Halloween Snuck Into My Weekend

It does not surprise me, or probably you if you know me, that Halloween snuck into my weekend in a big way.  You all know that I have been busy working on all of my paper mache pumpkins and paper mache fireplace, and this weekend I kicked it up a notch and got the chance to get some painting done.


I got the final black coat of paint on the fireplace and let it sit out in the sun today to dry.  I missed the entire Brown’s home opener game, but that’s ok as I heard that they lost in a big way. (does not surprise me at all)   We went to Pat Catans craft store this weekend in the hopes of finding a diamond stencil to use on the front & sides of the fireplace, and we had no luck.  So instead, I found a Zig Zag stencil that I am going to use to stencil a white zig and a lot of zags across the fireplace.  I can’t wait to get started working on the stenciling part, so hold tight for a little bit to see the results!



As for my Jack Skeleton paper mache pumpkin, I had to cutout a slit in the bottom of the pumpkin so I could get the camping light inside.  The hole I originally cut was only just big enough to pull out all the stuffing, but not big to insert the camping light, so I had to make a little tweak to getting the light in.  I spray painted the first coat of Rustoleum Marigold inside the pumpkin, as I have read that you should use a color that is bright so your light glows brighter.  I then lightly spray painted the outside of the pumpkin black so it covers the newspaper well.  I will then spray paint the pumpkin orange on top of the black to finish coloring the pumpkin.  After these colors dry, I will seal the pumpkin both inside and out with a clear sealant.

Our Jack Skeleton pumpkin almost caught on fire tonight too when I put the camping light inside of it.  I turned on the light and walked outside to take a photograph to see how the Marigold color looks and when I came back into the house to set my camera down, I turned around and smoke was coming out of his eyes!  I ran to Jack and saw that the camping light was smoking and got my Sweetie to pull the light out.  We switched batteries in the camping light from regular AA batteries to a Lithium battery and they must have been too much for the camping light as it got fried.  So now we need to head back up to the Dollar Store to purchase another one.  Thank God the pumpkin did not catch on fire with all the fresh spray paint on it!  When we get a new camping light, we are definitely only going to use regular AA batteries in it this time!


Keeping up with the Halloween weekend, we sold a few of our wood tombstones that we have on eBay.  I just finished cutting out and sanding these two and another sale came in for one more.  WOW!  I guess everyone is thinking of Halloween, and it’s not only just us!  (and yes, I know how to use power tools too!)



Our front porch has a little Fall coloring going on too, as our Marigolds are blooming in bright colors and I added our little glass pumpkin to the planter and lit a tealight in it tonight.  Right on the step of the porch sits my cement X & O and cement skull to add the perfect touch!


And just when I thought the weekend was over and all the Halloween stuff was done, evening set in and provided yet another remarkable Halloween scene.  The sun was setting in beautiful colors that illuminated the black wood bat that proudly is perched on top of our mailbox post.  What a great weekend we had full of Halloween!  I wonder what next week will hold for us?!

34 thoughts on “Halloween Snuck Into My Weekend

    • Me too! I just love how Jack Skeleton is turning out! What I can’t wait for is the final group shot of all the pumpkins in the day, and then one at night with them all glowing! I have never paper mached this much in my life before, and I had a blast doing these!

    • Aw, thank you so much for your compliment! I have been working so hard to get all of these projects done, and hopefully will have the majority of them completed next week! The stenciling on the fireplace is looking so awesome! I hope you subscribe and watch all of the other craft projects I am going to be making for Christmas too! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 (We love new friends!)

  1. LOVE your pumpkins. Have you done any bookends? Last year I cut a toy rat in half and glued him to bookends. Maybe this year I’ll make a bat mobile.

  2. Oh, I’m so happy I get a chance to catch up on your blog! I love Halloween as well (it’s borderline obsession!) What other kinds of DIY decorations do you guys do every year? And what are your favorite Halloween recipes?! Can’t wait to read more of your posts these two months in particular!

    • We have been so super busy over here with all of our Halloween crafts! Working on Pumpkin No. 5 right now and have a lot of little tweaks to do on each one to get them all finished, not to mention I am almost ready to add the finishing touches to my paper mache fireplace too.

      Look back on our older posts from around Sep-Oct of 2011 to see some of what we did to the yard. Last year we had Hurricane Sandy come through here and we had to take down all of our props before Halloween. Stay tuned…..

    • Oh, we have nothing put up yet….we’re just working on getting all of our paper mache things done! Soon though, the whole house and yard will be decorated! Can’t wait! What is your son going to be for Halloween this year???

  3. Oh, very cool! We don’t gets many Holloweeners (hehehehe) anymores. Most the kids go to the malls and parties ~ mostly for safety reasons. We have some houses that still do the haunted houses, and do the decoratin’ up big.
    Your creations are just lookin’ FABulous!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Mom says she is “not ready” for Halloween. It is NOT one of her favorite holidays. She says, “Teachers learn to hate Halloween with the white hot intensity of a million suns.” That being said, she already bought me 2 costumes, and we both think your work is absolutely stunning, and can’t wait to see the next steps.

    Love and licks,

    • What kind of costumes did your Mommy get you? I can’t wait to see you all dressed up! I am glad that you like all of my Mommy’s paper mache projects so far! 🙂 She is working really hard on them to get them done!

    • I am usually the one behind the camera, so I was glad I got in one photo! I love how everything is progressing so far! I can’t wait to pull it all together! Gotta run and get more spray paint! 🙂

  5. I’ve never seen such a big effort for Halloween, WOW. It’s a party night here but not like in the US. Most years there is snow on the ground and the little wee tricker-treaters have to trek around in winter clothes over their costumes 😦 A big trend now is the Malls have indoor parties for the kids and the merchants hand out treats. Being that we’re in a gated community, we so no kids at all. Your place will look amazing.

    • We get anywhere from 160 to 200 kids that come through here on Halloween! One year I did not make enough candy bags and I felt bad cause we ran out! Our yard also has music too on Halloween from our Gemmy Light Show. My Sweetie loads up a lot of cool songs and when the songs play, the lights in the yard dance to the music! It’s so cool!

    • Thank you! Just think about how you would react if you placed a battery operated light in your pumpkin….turned around….and when you looked at it again – – smoke was coming out of the eyes! I freaked! Save the pumpkin! Save the pumpkin! I guess those lithium batteries are really powerful.

    • We have tons of seasonal items in our eBay store and there’s a link to our store in the sidebar of my blog so you can take a look. Halloween is our favorite holiday, but Christmas decorating is lots of fun & festive too! I also love decorating for VAL-entine’s Day too! (since this is the only holiday with my name in it! LOL) I am glad that you like my progress so far on all of my paper mache items. I just can’t wait to start stenciling the fireplace and hopefully I can do so this week!

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