The Garden Critter Terminator

It feels darned good when an “Ah Ha Moment” hits you like a lightning bolt.  As you all know, we have been battling all season with all types, all shapes & sizes of critters attacking our garden, and yesterday it hit me on how to deal with them.

While I am in the midst of making handmade paper mache props for Halloween, fully submerged in the spirit of Halloween, it hit me.  I know what to use to protect our garden!  I went downstairs to pull it out of storage (where normally people find these in their “closets” – LOL) and grabbed our 5 foot skeleton.


I took “Skully” out to the garden and he immediately went to work!  He stood in the doorway to the garden and did a once over to see what he was in for, and upon accepting the challenge to serve and protect, he got to work.


He grabbed the watering can and made sure the garden was thoroughly watered.


He picked some ripened tomatoes.


And he even did some pruning and weeding around the pepper plants.


I did catch him though taking a rest on the side of the garden, and I immediately made him get back to work.  No coffee breaks for you Skully!


When he completed his work day and was walking out of the garden to join us for dinner, he turned around at the garden gate and said “I’ll Be Back“.

48 thoughts on “The Garden Critter Terminator

    • Everyone has totally gone nutso for Skully! We have three Skully’s right now, and just ordered two more for a total of five. Our front yard for Halloween is going to be awesome this year! (last year, we got the residuals from a hurricane blow through and I had to take down all of our props in the high winds and rain just to save them) We hope this year will be better.

    • We had to do something and when I had the thought of bringing out the big guns to protect our garden, Skully was perfect for the job. Heck, he was just hanging around in our basement doing nothing, so I put him to work. (Oh yeah…about his poses? His joints interlock!) So far with Skully on the job, no critter attacks!

    • Oh so glad you laughed at Skully in the garden! He is finding out that he can do “other” things too to help out around here! Keep watching! I guess we do have work to do when we pass. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi! I am so glad that I could brighten your day! I hope you stay around and subscribe so you don’t miss all of the other silly stuff! Skully did ask me if I had more work for him to do…stay tuned!

    • Skully is really out in the garden and hopefully he will keep the deer and other critters away! I had to do something, other than me sitting out there 24/7. He can do the work for us!

  1. OMD!!! That is just tooooo funny!!! I gotta gets me one of those!! I loves those pics! I really do thinks Skully is gonna protect your garden from now on! who would mess with THAT??! BOL
    Ruby ♥

    • Hey Ruby! Tell your Mommy that she can get herself a Skully at KMart. That’s where we got ours last year. They are just starting to come out with their Halloween stuff, but you can go to and order a few for yourself too! My Mommy was laughing her butt off taking those photographs of Skully in the garden for this post!

    • Believe me, I was laughing the entire time taking these photographs of Skully working in the garden! I had a hard time holding the camera still! Skully worked for wine! Glad you enjoyed it. Just wait until you see where else Skully goes! 🙂

    • Which fence are you referring to? The one next to Skully by the garden gate? If so, no. That is our six foot high fence that the deer jumped over that one night. Just wait to see where else Skully goes!

      • WOW!! The deer lept over that!! Good grief, it must have been starving. I think a complete and total encasement of the garden is needed here, along with digging a 36 inch trench to place a barrier into. Plexiglas, glass – anything that can encase the garden completely. Skully is cool man! Your neighbors must think your nutty!!

      • Oh yes, they or one of them jumped right over that six foot fence. We found deer hoof prints all over the garden. I guess I never showed you guys the fence before. It is nothing special, but we figured out last year on how to make a cool fence, and I figured out on how to make a door out of wood. Yep, I can’t believe they jumped that either, but one did. OOOOOH, I like the plexiglass enclosure idea as you could still see the garden. Wait until you see what else Skully gets into, as he told me he wants some more responsibility.

    • We do too! He has a big job ahead of him, but he accepted the task and we hope he does a good job! As one commenter said, that Skully can’t drink any coffee as it would “run right through him”! I laughed!

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