One Year Ago Today We Changed a Dog’s Life

Val Uncle Dave Bella and Roy

One year ago today we made a life-changing difference in a dog’s life. We gave Bella her new “Forever Home”.


Bella was found wandering the streets of Cleveland as a very young puppy. Someone disposed of her. Who knows if Bella had other siblings.

BELLA 9-8-12

We made a difference in a dog’s life by rescuing Bella from all the perils she endured while on the streets, and gave her a warm happy home. She has a place where she can lay her weary head to rest. She has all the food she wants, a snuggly place to nap, a loving sister in Nikita, toys galore, and all the treats she could ever dream of. Not all dogs are this lucky.


We were also lucky the day we met Bella. We went to check out an event that the APL was holding in the hopes that we could find a little playmate for Nikita. We were not particular in any certain breed, but wanted to give yet another dog a good forever home with us. The second we saw Bella drive up in a car arriving at this event on the lap of an APL employee, we knew that she was the one. We basically watched where they were taking her so we could snag her immediately and that is exactly what we did. She was so small and we fell in love with her immediately. She was brindle in color, and at the time, I did not know what brindle meant, so I looked it up when I got home. Brindle refers to her tiger striping & coloring. We are still unsure as to what breed of dog she is, although on her paperwork it stated part collie. I find that hard to believe as Bella has not one characteristic of a collie. No matter what she is, we love her from the top of her soft as silk ears right down to her curled warbly tail.


Bella has so much energy & spunk and that’s what makes Bella, well, Bella!  She has the best personality and definitely knows more of the English language than most high school graduates, and we find ourselves having to spell in the front of the dogs now.  Geez, is this what the world is coming to?  LOL

Bella is a good listener.  She walks on a leash very well, greets other dogs with a good butt sniff or two, and definitely alerts us to any critters who get anywhere near the house.  But, at the end of the night, when we all retire to lay down our weary heads, she always comes over and gives us both a good night kiss, and then snuggles with Mommy for a few minutes, then heads off to la-la land on her own fluffy bed.  What a sweet girl!

Bella and Nikita Snuggling 12-11-12

Bella is the perfect match for being Nikita’s sidekick. They are always by each others side and are always playing with each other.  (we have probably more than 50 toys in their toy box, but they always have to play with the “same one”.  When one picks up a toy, the other one wants THAT toy)


I definitely think that both Nikita and Bella can be partners in crime too because they like dressing up.  Perhaps these are their super hero outfits.

Bella Footwear Fashionista


Bella Im So Cool

All that we know, is that we have two of the best dogs around and we are so happy to give them both a “Forever Home” with us and make sure that they will never have to worry where their next meal is coming from.

We love you Nikita and Bella!


22 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today We Changed a Dog’s Life

  1. Hiya! I am sorry I have not been visiting your site Valerie! I found a setting (checked radio box) in my Admin panel that was set to stop delivery of all sites I follow. No idea how the $%^ this happened. Grrr!! Love the pumpkins, wonderful! You are super talented!!

    • I guess, by your remarks, that I should be in MORE pictures, right? My Sweetie is going to have to start taking more pics of me! When you are the photographer in the family, you are always behind the camera, and not in front of it! Need to change that, eh?! 🙂

    • We are all so blessed as they are a huge part of our family! On the 12th of September is the date we rescued Nikita three years ago, yet another beautiful wonderful day when she blessed us with her love and affection! We’ve got the best dogs ever! 🙂

  2. I’m all for happy endings but I sure enjoyed your happy beginning too Val. It’s the best thing ever to know the love of a dog and there you are with two. I’m very envious and proud that you are such a good mom. I’m truly happy for all of you. Happy ‘Welcome Home’ to the Jimenez family’ xoK

    • It is one great big happy house for sure! The house is so alive with fun and love as our doggies bring us so much joy. We are so blessed that we have the greatest dogs in the world!

    • Hey Wally & Sammy! That is soooo cool that you just called me Bella Boo, as my Mommy calls me that all the time! I am so happy to have such a great forever home! I sometimes just can’t understand on how someone could just throw me out on the streets like they did.

    • Hi Easy! I am glad that I have a great home too and glad that Mommy followed me when she saw me driving up that day, otherwise, I might have gone home with someone else. I am so glad that I have a great sister too! Nikita is my best buddy in the whole world!

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