What Would You Do If You Saw a Dog Carrier Attached to a Car on the Highway?

Continuing on with irresponsible pet owners, I ran across this article the other day. Click HERE to be shocked.  This one is worse than dogs not wearing a leash.  Their punishment should be severe, their dog should be taken away from them, and they should never be allowed to ever have a pet again.

After reading the attached article, what do you think they should do to these people?  


25 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Saw a Dog Carrier Attached to a Car on the Highway?

  1. I can’t even hardly believe this. How would they like to ride in a crate at 70 mph down the interstate, 90 degree heat, with no water and no room to move around? Geeze, I hope that dog was taken away and given to a GOOD home.

    • I agree Merissa, these dog owners should have their dog taken away from them as they truly should not be allowed to own a pet. Nor should they be allowed to ever again own one. This whole story was so sad, and I hope the dog is ok.

  2. I… I just… there just aren’t words for how stupid and cruel that is. What would I do? Have a mega-freakout, I’m pretty sure. I would call authorities and follow them for as long as it took, just like Nicole did… but it seems like nothing was done to these owners. Sometimes it gets so unbelievably frustrating to report animal cruelty and see absolutely nothing done… which unfortunately, is all too common. To be honest, if both my husband and I were in the car, we would probably try to get them to pull off the road and explain all the reasons why it’s horrible to do something like that to their dog. If we couldn’t get through their thick skulls nicely, we would have no problem removing all nice from the situation. We would do whatever had to be done to ensure the dog’s safety.

    • Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by today! I agree with you that the dog owners should be shoved in a little crate just big enough to fit them and driven down the highway in the same manner. So many people are outraged by what they have done in so many ways, and rightfully so. So why did these people think “nothing” was wrong with it? I can’t believe that they did not have enough room in their vehicle for their own dog. Even if their car was filled to the max, I would have let the dog sit on my lap before I would do something so stupid as tying it to the back of a car. I wish we all knew who these people were, cause they would for sure get a lot of hate mail.

      Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you stick around and subscribe, as we are huge dog lovers! They are a huge part of our loving family! Have a great day! 🙂

    • Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by today! So many people are outraged by what these stupid people did and they should definitely have their dog taken away from them and then never allowed to own another pet, ever. Let’s put them on the back of a car and drive down the highway to see if they like it.

      I hope you stick around as we love new subscribers! There is always room for one more doggie friend! Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for joining the Follow-Up Friday blog hop! I saw this article too and it pissed me off. WTF is wrong with people? I wish the officers had taken the dog away but they said it was happy when it was out of the carrier. Duh, you would be happy too if you’d been zipping along the highway in a death box. Sue’s right, you can’t fix stupid. It has become my mantra when dealing with some animal owners.

    • That is what I want to know….what is wrong with people who do things like this? They should stuff the dog owners in a crate and haul their butts behind a vehicle down the freeway and see how they like it. I mean, what if that carrier got loose and flew down the highway, that dog would have been dead.

  4. That’s disgusting! Give the adult(s) one full year in prison and no ownership of any pets, period in the future. But first, beat the crap outta them. Idiots. You asked, I told ya!

    • Ya know that some times you read stories on the internet and they’re not real, but this lady followed these people and did the right thing and contact the police. I give her big kudos for following the car all the way. More people should step forward when they see things happening, perhaps we could save more animals.

  5. That’s cruelty. Some people have no brain. I’m afraid I would kick this people in their whatever – no matter what will hapen later. I feel sorry for the dog and I hope he will find a better home.

  6. Unbelievable! 😦 It makes me wonder how many other people passed this poor dog and didn’t say or do anything? Thank God for Nicole Hubbard for staying with the dog all that way to ensure it’s safety. Those people are inhumane!

    • I mean come on…..like they could not find enough room in their vehicle for their dog? But, they go through huge lengths to attach something to their vehicle to drag the dog behind them! I mean, what if the dog carrier came off their car? The poor dog would have been killed. Stupid idiots!

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