20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • I got that hat off one of their dog toys. It was the first thing that they ripped off and I kept it and it fits Bella perfectly! Sure beats that over-sized baseball hat she had on! LOL

    • Actually, I think she is trying to lick her Witches Hat off her head. I ran across that little witches hat the other day and tried it on her, and she ran around with it on all morning.

      • Haha! It’s really cute on her. I’m impressed she kept in on for any length of time. Zu would have pawed it off within seconds.

      • Oh believe me, she tried. Nikita is worse, as she 100% hates anything on her head. Bella dealt with it for awhile then said “hey, what’s this thingy on my head?” LOL Silly dogs, eh?

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