily and he now stands 18″ in height and is 14″ in width.  I just basically balled up some newspaper for the body, and did the same for a head, then masking taped them together.  Next I rolled up some newspaper for the legs, arms, and fingers.  I took two small pieces of paper and balled them up for the feet and did the same for the palm of the hands. Then I had a brilliant idea to use my hot glue gun to attach the fingers to the palm instead of masking tape, and I did the same for the arms when I attached them to the body.  (NOTE:  Look at the first mummy on the left…. as you can see, his fingers are bent, so I will still need to do this on mine!  I have to make it look similar, right?)


I am going to start on the first layer of paper mache in a few minutes and once dried, I will place many more multiple layers as I have done in all of my paper mache work.  Then, to finish off the mummy, I will take some strips of newspaper, roll them up, then flatten them, and dip them in the paper mache mixture, and these will be used for the look-alike strips of white cloth that wraps all around the mummy.



So, what do you think?  He came together so fast and will be a quick and easy paper mache project!  He will be a perfect addition to the top of my paper mache fireplace with all the pumpkins!  Stay tuned to see how he turns out!


46 thoughts on “Paper Mache Mummy

    • Our Mommy is going to try to finish her Mummy this weekend! She cut up a box of Fettuccine and made some new feet for him, so now she is saying he has Fettuccine Feet! LOL What she is going to do is buy some white gauze and dip it in the paper mache and then wrap the mummy up in it! Doesn’t that sound cool?

    • I am close to putting the finishing touches on the Mummy right now, just had a brainstorm on his feet! I was having some issues of getting him to stand on his own, and I fixed that yesterday! I want to make more of these guys now!

    • Making the Mummy’s body only took me about 15-20 minutes to roll up some newspaper, then for this project, I brought out my glue gun to glue the fingers on. All in all, the most time spent on doing paper mache is the waiting time for the layers to dry. If you worked on it every day, you could finish quite quickly. Paper mache is really not intensive, it’s easy, and you just use flour and water as the paste!

  1. Okays, I don’t know why, butts I thoughts your mummy was ‘flippin’ me off’ !! BOL (okays, maybe MA thought it was flippin’ HER off, butts that’s mostly in her heads….
    Anyhu, FABulous!!! Again, you gots lots more talent than my Ma….
    Ruby ♥☺

    • Hi Ruby! Oh man, the Mummy did not flip you off! He was just being himself and mummying around! LOL I am glad that you like the Mummy, as he is going to look great standing on top of the paper mache fireplace with all the pumpkins when my Mommy gets everything all done! She can’t wait!

    • Hi Gizmo! Working with paper mache is really easy! My first one I did last year was not perfect, but I have learned a lot while working with it. You just start with a plastic bag (whatever size you want) and stuff it really good with rolled up newspaper, then once you get the size you want, just wrap some twine around the plastic bag to form the pumpkin and tie it off at the top. Then, just mix up some flour and water to a pancake batter consistency and dip your newspaper strips into it. Place all over your plastic bag until your pumpkin is really hard. (no parts of the pumpkin should be able to be pushed in) Then you carve it out and paint it. My Mommy can help you if you want to try to make one!

    • LOL, your Mommy has ten thumbs! Now that is funny! I bet she could make a paper mache pumpkin, it would surprise her on how easy it is. It just takes time to dry in between layers, that’s why this whole process is taking so long. It is a lot of fun to do!

    • I worked on the Mummy today and he is getting harder and closer to being finished. I am glad that I had the idea to try to make him and it’s all because I saw that Mummy at the garden center! Now, I want to try making a reindeer head for Christmas and hang some bulbs from his antlers!

    • I love the hands too! They turned out really neat. Today, I was thinking of how much fun I have had making these for Halloween, and I got to thinking….. about making a deer head for the wall to hang ornaments or tinsel on, or even perhaps a Bumble!

      • A moose! For the record, I would TOTALLY buy a mache moose head for my treehouse, if you ever wanted to make a buck! The inside is only 5 x 5, so it could not be full scale. You have such natural talent, I see a business in this, if you wanted.

      • We are thinking that once Halloween is over, that I continue to make these paper mache pumpkins and then sell the ones that I make over the winter on our eBay store! I had some blog friends say that they don’t shop on eBay because you have to create an account, so I thought that if any of my blog friends wanted to purchase any of my crafts, that I could work something out with them so they would not have to go through eBay to buy one! Everyone that I have shown my Jack Skeleton paper mache pumpkin to has gone nutso over him! That makes me so happy. I am happy too as it turned out awesome! By they way, I think I pinned a deer head to my Christmas board on Pinterest if you wanted to check it out.

    • In the photographs that I posted, you can see how I put my glue gun to use and just glued his fingers right on. When the glue dried, I just bent his fingers (like the one at the garden center) and put a dab of hot glue in the crease of the finger to hold the shape. It worked like a charm! I got the first layer of paper mache on him yesterday and I will work on him a little today.

      No doggies harmed Mummy, but Nikita did sit my the kitchen table looking up at him when I had the heater on to dry him. I thought to myself, now no way are you getting HIM to play with, and that is not what she wanted. She sat by that darned table for quite awhile until I figured out what she wanted….She wanted HER BALL that was sitting under the Mummy’s arm! LOL (now isn’t that hilarious?)

      • It’d be nice to be able to read their mind wouldn’t it? Give er’ Looks like it’s coming along real good. Snowed in Alberta in the mountains today and this morning was only 2 C (about 39 F). Then it was bright and sunny and warm all day. Fall is wacky.

      • Good for you – with all your crazy artistic talent. Bad for me – I barely assembled an over-the-door towel rack with 6 screws, this afternoon, let alone visualize and create something I saw at the garden store – which will probably look 10 times better than the original!!! Yeah. That kind of speechless…..

      • I can come over to be your personal handyman! I know how to do stuff like that too! I also used to be a professional landscaper too! My Sweetie chuckled when he got home and saw the Mummy! Immediately he said, it looks like the one we saw at the garden center! 🙂

    • LOL, I just had to try….and the first layer of paper mache is drying right now. I bent his fingers and used the glue gun to glue the bent finger into place. Man, I never thought of using the glue gun before, as this is helpful to hold these small parts in place instead of trying to attach things with masking tape! We learn as we go! I can’t wait to see how he turns out! What should I call him? You inspired me to try to make him! 🙂

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