Happy Birthday Nikita!

Today is our sweet girl’s 3rd birthday!  Nikita woke up to find that someone left her a Happy Birthday note on the driveway.


She has been pampered all day, got her teeth brushed, groomed, and probably by days end, she might even have her toenails painted pink!


We haven’t told her yet, but we’re taking her to the store so she can pick out some new toys and get her some Frosty Paws as a treat!  She deserves the best because she is the most loving dog in the whole world.



We love our sweet girl and she is the light of our life and brings us so much happiness with her playful ways.



Happy Birthday Nikita!  We love you so much!

Daddy, Mommy & Bella

55 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nikita!

    • Aw thanks! Nikita is a beautiful doggie for sure! She is so super soft too, and that is the first thing that people say when they go to pet her. We’ll take “belated” birthday wishes too – as they mean so much! Thanks for stopping by, we love you guys!

    • The two most beautiful Brown Doggies in the world! Hi guys….thanks for stopping by and sending me a birthday wish! Thanks so much! I still can’t believe I am 3 already!

    • Hi Guys! Aw, thank you for remembering me on my birthday! Internet going down would kill me for sure! Got lots to say and if I can’t say it in the blog, look out! LOL Thanks for stopping by today to say hi! {{Hugs}}

    • Yep, I had the best day ever and Mommy pampered me all day and played with me and Bella. Man, was I tired at the end of the day, but as soon as I hit the bed, I was out like a light! Hugs to you Wally & Sammy!

  1. Loved all your cheery photo’s Val, Nikita is such a good girl. Buddy would have had a hat shredded in no time 😀 I like the idea of a chalk message on the sidewalk too, where’d you find bright pink chalk like that? Happy Birthday Nikita!

    • I think I found the bundle of sidewalk chalk at Marcs. Everyone that drives by, slows down to see what it says! My Mommy is silly isn’t she for doing that for me, but I love her and Daddy too!

    • Hi Misaki! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I did in fact have a great day, but we had to play inside today because we are having extremely HOT temps here and Mommy does not want us out in the heat. We played lots of games today, like hide & seek, tug of war, and chewed lots of ice cubes too! Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday Nikita. Many many more. Thanks for all the love you have given us in the past 3 years. Looking forward to many more good times and tons of love. We will treat you when I get home from work. Enjoy your day. Love you!

    • Hi Ya Daddy! Did I ever tell you that you are the BEST Daddy ever?! Well, it’s true! You take good care of me, Bella & Mommy and we appreciate it so much! We love you with all our hearts! Huggies to you and I’ve got a great big hug waiting for you when you get home! Love you!

  3. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, Nikita!! We hope that you have LOTS OF FUN today!! Looks like you have had a lot of FUN already on your BIG day!! You look so cute dressed up for your Birthday!! But, you ALWAYS look so cute no matter what you are or not wearing!! We hope that you find all the toys and biscuits that you are dreaming of when you go shopping later!! WE LOVE YOU LOTS, Nikita!! ENJOY YOUR VERY SPECIAL DAY!! Love, Hugs, and Wet Puppy Kisses, Michael, Karen, Christopher, and Harmony XOXOXOXO

    • Aw, hi ya guys! Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday wishes! I can’t wait to go shopping for new toys, but I am sure that Bella will steal them from me! I have such a great Daddy & Mommy and a great Sister that love me very much! Tell everyone on your end that we all said hello! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you don’t have to wear the outfit to the store…that could be embarrassing, but on your birthday it is all about you, don’t let anyone laugh 🙂

    • Yeah, it was strange…..I woke up and walked over to the front window to check on what was going on in the neighborhood and found that wonderful note on the driveway! I wonder who left that for me? My thoughts are that my Mommy did it! I am having such a great day being pampered, but then again, I am papered all the time. I have the bestest Daddy and Mommy!

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