A Beautiful Start to Our Weekend

“Some days you just have to get up early to catch the sunrise.”



Dog sitting is going great!  Little Topsie is enjoying my company and this is what she was doing while we were at the park yesterday.  My only fear was that she would roll in “something” that I would have to clean off of her. LOL
picasionSaturday mornings, Daddy heads to McDonalds for breakfast for us and both Nikita and Bella beg and do all sorts of cute stuff just to get a sampling of the bun and cheese.  Today, was no different and Nikita decided that she wanted Daddy’s whole breakfast sandwich instead and crawled up on his lap.  She almost got it!  

McDonalds Breakfast

Headed out to check out the garden and it seemed to have grown by leaps and bounds overnight.  Our Big Boy Tomatoes are starting to ripen, one by one, and our Juliet Tomatoes are definitely on drugs & growing so huge, because since my last garden post of earlier this week, we have picked a total of 35!



The cucumbers have now grown taller than our trellis, so this will be interesting on where the vines end up going now, but they are producing some nice sized cucumbers and the bees are doing their job of pollinating quite well.  Click to enlarge the water drop photograph (below)as you can see the garden in the little drop of water!  How neat is that!



All in all, a great start to our weekend, as we have a beautiful sunny day ahead of us.


30 thoughts on “A Beautiful Start to Our Weekend

    • Oh believe me, Daddy definitely shares his McDonalds breakfast sandwich with both Nikita and Bella! (Mommy does too!) Since I have been dog watching for a week, I am catching ALL that goes on in the neighborhood in the weeee hours of the morning. Glad I had my camera for that sunrise!

    • Hi Wyatt! Thanks for stopping by today and checking out our blog! I just visited your blog and cannot find a “subscribe” button anywhere, as I would like to sign up for your blog. Can you advise us where your subscribe button is? I hope you subscribe to our blog too today!

      Our tomatoes and cucumbers are sooo tasty!

      Hugs, Nikita & Bella

  1. OMD!! Ma is in awe of those sunrise shots!!! Beautifuls!!!!
    Nikita, you are soooo close!!!! Don’t gives up…these peeps always think they have the upper hand…til they DON’T!! hehehehe Keep tryin’, that looks well worth it!! BOL
    Okay, Ma is now droolin’ all over her lap lookin’ at those delish tomatoes!!!! yumms
    Ruby ♥

    • Hey Ruby! Mommy was so glad that she had her camera this morning to catch that sunrise. Beautiful! She was walking over to check on the neighbors dog and she was in awe when she saw the morning sky at 6:30am. Oh, don’t worry, Nikita will keep trying to get Daddy’s sandwich!

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