Wordless Wednesday: Time for Bed

Nikita’s favorite time of day…bed time!





32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Time for Bed

  1. Nikita, you are one silly, cute puppy!! Harmony LOVES her belly rubs too!! I know that you, Bella, and Harmony would be VERY GOOD NEIGHBOR FRIENDS if we lived closer to each other!! When I was a teenager (that was only yesterday by the way, LOL), my Doggy use to sleep belly up too and sometimes right up against the radiator in the kitchen!! OUCH!! She LOVED it!! Puppy Hugs and Kisses, Karen XO

    • Oh Harmony! Yes we would have so much fun playing together if you were here! That would be so much fun! Bella would even join in to play! Belly rubs are the best especially when you get them from your Daddy & Mommy!

  2. Nikita is just the cutest! She just looks so happy! Zu won’t sleep on the bed with us but she sleeps like that on her dog bed next to us. It’s cracks me up every time I see her sleeping paws up.

    • Nikita loves sleeping between us, and she has got to get her nighty night snuggle before she falls fast asleep. It is funny when I catch her like that when she naps..I just shake my head and laugh!

      • I love that she needs her snuggle! ZuZu hops up to give kisses and then wiggles under the bed to sleep. She will not stay on the bed for anything. Goofy girl. I always laugh at paws up too because how in the world is that comfortable??

    • Oh, she is like this every night! She comes up to snuggle between us first then heads down to the bottom of the bed and flips over on her back and falls asleep.

    • Yes, Nikita does have the good life! Poor Bella has to sleep on the floor by my side of the bed, because there is not enough room for the “three” of us now on the bed, but somehow we manage…..and most importantly, we would not change that for the world. We love our little girl snuggling with us. Bella has the fluffiest bed to sleep on too!

      • I’m totally on that page too. Our kitties go to bed when we do. Our cats are silly about it though, even though there’s ton’s of room at the bottom of my side, they make daddy scrunch up on his side and hang over there…hehe.

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