Seed Harvesting


It is that time of year again when kids head back to school, new tv show episodes start, and Fall starts creeping in on us. And that alerts me to inform you of other important Fall tips to consider.

  • Fertilizing of your lawn – Now is the time of year to over seed your lawn before the snow starts falling so it will come up nice and thick in the Spring.  Head out to the store right now and purchase a huge bag of grass seed, put it in your spreader and over seed your lawn!
  • Seed Harvesting – Now is the time to start harvesting your perennial seeds for next year.

I went out to our flower garden and harvested our perennial seeds yesterday.  I carefully cut each and every dried flower off the plants and dropped them into a plastic bag.  This is also called Dead Heading your flowers. I kept all the seeds separate so I would not mix any up and I will plant these seeds next Spring.  Then, I took each dried flower head and opened them up and shook out the seeds into a container.


I have the cutest little plastic containers that I found at the Dollar Store that I am keeping the seeds in and to keep them dry over the winter.

If you harvest your perennial seeds every year, you will obviously not have to purchase any more seeds in the Spring, and you will enlarge your flower gardens each and every year with your favorite blooms.  So head out to your flower gardens and look to see if you have any dead heads and snip them off.


For Marigolds, when the flower dries up, you just pinch off the dead flower and carefully remove the dead petals and all the seeds will be right below the dried leaves.  Each dried flower head produces a lot of seeds, so plan on planting lots of Marigolds next Spring.  One thing I did this year as well, is when I saw a dead flower head in one of my planters, I just pinched it of and shook all the seeds back into the planter.  By doing this, it grew more Marigolds and made my planter fuller with blooms.

This time of year also brings one more thing.  Something that I will not be happy about, but some times good things must come to an end.  The end of gardening season.  We knew it would happen, but with all the critter troubles we had this year, we feel that we need to file for a “gardening extension” with Mother Nature.


Our garden is still going strong and producing, but the cucumbers have completed their season.  Our zucchini’s never produced anything, so next year we will be moving them out of the smaller garden bed by the strawberries, and will move them into the garden with everything else.  Their lack of growing is probably due to the soil not having enough nutrients that they require, which will be fixed/corrected next year.


We have fed the neighborhood, our family and friends with tomatoes this year, and they are still growing and ripening on a daily basis.  Just yesterday alone, I picked 40 Juliet Tomatoes which were lovingly donated to Roy’s parents.


To date, we have picked a total of 277 Juliet Tomatoes and 71 Big Boy Tomatoes!  Not bad, eh?  And, all of our tomato plants are still jammed packed with tomatoes, so the end of our tomato producing brigade is not anywhere close to being over yet. And, I am not yet sick of eating tomatoes and cucumbers for lunch every day yet either!


The only sad thing that I am not looking forward to is when the day arrives when I have to pull out all the plants in the garden.  I am not ready for that. But, there’s always next year!


17 thoughts on “Seed Harvesting

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    • I know what you mean. We remember starting our seeds in the basement in February and now it’s almost over. Man, does time fly! The day I have to pull out all the plants in the garden when the season ends will be a sad one to me. At least the tomatoes and pepper plants are still going strong!

  2. Oh, Ma is droolin’ overs that pic of the tomatoes and cucs!!! Oh man!
    Ma is plannin’ for a small garden for next year (she just didn’t have it in her this year), so these are all things she is puttin’ on her list!
    I guess Skully is ready for a new job, huh?! BOL
    Ruby ♥
    pees: LOVE the new header! They turned out cool!

    • Don’t you just want to reach into the computer and snag a few of those cucs and tomatoes from the bowl? Yeah! I am so glad to hear that your Mommy is planning a garden for next year! Yeppers, Skully will be busy for sure! I heard that Mommy is going to get him to shovel the driveway too in the winter. (I wonder if he knows that yet!)

      Oh yeah! You are the second person to notice the new header that I made! It is of all the pumpkins that I have created so far! I am actually starting to work on Pumpkin No. 5 right now!

  3. It’s always sad when we have to prepare the garden for the “hibernation”. Once we got seeds from mom’s granny. Unfortunately it was a small tea box and the staff thought it’s really tea :o)

    • Oh I know! I have been enjoying fresh cucs and tomatoes for lunch every day and it tastes so good! Nothing beats something home grown! Do you have any room for a garden at your place? If not, try container gardening next year! Just get some large pots (make sure you have drainage holes) and plant some tomato plants! It works, as we did that a few years ago with cherry tomatoes!

  4. You are a hard core gardener my dear. I worked at a garden centre when I lived at the lake so got a lot of my plants there. We don’t have a long enough growing season hear to wait for seeds to grow up and fill in. But I can sure see it’d be lots cheaper. Just think of all the free time you’ll have to do other things once your garden is done! Like shovel snow….ha….eeeeeek.

    • WOW, hard core gardener? I can add that to the list of things I can do now! LOL I would have loved to work at a garden center too! Free time is something that I never have, as I am always doing something around here. Man, I am not ready to shovel snow yet! Grrr! (that little white container in my post is now filled to the top with all the seeds I kept from my Coriopsis flowers!)

  5. I love the pumpkin header! The bowl of tomatoes and cukes look delicious, I tried to stick my hand through the screen to get them. I failed… You had a very productive garden, well done! It’s not gettin’ cold up there already is it?

    • OMG, you are the only one who noticed my new header that I created! I am glad you liked it! I opened up one of my photo editors and used the edge finder tool and drew around all the edges of the pumpkins, then cut out the background. Then I created an all white rectangle box and dropped the cutout pumpkins in it. Turned out really neat (took lots of time to do), but the end results I loved! Now, I want to create more headers like that! Yeah, my fresh lunches were delicious and I would share with you! We have had some cold nights here in the 40’s, but it is on average around the 70’s during the day. Great sleeping weather though with the windows open!

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