16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I always enjoy seeing how pets sleep. So comfy to lay in a corner on the hard floor. Must consider that next time I have insomnia, LOL. Bella doesn’t look too happy, hope she’s not having a health issue and Mommy’s just got a silly sense of humour 😀

    • Believe me, Mommy has a sick sense of humor for sure! It is funny, but Nikita loves that corner of the kitchen, as she is always in it. Oooooh, I agree, that hard wood floor looks so inviting – – I can’t wait to sleep in the corner of the living room tonight!

    • OMG, you guessed our treat correctly! Our Auntie Rene gave us some goodies! Nikita and Bella loved them! Bella took hers and ran, Nikita at least posed for a quick pic first.

    • Oh believe me, as soon as she started to move a little, it slipped right to her feet! The looks that she gave me were priceless, like “What did I do to deserve this?” In my defense, I saw an opportunity and took it!

    • Oh, that is one of the many many things that the dogs catch going past the house! From certain people they can’t stand (they bark at), to a school bus, motorcycles drive them crazy, other dogs, the list is endless…..but the photo of them both at the same window is ALWAYS the same! I think it is adorable how they smoosh next to each other to catch a glimpse of what is passing the house.

    • Bella was NOT happy about that one at all. She just stood there and did not move. I kept trying to call her to come to me and when she did finally move, she moved like she had a pile of poopie in her diaper! It was hilarious! Oh what us Mommy’s do to our dogs for a laugh, eh! 🙂 (at least they are good sports about it)

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