What a Week It’s Been


Ah, it’s Sunday morning, the end of a wonderful week, with a new week on the horizon.  It came to and end with us finally getting out of our hot and humid weather of more than 7+ days of stifling temps.  We finally got rain on Saturday and changed our temps quite a bit.  What a relief it was to feel normal temps again.  


We almost totally exhausted our rain barrels to water the garden, and in a few minutes of the downpours, they were filled back up again.  It’s amazing on how fast a 50 gallon rain barrel can fill up.  From what I can see, one good rain for just about 10-15 minutes will do the trick.  


Nikita celebrated her birthday this week, and her and Bella got to go to the pet store to pick out a new free toy, as we’re on the birthday list at our local store and they sent Nikita a postcard telling her to come on in to pick out a toy!  Man, when these dogs here the words “bye bye” they go nutso!  It’s cute though, watching them get all excited and jumping around in anticipation of getting in the car.  

What is funny though, is that ever since Nikita was a little pup, we took her to the pet store with us and she learned from an early age, that if you jump up on one of the counters….they give you a treat!  So, what do you think Nikita did the very second she got into the store….jumped right up on the counter and did her register dance for a treat.  Everyone always laughs, as it is quite hilarious.  Bella was on her best behavior and just stood there greeting everyone as they walked in the door.  Nikita had a much different approach to what was important!  




I turned my back for only a second, and Nikita was sneaking treats out of the bulk treat bins!  Oh my, now Mommy is embarrassed.  


Bella went directly to the raw hides, as she knows the good stuff when she sees it! Hmmm, which one should I pick?


The deer continue to plague our neighborhood, and now we are seeing a pack of them of about 8-9 in total.  Now, we are also seeing Bucks appear with the pack, and we’re like “Great, that means more babies!”.  So far, that stinky deer spay we got has deterred any more “fence jumping deer” in our garden, and we are relieved.  I tried to sneak up on the pack the other day to get some photographs of them, and as soon as you get even the slightest closeness to them, the Mommy deer start stomping their hoofs into the ground at me.  I got real close one time and thought that she was going to “rush” me, so I backed off.  Don’t want to be writing about me being trampled by a deer in my blog now, do ya?  

We also went to Sams Club this weekend and to our surprise, we found something that we thought that they stopped making.  We have been in search of Eclipse Mints in the cute blue skinny tin for years now and can’t seem to find them in any store.  We just thought that they stopped making them, but Sams Club had them (in bulk, of course) and we just had to pick up the pack!  Man, it felt like he found gold or something as we were standing there holding the pack in our hands.  I felt like yelling out loud “Yahoo” of the prize that we held in our hands, but then I thought against it as others would just think that we were just another crazy shopper.  Have you ever had that experience where you could not find your favorite mint or candy before and went on a crazy trek to find them…anywhere?  (or is it just us?)   One thing we did notice is that we will be coming back to Sams Club to purchase our Halloween candy in bulk, of course, as the prices were pretty good.  

All in all, it was a good week, hot as hell, but we’re glad that at least for now, the high temps are gone for awhile.  The grass can stop being stressed out and start to be green again, as the lawns were showing signs of being burnt out.  It costs a lot to keep up watering your lawn, and that is the one reason we were glad we are using rain barrels for the garden, to keep the water bill down.  

Nikita always sniffs the mail when I bring it in, ya know just to make sure all is good, and she likes grabbing the junk mail from me and taking care of it.  This is how she handles junk mail in this house…



Let’s see what next week holds in store for us!  


36 thoughts on “What a Week It’s Been

  1. That’s exactly how I’d feel after a day of shopping. Hey?????? did you have a Birthday yesterday? I might be a day late but “Happy Birthday To You” and “Many Morrrrrrreeeeee”. Hope it was a goodie!

  2. OMD! That is one busy week!! Happy Happy Burthday gurl!!! OMD, you gets treaties from the peeps at the store?! Very cool. Ma doesn’t let me do shoppin’ anymore, I embarrassed her a few times barkin’ at other nice doggies, and eatin’ treaties that weren’t paid for….ooops!
    Anyhu, the nice peeps at the store give Ma ‘samples’ to give me anyway! Yea!
    Looks like you made out like a bandit!
    Oh, I loves shreadin’ junk mail too! Great past time, and it keep us out of our peeps hair!
    Ruby ♥

    • Hey Ruby! Yep, it is official….all doggies like to shred mail! It was fun eating treats out of the bins at the pet store! Bella just stood there drooling over the rawhides. A trip to the pet store is always fun and exciting! I even barked at a stuffed doggie by the front registers too. Daddy was wondering what I was barking at, and when he saw that it was a stuffed dog, he laughed as well as the girls at the register! I know, I’m silly!

  3. Hey, Val! A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! So what are your plans for your birthday? I wonder if Nikita, Bella, and Roy are planning lots of surprises? I bet that they are! What a fun trip to the pet store! What toy did Nikita pick for her birthday? We will send ALL of our junk mail to you so that Nikita can take care of it! LOL Hope that you have a wonderful birthday!! ENJOY!! LOTS of LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES, Michael, Karen,. Christopher, and Harmony XOXOXOXO

    • Everyone has been showering me with presents today & some green stuff too! What a great day it has been! Thanks for the birthday wishes and tell everyone at home that we said hello! 🙂

    • It is really a neat photo. Did you enlarge it a bit to see the little pieces closer? I could not believe how cool it turned out. Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR FRIEND!!!! YOU don’t look a day over twenty!! Your card is in the mail…I am very sorry I didn’t get it out in time…sigh. I was in a workshop all weekend, and didn’t even have a chance to do anything else. Very time consuming. I talk about it today on my blog. You will have to tell me what you think of my new stamp, I put all over the back of your card, when you receive it. Your girls in the store are just adorable. What a fun day for them.

    • Hi ya Laurie! Aw, thanks for sending a card to me! Even if it gets here late, it is the wonderful thought that matters the most! Getting a birthday card from such a wonderful friend like you means everything to me! Thanks again! And, I will look for your stamp too!

  5. I love that Nikita jumps on the counter, that picture is so cute! Zu also steals from the treat bins when I’m not looking. Or she gets so excited she pees in the middle of the floor! Crazy dog!

    • Yep, Nikita has begged for treats at every pet store counter since she could reach it! It is funny! I love how doggies get so excited when they go to a pet store! 🙂 Zu is so cute!

    • Oh yeah, what we found interesting is that the bulk bins are on the bottom rack, and that is where all of us doggies can do some serious snacking! I surely took advantage of that situation, whereas Bella behaved.

  6. love this post!! so fun. glad the b’day went well, such smart doggies in the store! Bella is such a good looking dog, tall and slender with great looking fur lines. Nikita is much larger than I thought, so big at the counter getting the treats. She would have our little Zeus for lunch! You best pray for hot weather up there – it won’t be long you know… 😉

    • Oh believe me, we HAD the hottest week ever this past week as it was unbelievable. Glad to have a nice cooler Saturday and Sunday! Nikita is about 63 lbs, but mostly all fur, that’s probably why she looks so big. She is funny on how she walks into a pet store and goes immediately and I mean immediately to the first counter and begs for a treat. Everyone laughs! Bella does have beautiful markings – it’s called Brindle. Naw, Nikita would play nicely with Zeus, just like she does with Bella Boo! Nikita is a sweatheart and lovable!

  7. I like it to shred empty envelopes – sometimes even with content when my staff isn’t fast enough. I’m a counter-jumper too in stores were dogs are allowed – but once I was humbugged – the store guy gave me a cough candy – uhhh ….

    • Oh nooo, I can’t believe that someone gave you a cough drop! Did you know that those are poisonous to us doggies? It appears that more of my fellow doggie buddies love to rip up the mail too! How cool is that!

  8. Finn always thinks the mail is for her too. And she jumps on the counter in our pet store too! A like the idea of a new week beginning today. Let’s make it a good one!

    • Isn’t it funny on how all dogs act alike? Man, their little “sniffers” are going nutso when I bring in the mail, and they even push or turn the mail over with their noses so they can stiff “side 2” to make sure they got it all covered! It’s funny to watch. The junk mail Nikita handles quite well, and knows what to do with it, but she won’t let Bella take it from her. (not that Bella does not try to) Have a great day too! Woof Woof!

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