A Week in Photographs

It is amazing sometimes, on how much happens in a weeks time.  Other weeks, nothing happens.  This week it all happened.  Enjoy our week of photographs!


Found a bunch of gnomes partying at Grandma’s house.


A baby deer rests by the side of the woods.


A beautiful cloudy day in the neighborhood.


What Nikita and Bella do every Wednesday.  Wait by the front door to bark at the garbage man.


The field where all the deer hide.

TOPSIE 8-9-13

Dog sitting our neighbors dog, Topsie.


Nikita enjoying the sun in the backyard with Mommy!

Have a great weekend and make sure you tell the ones you love how much you appreciate them.  Never let a busy schedule interfere with your home time with your family.


31 thoughts on “A Week in Photographs

    • A new dimension? Three dogs, three walkies, more poop to pick up, but absolutely…..MORE love! I am a good neighbor and I just want her to know that she can rely on me. She just recently lost her Dad who was living with her, and she needed a nice break. Topsie is adorable!

    • I wanted to post something a little different to show everyone a week at a glance, and it appears that a lot of people liked it. Phew! I might do this more often, as one never knows how a week will unfold! 🙂

    • I will for sure give them an extra hug & kiss from you! They are two cute dogs with lots of love! Every Wednesday, they do the same thing – – even now, the garbage man laughs at them when they bark at him!

    • Oh yes we saw Bambi and Mommy got about four to five feet from him too. Amazing that she was able to get that close. Those garbage guys drive Nikita and Bella nutso every week! It’s the mechanical arm on the truck that drives them crazy!

    • Hey Cupcake! Topsie is adorable, but you can’t pet her. She has a little attitude for such a cute little thing! LOL Glad you still love Nikita and Bella! Phew! 🙂

  1. Hey Daddy! We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you and all the things that you do for us! Our treat jar is always full, we always get good food to eat, a great Mommy who takes care of us and cleans up after us & that knows how to sew our ripped toys – – we appreciate all the little things that you do that might go unnoticed, but we notice them and want you to know that we are thankful for you.

    You are forever in our hearts, love you Daddy!
    Huggies, Your Sweetie, Nikita and Bella

  2. Amen, Val. Awesome post! Topsie is so cute. Love the dogs and the garbage man pic. Those clouds really do look like cotton balls floating in the summer sun. The gnomes look like a gnome army, ready to do battle! And Nikita looks fabulous relaxing on the lawn, beautiful dog!!

    • What a week it has been for sure! Every Wednesday the dogs wait by the front door for the arrival of the recycle guy and the garbage man so they can bark their heads off at them! It is funny to watch. I thought the same thing too about the clouds as they looked like cotton balls or cotton candy. Grandma loves her gnomes for sure and has a bunch of them all over her gardens. Nikita girl is so beautiful and is so photogenic! Enjoy your weekend and hug your wife & tell her how much she means to you!

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