Garden Update: 7-29-13


I just realized that we’re in our eleventh week of gardening, and what an adventure we have had.  I almost don’t want to make this statement, that we have not had any issues lately from any critters because I am scared to think that after I make this statement…something will happen.  Ya know that Murphy’s Law thing.  But, we have not had any attacks and we are so pleased.

OUR GARDEN 7-29-13

The garden is now starting to produce both Juliet and Big Boy Tomatoes now, and like I have said before, this seems kinda late but it’s because all of our plants were damaged from that deer attack and are finally back on track again.  We picked our first tomatoes a few days ago and every day that passes, more are ripening!


So get ready friends and family for some good home grown tomatoes, because we are going to have a lot to share.  We are definitely going to get our fair share of them and last night I had some Juliets and cucumbers in Italian Dressing with dinner.  (The cucumber was not from our garden, rather our neighbors.  He grows the best cucumbers around, and makes the best pickles too)


Our cucumbers are starting to produce into some nice sizes, so the bees are doing their job properly and pollinating what they should.

CUCUMBER 7-29-13


We’re still watching our pumpkins to see if there are any starting to form, and we had one little one, but it turned yellow and that means that it was not pollinated.  (a yellow little pumpkin is no good)  We are just hoping that the bees do their job properly on the pumpkins too, and generate us some pumpkins that we can carve for Halloween.


RED PEPPER 7-29-13


All in all, the garden is doing well.  Our weather has cooled off dramatically from our week long 90+ temps, and this morning when I woke up the thermometer said 56 degrees.  Going to be in the 70’s today.  Heading outside to do some weeding & watering.  Gotta hugs our plants today & give them some love.

23 thoughts on “Garden Update: 7-29-13

    • Tell Boomie I said hello! I am glad you like our garden as we are very proud of it. Even after the deer ate himself silly in there one night, everything has come back nicely!

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  2. The garden is looking great! I did a little knock on wood for your garden so hopefully that deters Murphy’s Law 😉 especially since I’m investing a lot of thoughts in your pumpkins! The little cucumber is so cute…which I realize is a weird thing to say about a vegetable…but it is all the same.

    On a separate topic…do you ever buy craft pumpkins to use for your fall/Halloween decor? There are a couple projects where I want a sturdy pumpkin and (maybe I’m cheap!!) but don’t want to pay $25 for one small pumpkin!! Any places where you might think to look?

    • Yes, I call our veggies “cute” too. I even talk to them too, but don’t tell anyone! I have never purchased any craft pumpkins, but I know that I have seen them at Michaels Craft store, Pat Catans, Hobby Lobby, but I do not know the price of them. You should just try making a paper mache one! (just flour & water and shredded paper)

      By the way, I am still working on my fireplace, and I started the head of a witch yesterday. I woke up early this morning and the witch scared the crap out of me cause her head was on the kitchen table! LOL

  3. Well the deer got me Friday night. I actually screamed when i saw ALL of my tomotoes gone Saturday morning. I was hoping to have a fresh caprese salad for dinner this weekend but now it looks ike I’ll be hitting the farmer’s market instead. So sad. 😦

    • I am so sorry to hear this horrible news. I feel your pain, believe me. When it happened to us, we screamed too. A deer jumped our six foot garden fence and chewed down everything. We were devastated. Check out some of my older garden posts and purchase the stinky deer spray that we got, it works!

  4. Great job Valerie! What a major comeback from the deer assault. Apparently that stinky stuff you sprayed all around worked well. I have never seen they kind of pumpkins you are growing. Glad you lost the humidity up there. The daily temps will swing around 20 degrees up and down in summer, similar to here but sometimes it never cools much at night. Enjoy the veggies!

    • Oh yes the garden has been kept safe and I’m not sure if it’s the stinky deer spray that’s helping or not, but whatever the case may be, we are glad. It has come back well and are happy to see the cucs getting big, as they were part of the deer assault which took them down to nubs. Phew! The Juliets were so tasty! Do a Google look up of Red Warty Thing Pumpkins to see what we are growing! They are cool!

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