Garden Update: August 19th


At this time of year, your garden should be in full bloom and producing veggies by the handful, and our garden is definitely on track with that.

We continually weed on a daily basis, feed our plants the nutrients they need, and use the rain water that we catch in our rain barrel to water every day. The vines on each and every tomato plant is jammed packed with green tomatoes getting bigger with the sun rays, and we are basically picking ripened ones by the handful a few times a day.  Not bad for our small 6′ x 16′ garden, eh?


Skully has done a tremendous job keeping all of the critters away in the garden and has asked me if I had some other small jobs that he could do. Well, of course, I had some jobs for him to do and I immediately put him to work – – mowing the lawn!



We are starting to pick cucumbers each week, and the one that we picked the other day was such a nice size, I just had to weigh it.  Yeah, I know, I am weird, but I am having lots of fun gardening.  That cucumber weighed in at 1 lb. 8 ounces!  Bazinga, that’s a nice sized cuc!

CUCUMBER 8-19-13

I found something hilarious in the garden.  I placed two Halloween black birds in the garden and move one of them every once in awhile to a different spot to scare my Sweetie (and it works every time).  Right now, one of them is perched on top of the cucumber trellis and what was funny is that one of the cucumber runners has wrapped around the birds beak.  It looks like a little lasso, or rather the cucs are trying to “silence” the bird from talking!  LOL



Our neighbors, family, and friends are definitely enjoying our harvests from the garden and have hands down all said that they love the Juliet Tomatoes the best!  The taste of these tomatoes far exceeds any expectations, and in my opinion, taste better than the Big Boy Tomatoes.  Definitely, we will be planting more Juliet Tomatoes next year too!

OUR GARDEN 8-19-13

Both the green and red pepper plants have had a huge growth spurt since last week, and are producing tons of peppers.  We even cut up a green pepper and added it to some beef tips & onions and served it over rice the other day and boy was that a great meal!

RED PEPPER 8-19-13


Our second round of leaf lettuce is almost ready to pick, so we are planning on enjoying more fresh garden salads soon.


Our sunflowers are doing great and the tallest one is now 21 slats high next to the garage.  The sunflower should be blooming soon and I can’t wait to see it.  The only problem we now face are the squirrels.  We heard that they love sunflower seeds, so we will now have to figure out what to do to protect the sunflower from them.  Probably wrapping a light netting over the top of the sunflower will be in order to keep them away, as we want to keep the seeds for next year so we can plant more.


One thing that we are doing also this season, is saving our seeds from our veggies to use next year.  Why would you go out and purchase seeds for your garden when you have all the seeds you need in your own garden right now?  When cutting up our veggies, I just carefully extract the seeds from the veggie, wash them, and let them dry on a paper towel.  Then I just put them in a small container that has a good seal and save them for next year.

The Romaine Lettuce that was eaten by that deer attack we had a few weeks ago has now gone to seed.  So this means that we can harvest the seeds from these plants to use next year.  We still have some more Romaine shoots coming up, but we are unsure if they will get big enough to pick any lettuce, but we still might be able to.

Skully finally got done with the lawn and asked if he could come in and use the bathroom facilities.  I agreed as I would not want him to be urinating out on the lawn and make a scene for the neighbors.


This is our garden veggie’s picked to date:

  • Juliet Tomatoes – 80
  • Big Boy Tomatoes – 33
  • Cucumbers – 5
  • Red Peppers – 3

All in all, it has been a great gardening week with no critter attacks of any kind, but we’re biting our tongue, as something is always around the corner trying to either dig under the fence or jump it for a little snack.  Glad we have Skully to patrol the garden area!


36 thoughts on “Garden Update: August 19th

  1. I am laughing just seeing Skully! He was at his best post on the last photo, job well done, Skully! And congrats for a wonderful harvest! Looks like everyone will be having fresh salad daily 😀

    • LOL, I knew if anyone would love Skully, it would be you! I sooooo want to drag Skully up to the playground and get some photographs of him on the swings and slide. Now that would be funny!

    • Oh yeah Skully is a crack up for sure! He is in the house right now, taking a break, and he is peeking out the bedroom window and scared the neighbors last night. LOL

    • Thank you so much! We are so proud of how our garden turned out this year, even after all of our critter attacks. Now, we are enjoying dining on our veggies on a daily basis! Yeah, that Skully is funny, and you’re right…he does not eat that much as it goes right through him! LOL

    • I love joining up in a great blog hop! They’re a lot of fun & get to meet lots of new people & blogs! Yes, after all we have been through with our garden, we are so glad that it is finally producing for us – – not to mention everything is delicious! Nothing beats homegrown veggies!

    • Hey Kirby! LOL, yeah you should have seen my face when I recognized it in the garden. I had to do a double take and look at the bird. I thought it was hilarious that the vine did that. Yep, Skully is doing a great job at protecting our garden & mowing the lawn! Hope all is well with you in Kirby Land! You are the best!

    • Hey Ruby! Tell you Ma that I picked 18 Juliet tomatoes today alone! Got some cucs, a green pepper and about six Big Boy tomatoes too. Yep, Skully is doing a great job! Maybe when it snows here, I can get him to shovel our drive! LOL

    • So does my Mommy! I wonder if all Mommies love them? By far, mine says that the Juliet Tomatoes taste the best. It’s funny, after her post yesterday, she walked out to check on the garden (we had a real hot day here yesterday) and she picked 15 more Juliets! Isn’t Skully hilarious? I wonder what else he will get into!

  2. You crack me up. Giving props to Skully’s pink head band, very retro. HA! Don’t know if you watch Craig Ferguson? His sidekick is actually a skeleton too. A very witty one. Something like Skully I would guess. Hey Skully ! Why’d was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?
    Because it had no guts……hehe

    • Hi Peppino! Not at all. It is easy to install a rain barrel to use for your garden. Just do a quick Google search on rain barrels and it will give you all the information, or you can also check my Pinterest board under “garden ideas” and I think I have it there too. (my pinterest board link is in my sidebar on the blog!

      • That is so cool! For us, we start our seeds indoors under grow lights near the end of February, so when the end of May (after our last frost date), we are ready to take our plants out to the garden. If you need any helpful tips, let us know.

    • Hey Cupcake & Genevieve! I agree that the vine around the birds beak was hilarious! Just imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw it. I had to run get my camera! After I posted this today, I went back out in the garden and picked 18 more tomatoes! They are ripening like crazy over here! Wish you were our neighbor to enjoy some of our bounty!

    • OMG, that is hilarious! Yeah, Skully got a nice cold one and it ran right through him! LOL That is probably why he had to run to the bathroom afterwards. Thanks for the awesome compliment!

    • Thank you so much, as that means so much to us! We have worked really hard this gardening season and are finally enjoying eating our veggies. Skully is doing a bang-up job, isn’t he?!

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