Happy Fourth of July

For those of you who have dogs, you know what the Fourth of July brings.  Fireworks. Dogs go crazy and bark at each and every boom, some dogs are frightened and need comforting, but nonetheless, our dogs are affected in some way by them.  My heart goes out to those who get scared of the booms, as Nikita used to be frightened by them, but now she just gets all  twitter-pated and huffs and puffs as she runs through the house.  Bella could care less, but barks, just because Nikita is.  Silly dogs.

Have a safe & happy 4th and make sure you take time to relax & enjoy the day with family, friends, some great grilling & fire pits!

Here are some of my favorite fireworks photographs… Enjoy!












35 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. Nikita reminds me…a few years ago I heard a whimpering at our back fence the morning after fireworks. A poodlie-looking schmuppy had gotten caught in the fence. I got him free and was wondering where he belonged and what to do next and as I put him on the ground (after some reassuring cuddles) he just started heading home…he had such a sense of purpose it was cute. I walked with him down the road and his owner was sooooo happy to see him; he had run off in the midst of the fireworks fraccas.

    • Hi Clowie! The Fourth was a nice day, but at first we thought it might rain on us, but it held out and we got to sit in front of the fire pit and have a nice cookout. 🙂

  2. The brats did fine with the fireworks. It was the firecrackers at midnight that set them off. The Vizsla peed up both big dog beds. Both he and the beagle were just stressed – panting, wild-eyed, and taking down the dog gates. We set an alarm at our house due to break-ins the last few years and I did not need a dog gate falling over to set off the glass break sensors. At 3 am I finally fell asleep on the couch – and I had to work the next day too! They’re not usually this bad either. Next year, I might kennel them. It’s in the middle of an industrial park, so the chance of fireworks next door is slim.


    • Oh thank you Laurie! Nikita did well the entire day until some started blowing off too close to the house and then she went into panic mode. After they stopped, she was ok. Phew. We kept telling her that she survived another year of fireworks and it’s all over.

  3. Fantastic pictures – fireworks are so had to capture well, but you’d done a lovely job! Luckily our three aren’t too worried about fireworks,, otherwise it would be a real worry every time there is some kind of celebration.

    • I know, it is hard to get some good fireworks pics, and the ones that I posted had to be from a batch of over 100+ pics and I just chose the best ones. Nikita did pretty well with the boom booms, but when they got too close to the house, she started to panic. I comforted her and she was ok. Nothing phases Bella, so she was fine! We had a great Fourth, lots of food to eat, family, friends, & fire pit – what else do you need? LOL

  4. May I just say, WOW! Those are wonderful photos. All of my fireworks photos turn out like a blurry mess.
    Reggie doesn’t like the fireworks and he tries to hide under the table. I put on his Thundershirt and it seems to help.
    Happy 4th!

    • Happy Fourth to you too! I have heard good things about the Thunder Shirt and I am glad that it helps! Thanks! I took lots of fireworks photographs and some were blurry, but using a tripod always helps.

  5. Ohhh great shots! Especially the top shot. Our poodle used to hide under the toilet during thunder storms, poor dog. They can’t possibly understand the sounds… Hope your holiday is good. 🙂

    • I know, I feel for our four legged buddies when they get scared from the fireworks. I can only imagine what they are thinking when they hear them. Poor little guys! Have a great holiday too!

  6. Gorgeous pigtures. Whee are quite scared of the whoosh bangs. The hoomans have to close the curtains and put the TV on really loud so whee don’t notice them on Firework night. Makes us glad whee don’t have the 4th July fireworks too!


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