33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Woohoo, look who is ready for a walk! But Bella (you made me laugh again LMAO), you should get that hat fixed, hahaha!

  2. These two! What a pair they are!! You have found the perfect furry friends. I have to tell you, your new blog header…the third picture on the right….has me laughing so hard. Could they get any closer to each other and that door? Have a great weekend, I won’t be back till Monday.

    • Oh I know Laurie…each and every morning, Nikita & Bella cram into each other to get a peek at Daddy going to his car. They smoosh in close then whine and jump when he drives by the back door. It is an every morning routine here. Nikita and Bella are the perfect match for each other, I agree!

    • Actually, we use UPS for our eBay packages, but Daddy got a free Fedex hat. Had to try it on the dogs! Nikita was thinking “get this thing off my head”, and poor Bella just could not see! They crack me up!

    • Nikita hates wearing anything on top of her head, but I keep putting stuff up there! LOL Bella’s hat just did not fit. LOL Silly dogs! I love the faces that they make.

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