All Pets Must Be On A Leash

Earlier this week was the last day of dog sitting our neighbors dog Topsie.  She has been such a good little girl while her Mommy has been away.  I woke up early and took her out between 6:30a – 7:00a every morning and we do a lap around the park which is part of her daily ritual.


While we were entering the park, three barking and growling dogs ran quickly upon us and I went quickly into “protection mode” with little Topsie.  Last thing I wanted while watching her, was for her to get hurt.  I saw the dogs owner come walking after them with his morning coffee in hand and when he got closer to me, I yelled at him “ya know, THIS would not happen if YOU had your dogs on a leash!”.   He replied: “yeah, I know but I thought that no one would be in the park at this time.”  Then I replied back stating “well, I have had others tell me that you do this all the time & they have been chased by your dogs too” and “I also just witnessed your dogs chasing another dog just the other day too”.  I continued my rant to this guy and said, “I bet you don’t clean up your dogs poop either”!  Oh man, this is where this guy lost it….he said “Yes, I pick up my dogs poop and the poop left by other dogs!”  Somehow I don’t find that ever happening, and I replied back to him “well then, SHOW ME your poop bag”.  “Show me proof right now that you have a bag on you to pick up your dogs poop if they go….I can prove to you that I have bags in my pocket”.  (still no answer from him)  I rest my case.  My final parting words to this guy was, “yeah, just as I thought – – you’re all talk and no action buddy.”

He started to get pissy.  Why was he getting pissy?  Was it because I was stating the truth to him and he did not like it?  Or is it because truth hurts, buddy!  The park clearly has signs all over stating:  All Pets Must Be On A Leash

I am so sick of people who think that these rules don’t apply to them.  I am glad that I spoke up to him, but I am sure that this will have no change in how he walks his dogs.  I know that he speeds down our road too, as I have witnessed him being pulled over, so apparently, he does not adhere to speed limits on a city street either.

Do you ever encounter people walking their dogs off leash?  Do you say something to them, or do you just keep walking?  Have you had an encounter where a dog (not on a leash) ran after you?


25 thoughts on “All Pets Must Be On A Leash

    • Oh believe me, that guy was defensive because he knew that he does it all the time. Probably no one but me took the opportunity to say something to him. More people should do that and perhaps he would get the hint!

  1. They are two of our ‘pet hates’ – dogs off leash in an on-leash area, and not picking up poo,. We have 3 big dogs so picking up poo, at home and on our walks, is part of us loving having our doggies – there’s lots of poo, but if you have a container on your lead with poo bags in it, it’s not an issue. And we can’t let our dogs off lead (rescued greyhounds) so if frustrates us when other people do when they’re not supposed to. We follow the rules, why can’t they??

    • I agree with everything you just said! Why don’t these other people follow the rules? Why do they think that these rules do not apply to them? It makes me so mad! I know that picking up poo is not a glamorous job, but it is our duty as a pet owner to pick up after our own pets. Oh man, I could have biffed this guy that morning on the back of his head and said “wake up you idiot” “these rules mean YOU too”. From what I have heard from other neighbors, this guys dogs are off leash all the time and his dogs chase any dog that comes near. That is why I got in his face that morning, because I was protecting the dog that I was baby sitting and I did not want any harm to come to it. It did not even phase him in the least when I said that “this would not happen if you had your dogs on a leash!” His reply, “I did not know anyone would be in the park this early”. What a liar he was, because he is always up at the park & so are the morning dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists. This guy needs to be drug around by a leash and his head shoved in some dog poo, perhaps then he would get the hint!

  2. I guess you will be adding us to your list because we train off lead in parks all of the time….lol. Of course our dogs are on ecollar and under control but yeah we ignore the signs. 🙂

  3. Dogs can be off lead in my park, but I’m generally on-lead as I don’t always listen or come when called, well I am a mally BOL. There are two dogs that always run up to me and try to hump me. They are off-lead and the owner just says ‘don’t worry they’ve been done’ and does little to stop them. We try to time our walks so we miss them or walk the other way but every now and again we come face to face *sigh*

    • Some dog owners are not responsible at all. Don’t they realize that most people don’t want their dog to run up to your dog, as I always fear the worse since I don’t know their dog. If they were all on leashes, then we would have no problems. Now that sucks that you have to change your dog walk times because of these people! If they would control or take care of their own dog, then we could all get along at the park!

  4. Love the new photo Valerie!!

    Like a comment said, call animal control. They are the same as the police of course. This is how we end up seeing dead pets along roadsides. Not the pet’s fault of course. Stupid human ignorance and arrogance is to blame.

    Stay after this horses behind. There are two dogs that are let loose in this complex, on a regular basis. I’d love to get the guy in deep dog dookie for this. The person in your park is the kind who ends up in prison because they think they can do as they please with no consequences. Apparently he never had limits as a child.

  5. Oh ya, I’m familiar with these people. They have an odd sense of entitlement and think they are above the rules. Geez Val, be careful out there, who knows what he’s about and obviously doesn’t care about others. I would never engage a stranger in the park early in the morning here, especially alone. Maybe call up your local animal control, unfortunately there are lot’s of bad pet owners who do no favour to their pets by allowing them to run in packs threatening others.

  6. Mommy is so afraid NOT to have me on a leash when we go out. She says, “It only takes one time for a mistake”. Even if it’s just to the Smart car and she’s carrying me, I still have it on clicked to her wrist. I feel secure that way too. I mean think about it, a pig loose in the hood. Can you imagine what havoc that would cause? XOXO – Bacon

  7. You have animal control in your phone, right? I’m glad you’re standing up for what’s right. Maybe contact animal control now, ask about the best way and time to contact them when this happens again, so they know it’s coming and can advise you one the most effective way to handle it.

  8. Um yeah, all the time. I also love the people walking their one dog who see me walking my two large dogs and just stop. Make us walk past them. Like, don’t keep walking, don’t help me out, make us do all the work. People. I also looooove the people who park right up against the curb at the store. Like they are allowed in the fire lane. Who do they think they are? You got my blood boiling now!

    • Sorry to get your blood boiling….simmer down! LOL It takes those who are un-responsible pet owners to make us who ARE responsible furious! Rules are rules, and especially this one about leashes should not be broken. I would never ever think to let our dogs off leash. The number one reason for that: Because I don’t want them to get hurt, or hit by a car. We are responsible pet owners. I wish others would do the same. This guy was an idiot, but I am glad that I spoke up! That is what we all should be doing to those who do not follow the rules.

  9. “yeah, I know but I thought that no one would be in the park at this time.” – what a smarty. I hate it that we all will get restrictions and prohibitions only because of people who ignore all rules, like “Mr. Morning Coffee”.

    • I like that “Mr. Morning Coffee”. He just strolled over to me to retrieve his dogs away from us like it was nothing. Yeah, it was nothing to him cause it happens all the time. More neighbors are coming forward that his dogs have chased them too when they were in the park with their dogs. The park is right across the street from our house, so I can see when his dogs are running around. Next time I see them, I am running up there with my camera & flip video to catch him in the act, then I’m turning him in.

  10. Oh man, I’m proud of you for standing up and saying something to him! You never know when something you say could cause it to “click” with an offending party and actually lead to change on their part. I know I personally always try to say something to people like this because at the end of the day, they might think you’re a 5-lettter word for a female dog, BUT they also might remember what you said and change their ways. I even wrote about this issue in case you care to read and have a little “legal” knowledge on your side if you run into him again!
    I hope your weekend just improves from here!

    • I am one who definitely speaks my mind and doing so to this guy was appropriate. He is an arrogant puke. (that’s my favorite phrase) If I see him out again with his dogs “off leash”, I will approach him again (but with camera & video in hand) to capture him with his dogs. And, I would love to catch his dogs pooping and him NOT picking it up either.

      He does not seem to be the type from what I have just witnessed, to actually pick up his dogs poop, so for him to tell me that he picks up his dogs poop and other dogs poop was a right out lie. Who does he think he was fooling? He could not PROVE to me that he had any poop bags on him, but I proved that I did on me! (I pulled it out of my pocket to show him)

      I know what house he lives in and I will drop off the leash law on his back door if I have to.

      Thank you for the link, as it is great information! Have a super duper day!


  11. Ugh! Just the other day, a gigantic friendly yellow lab with his leash dragging and his mom yelling his name, ran up to Cupcake and spooked her. His 20something mom caught up apologized, walked away with him, and DROPPED THE LEASH AGAIN. The dog came right back and got in Cupcake’s face! When she caught up to him the second time, I said, “You need to HOLD the leash!!! Your dog doesn’t listen to you!” Stupid people are annoying.

    • I am sorry this happened and yet another example of a non-responsible pet owner. A leash protects YOUR dog from harm. A lease protects OTHER dogs from harm. A leash protects other PEOPLE from harm. These non-responsible pet owners should be fined and fined BIG to finally put a stop to unruly behavior. It is a shame, is what it is.

  12. We take ours into a football ground where all dogs run loose and we do not have to keep them on the leash, so this isn’t a problem but poop is… so many people do not clean up… most time the excuse is – “Ah but I forgot the bag” but even when you offer a bag to them poop still stays on the grass… I hate people like this

    • I hate it when people don’t clean up after their dog when they poop! Everyone who has a dog should be responsible pet owners and pick up the doo doo! Just like I asked that guy if he had a poo bag and he said nothing, so that in itself, tells me that he did not.

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