Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

I just happened to notice it the other day, on how the spiders around here are busy getting ready for Halloween too.  They are busy spinning their webs in each corner of our windows outside and I was going to use the broom to brush them away, but then I thought, no wait…. this is the perfect natural setting for Halloween.  Thank you spiders for helping out!


If you have noticed my absence (or maybe not), I have been busy over here working on all of my paper mache projects and I can gladly say that I am getting close to putting the final touches on them!  After our experience of almost catching our Jack Skeleton pumpkin on fire, we have ordered another camping light and will only use regular AA batteries in it, and not the Lithium ones as they turned out to be way too powerful for a little $5 camping light.


I finally got to spray paint two pumpkins yesterday with their first coat and still need a few more coats to cover the newspaper.  The insides are being spray painted with a Marigold color to brighten the insides when the camping light is lit.  (I know when my Sweetie came home yesterday, he was amazed on how good the pumpkins looked)



I am working on finishing the paper mache fireplace too, as I already have one side of stenciling done and will be working on more today.  Normally, when you stencil, you just tape the stencil down and dab your dauber of paint on it, but since the fireplace’s front is not quite flat, I used my silver Sharpie marker and am drawing the stencil on first, then hand painting the white zig zag on the fireplace.  I know, it is going to take a long time, but I have a steady hand and a small paint brush that is getting the job done.



We stopped in a garden center over the weekend to look at their Fall display and saw the most amazing mums and decorations.  I wanted to purchase everything because it was so beautiful, but refrained.  They had the cutest terracotta pumpkin on display and an adorable mummy that I really wanted, but after looking at the $69 price tag, I did not think it was cute anymore!  LOL  How come all of these garden centers jack up the prices on their stuff?  I wonder sometimes what the real cost of the items are.


Our garden is still producing and I am NOT going to tell you the exact amount of tomatoes that we have picked to date, because I want you all to guess!  What I can’t wait for, is what the “final” total will be when the season comes to an end.  All I can say, is that for the past week or so, I have picked at least 50+ Juliet Tomatoes and about 13+ Big Boy Tomatoes each day!  Yes, you heard that correctly!  So, just imagine after three days of heading out to the garden, I have picked more than 150 Juliet Tomatoes!  It is amazing, and we are definitely going to be planting these again next year.  We have kept Grandma & Grandpa fully loaded with tomatoes for sure this year!


Nikita and Bella have been silly again, but that should not surprise you in the least.  I got Nikita a new toy yesterday and she would not let Bella even come near it.  When Nikita took a nap, she would tuck her new toy under her leg or under her head to protect it from being stolen by Bella.  Don’t think that Bella did not try to snag it, as she put in a good effort all day.  Came close a few times though, so Bella had to find other things to amuse her, like my roll of packing tape!  When she got her hands on that roll, there was no giving it back to me.



Man, I love our dogs!  They are so lovable and snuggly and I love the looks on their faces when we play.  If they had eyebrows, they would be raised up like Spok’s in exhilaration of me chasing their butts all over the house and playing hide and seek from them.  (They always end up finding me though)

One of the funniest things that I heard this week was a comment that our UPS driver said.  He dropped off a package the other day and he said to me “It’s about time to decorate the yard isn’t it?”  Now that is hilarious that even he knows how much we love Halloween!

32 thoughts on “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

    • Hi Nellie! Thanks ever so much for stopping by today! Tell your Mommy that there is still time for her to make some paper mache pumpkins! I hope you subscribed to our blog today and follow along with us and all of our craft projects too! We love meeting new friends! Hugs, Valerie

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    • OMG, Misaki… we placed a white LED light in all of our pumpkins and they looked awesome, until Mommy balled up some bright orange Halloween lights and placed them in the pumpkins. AMAZING is what we said! We can’t stop looking at them! Even more, our Mommy keeps saying “I can’t believe I made those!” Don’t worry, but she is going to carry all of them outside and get a photo of her with all of her finished works of art!

    • Yes, we do get a lot of kids on Halloween! About 200 of them! All of the tombstones in our front yard are the ones that I made out of wood. I got tired of all of our styrofoam ones falling down or blowing down the street, so I recreated all of them into wood ones! Everyone slows down when they pass our front yard when we have all the props out in the front. Our best addition to our Home Haunt was our 5′ skeletons that are holding up the handmade pallet casket that I created.

  2. Mom finds your blog totally fascinating, she was telling our Oumie and Grandpa about it just this past weekend. We don’t celebrate holidays in South Africa they way you do in America. That’s not to say that we don’t celebrate but we don’t have many of your holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving and Halloween) and other than Christmas we don’t really do the whole decorating / themed thing, which mom just LOVES!!!

    Tell Nikita that sharing is caring *BOL*

    Wally & Sammy

    • Hey Wally & Sammy!
      To tell you the truth….Yesterday I did give in and let Bella play with my new toy. It was so cute, she ran all around the house with it and she looked so happy. I know I was just being a little selfish with keeping my new toy to myself, but I have shared ALL of my toys with Bella ever since she came into our house. So, if I keep one toy to myself a few days, I think that’s ok! 🙂

      That is so cool that your Mommy was talking about my Mommy’s blog to Oumie and Grandpa! What did they say? Did they get to see all of my Mommy’s crafts on her blog? I am so proud of my Mommy and how creative she is!

      I love you guys! Huggies from all of us!

      • Aw…you are such a good big sister Nikita!

        Oumie & Grandpa have visited the USA a few times and mom & the family even lived there for a bit when she was a toddler – so they (Oumie, Grandpa and our auntie Kym) can still remember how pawsome holiday time was over there.

        We’d also be proud of our mommy! So very clever!

        Lots of love & hugs right back at you!
        Wally & Sammy

  3. You are going to have one Halloween Palooza at your place. Are you having a party or going to a party? Your dogs are so dang lucky, you’re a good mom that’s for sure. What kind of treats are you handing out? My favourite is Liquorice, red, twirlers…..just sayin’ 😀

    Oh wait, have you tried these…..OMGosh so yummy. I could eat the whole bag

    • Oh no, no party here at Halloween. I am just creating all of these things for us to make our house special. I may, however, make some paper mache pumpkins and SELL THEM on eBay. My neighbors friends were over and they just loved how the pumpkins turned out! It is always good advice to hear what others think of your work.

      OMG, I love Twizzlers too! See, I told you that YOU need to be my neighbor! We could share soooo mu ch! We could share wine, food, I can grow us veggies, we could make desserts together, and do a heck of a lot of crafting!

      We just usually grab lots of those huge bags of candy to pass out to the kids, and I make about 200 treat bags. I try so hard NOT to eat any candy as I am making the bags, but that always fails and before you know it….I have eaten all of the tootsie rolls and reece cups! 🙂

    • When I saw that mummy at the garden center, I wondered too on how I could make a little one. You would not need a doll to make one, just roll up some paper to make his belly and head and roll up some for the arms and legs, then use masking tape to attach everything. It might work! I am glad you liked what I have done so far! It has been really fun to do!

  4. I love your pumpkins! I’m trying out the paper mache method this year so fingers crossed that I know what I’m doing… I can mess up the simplest task, LOL. I can’t wait for the fireplace to be done because it is going to look amazing. Good luck!

    As for tomato totals!?!? I’m horrible with numbers, and usually outrageously high, but let’s go with…502 Juliets & 161 Big Boys.

    • Oh boy…you are low with the count for the Juliets (hint: we’re way over that right now) Let me know if you need any assistance for the pumpkins that you are making! Have fun! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the finished fireplace too – – don’t you just love how it looks now? WOW!

    • Ya know Morgan, I have been staring at these pumpkins for awhile now, always wondering how they would look all done, and yesterday when I got the orange paint on them – – – I went nuts! It was amazing seeing them painted. I am not done yet, as I still have more layers of the Marigold color inside the pumpkin. I am still working on pumpkin no. 5 right now, but I am still adding lots of layers of paper mache. I Love love love that fireplace too! It is coming along nicely and we even have a little cauldron with a flame in it to place inside the fireplace too!

      Aw schucks, you think our doggies are cute! Thanks so much and they are!

  5. There it is! The tennis ball stick. I need one of those for Cupcake! She’ll love it. The decorations at the garden center look pale and uninspired compared to your paper mâché ones. They look incredible! GAH!

    • OMG, day two for Nikita’s new toy and when she woke up she ran right for it and is doing the same thing to Bella. She won’t let her have it! I need to go purchase a few more of these before they sell out! I loved that little Mummy at the garden center, but for $69, no thanks! I am so glad you like the pumpkins I made! 🙂

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