Survival or Revenge?

GARDEN UPDATE BUTTONLast Tuesday, you all know what happened.  A deer came into our garden and demolished about half of our garden.  Hoof prints were all over our raised garden bed, cabbage plants were trampled on, cucumbers chewed that were about to bloom, pepper plants were chewed down to nothing, romaine lettuce nibbled to nubs, strawberry plants pruned, and tomato branches bit and tomatoes eaten like an appetizer.

Then, a few days later on Friday, we noticed that the deer were back and tried to get back into the garden.  Yet this time they did not jump the fence, rather tried to break through it.  The good news is, that they did not make it into the garden.  Phew!  Later that day, we went back to Pettiti’s Garden Center in the hopes to find more pepper plants to replace the ones that the deer demolished and to purchase a highly recommended deer spray called Plantskydd.  (as you can see from the label, it also deters Elk, and so far, we have not had any elk sightings here….yet)  This spray also does not need to be re-applied when it rains, and it is thick like blood.  Ew, I know.


Our wonderful neighbor let us borrow his spray after our first deer attack and we sprayed it all around the garden fence.  Holy cow, this spray stunk up the whole neighborhood and I actually had to vacate our backyard for the evening.  Thank God everyone had their AC on at the time, or there would have been a lot of windows slamming shut from the stench.


We planted all of our pepper plants, planted more romaine lettuce and leaf lettuce, and as of today, I noticed that the romaine lettuce is trying to re-grow from the nub left in the ground.  It somewhat looks promising that we might be able to recover our garden, but time will tell.


I hadn’t been in the garden for a few days because I was so sickened last week of what happened, and I finally went out over the long weekend to take a look around.  It finally hit me that I cannot just sit back and watch our garden get demolished by these animals, and that I had to do something.  So, I opened up our recycling bin and pulled out about 10 empty dog food cans and drilled holes in them, then strung them up in a line in front of our garden fence in the hopes to deter the deer.  I am hoping that these work to run them off and hopes that it will scare them when they bump into them.  We’ll see.


To date, we have dealt with chipmunks, deer, and now today….you are not going to believe this one – – a porcupine!  Yes, I said porcupine!  Nikita was looking out the front window this morning and seemed amused watching something.  I went to investigate, and found a porcupine under our front window.  Holy crap is what I said to myself.  Of course, I ran and grabbed my camera to get a photo of this guy we named “Porky” because I figured no one would believe me that I just saw a porcupine.  Now, I need to do some research on “what” does Porky eat.  Hope it is not veggies!  Also, check out the long claws on him – yikes!  If you don’t think this is a porcupine, let me know, but that is what I really think it is.


We also had yet another loss this weekend too, as all of our grown from seed under the nice warmth of a grow light Burpee Sunflowers are now all gone.  The deer ate every single one of them.  And we were looking forward to actually watching these grow as we have never grown them before.  Well, I guess we won’t find out what they will look like this year at least.



Trying to grow a garden this year has been quite an adventure and we are up to an adventure, but not of this kind.   Geez!






24 thoughts on “Survival or Revenge?

    • We are determined to do what we have to. Never knew gardening was this tough. And I thought watching them grow up in the basement was tough, but this is ridiculous! What are we going to have to do now….go purchase some PVC pipe and erect a dome over the garden?

  1. Your house sounds like the par-tay house for all the wildlife in the area. I can just imagine them saying: “Party at Valerie’s house. Lot’s of fresh veggies to be had.” But seriously, sorry for all the trouble. I hope the spray works!

  2. Glad you are trying again with your garden, don’t give up hope, we are constantly raging battle against the weather, the pests and the animals. all my sunflowers have been eaten by slugs!! goo job I had not planted them all out so I have some replacements and a big tub of slug pellets!!

    • I know Kathy, it is hard to have a beautiful yard with all of the “elements” playing against us. You’re right too about the weather, as we have not seen such strange weather like this before. Something is up with that. Our storms are getting worse and worse, and more severe. The atmosphere or something has changed. This is NOT the typical type of weather we SHOULD be having at this time of year. It is almost like we should expect something really bad to happen.

  3. Hi !!!! I haven’t been online much and here’s something I didn’t expect to read from your blog – deer invasion! But yeah I guess it’s more on survival than revenge… please hang in there!

    • Hi Nessy! We are trying to hang on to our garden to the best of our ability. Getting tough though. Hope you have been taking some time for yourself lately! I missed you! 🙂

  4. WOW, we cannot believe what a problem deer are you for you over there – we don’t have deer here. That porcupine doesn’t look like the ones we get here but perhaps it is still a baby?

    • Someone corrected me and said that it was a groundhog instead of a porcupine, now I feel silly. Perhaps, I have not seen a groundhog that close, as this guy looked like he had long spikes all over him, and that is what I thought porcupines had. I’m confused now, but still amazed that I just saw yet another type of critter in our yard! Geez!

      • Oh my goodness! I have never seen a ground hog before, so it’s a first for both of us. Don’t feel silly…I thought it was a porcupine too…albeit a baby 😉

        I cannot believe all the wild life that is living in your garden. Are you in the suburbs?

      • Yep, we are in the burbs where houses are jammed right on top of each other! We have never seen this many different critters ever before in our yard. From chipmunks, raccoons, of course the deer, we had moles last year, saw a possum a few years ago, and now ground hogs. Geez, it’s like Wild Kingdom over here. Where in the heck are they all coming from? Did they escape from the Zoo or what? LOL

  5. Nasty varmints all – I still say an electric fence properly constructed will keep deer out, the small varmints, good luck. Have you considered a plexiglass enclosure that goes from just underground, up to 7 or 8 foot up?

    • LOL, and I was just talking about a “Dome” for the garden over dinner last night. You can’t win John. One year nothing touches it, and now this year where we feel we were on the right track with the plant growth etc, and these pests come in and ruin it all for us. Grrrrr! We “were” starting to have the best garden ever, until they ruined it.

  6. Wow! A porcupine! Thats unbelievable! I can’t remember if you tried this, but I have heard that you can slice soap and put it near things to keep the deer away.

    • Ah Finn, you are so wise! We just read up on that over the weekend that you hang soap in a little netted bag to keep the deer away. I will try anything at this point just to keep our garden. I want some romaine and tomatoes darn it!!!!!!

      Also, someone corrected me and they said that it was a groundhog not a porcupine. But look at my photo, doesn’t it look like spines all over his body? I still could be right, but I am not a wildlife ranger to know for sure! lol

    • Yeah, I dusted myself off and got rid of my depression over the garden – now it’s “GAME ON DEER” and anything else that wants to enter our garden! 🙂 (I said that with a big smile) hee hee hee

  7. All gardening seems tough. You wouldn’t believe the trouble whee have had with Colin the Caterpillar and Stephan Snail. These fiendish partners in crime have successfully killed two cucumber plants, one basil plant, one pepper plant and the entire collection of marigolds. The hoomans are not happy!

    Keep trying though! It’s so much fun when you get to eat what you have grown!


    • Gardening is tough and sometimes already this year, we have felt like we want to throw in the towel on all the problems we have had, but we struggle on and only hope for the best! It is fun when you can eat what you have grown!

  8. 😀 Hang in there and Good luck, you look like you’ve got things under control though, I don’t think much will get past your fence 😀 😀

    • Oooooh, the deer jumped OVER that fence, that is how they got in the first time. I am running out of options, and perhaps I can just string barbed wire all around the backyard, then hook up the electric fence, and leave the dogs outside all the time, and then finally, bury mines all over the backyard to keep em out! Geez, is all I have to say! 🙂

  9. Yes, it sounds so discouraging, but please hang in there and keep on keeping on. Your garden really does look lovely…Someday I wish to plant my own garden…for now, we will admire yours!!!! You obviously have some awesome stuff to be attracting so much wildlife 🙂 The porcupine…now that is just crazy…May better gardening days be ahead!!!! ~~Hugs

    • Huggies right back at ya! It was hard for me to head back into the garden after a few days, but I needed to start fighting back! I will not allow another deer or other critter attack!

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