Garden Update & It’s Not Good News

We are still trying to recover from what happened this week.  It is not good.  We feel that all of our hard work has been for nothing.  I usually post our garden updates on Tuesday and I am glad that I got distracted because if I would have posted my normal Tuesday post, I would have had to retract it on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning I woke up to take Bella out for her morning duties and as I stood there in the backyard, still half asleep, I took a glance over at the garden.  Then I looked again.  And again.  I could not believe what I was looking at.  What caught my eye was a clump of lettuce just laying on the grass.  Hmmm, that is not where it is supposed to be.  Then I glanced at the long row of red peppers next to the lettuce where there once were nicely formed peppers on each plant.  Gone.  All gone!  I think I screamed out loud, or it was the voice inside my head that was screaming in terror.  I went into shock Wednesday morning, and I have not recovered yet.

After some investigation, we originally thought it was a raccoon that climbed over our garden fence and wrecked holy terror on every plant in the garden, but we now know that it was a deer that jumped our 6′ high fence and made it into our garden for their evening smorgasbord.  Every plant in our garden was munched on, stepped on, ripped up, and damaged.  Our only hopes is that they can recover and new growth will emerge.  Our Romaine Lettuce that was over 6″ in height, is now only a stub.  Each and every Juliet Tomato and Big Boy Tomato that was nicely formed and ripening on the vines, are now all…gone.  Our baby broccoli that was coming up, was trampled on and the hopes of it coming back is not good.  Did I mention that I am in shock?

I did, however, go out on Monday and take my usual weekly garden photographs for my Tuesday post, and those will be the last nice pictures we will cherish of our garden.  We will just have to wait to see what happens.  Then, on Wednesday, I went to check my mail on Yahoo and saw that someone posted a video of a herd of deer in a field jumping over a fence.  How perfect I thought, and had to share that video with you.  Ah, nature putting our fences to shame.

Disclaimer: The photographs listed below are graphic in nature, so be warned before you scroll down to view them.  Gardeners, you might want to turn away, parental guidance is recommended.

Monday, July 1, 2013 & Wednesday, July 3, 2013


As you can see from the above photograph, we have already picked & enjoyed our first few batches of fresh picked lettuce.



Here are the photographs of our Romaine Lettuce on Monday, and on Wednesday.  From a beautiful bouquet of fresh greens taken down to a nub.  How sad is this!



Each and every one of our more than 25+ red and green peppers plants went from bountiful veggies, to sticks.  Still in shock over this.




I don’t even want to talk about the tomatoes, as it will make me cry.  These little guys were gingerly handled from a seed, pampered into sprouts, and transplanted with love into our garden – only to be taken down by a deer in one night.  These should be ok though, since they still have blooms on them, but nonetheless, we are devastated by the attack.



I have more photographs, but I cannot continue to post them as I am getting sick to my stomach again over all of this.  We are just sickened that in one night our entire garden has been damaged.  Nature must have been hungry that night.


64 thoughts on “Garden Update & It’s Not Good News

  1. My heart just broke for you. I KNOW the pride and joy your seedlings were and how forward you were looking to reaping the rewards (particularly the Juliette toms). I am sorry! :o(

  2. We have nuisance deer and bear in our front and back yard, they poop, the dog rolls….:D I’ve heard the “nasty spray” does work , good luck!!

  3. You might try electrifying the fence – although deer are hard to keep out of any garden.

    I feel your loss – between the dogs, rabbits, chipmunks, moles & voles, I’ve had it with ours. And we do have a short fence around it too! Which the Vizsla jumps with impunity.


    • Everyone has mentioned that my boyfriend needs to make the fence electric to keep out the deer from his yard. Interesting…. now how does one go about doing that? JK

  4. Oh Valerie…this is just terrible news…seriously?!!!! I love deer, but they reek so much havoc!! Tarzan’s parents and us both have had our cars totaled because of these creatures. Now your whole garden is ruined…it was SOOO perfect. I know you just have to be sick and no words can comfort and bring back all that hard work. Mother nature…you just never know what is going to come next…sigh!

    • I know Laurie, it is just sad. I have not been back in to look at the garden since Wednesday because I am so sick over this. We have worked so hard for months to get our garden to the best looking garden around, and it takes one night of munchies to bring it all down. I am out for revenge right now, seriously. I just want to do whatever we have to, to keep them out of the garden.

      • Look out deer, here comes Val and she is mad! We saw about 8 of them last night across the street in the field and there was even a buck too. I went across the street to take photographs of them and one Mommy almost ran at me because she was protecting her babies. Grrr.

  5. So sorry to hear about your garden. It’s obvious how much joy you get from nurturing it and watching it grow. All to be destroyed in one night. Naughty pesky deer. I hope there is still enough time left in the season for you to grow some more beautiful vegetables.

    • I have not been in the garden since Wednesday. I am just so taken back by this, but we did purchase some more pepper plants yesterday, more romaine and more lettuce. We’ve got our fingers crossed that new growth will take place and most of the garden will come back. The only other issue we have is…..if the deer make a return appearance in our garden now they know where the food is! Gosh, I hope not!

  6. I was really sorry to see this when I clicked over to get your url earlier. Those darn deer. They can really jump. Do you know Jen from mybrownnewfies? Last year she had a similar issue so she put some of her dog’s urine in containers around her garden and that seemed to keep the deer at bay. I would think any predator urine would work. You can buy it at the garden store. We use it all the time (although not with a garden).

    • I am so glad you stopped by today to see our post, however disheartening it was. We are just praying that they don’t come back and finish off the rest of the garden now that they know where the food is. We got some deer spray today and sprayed all around the garden fence, so we hope that works. It has a money back guarantee.

  7. OMG that is awful!! You had such a beautiful garden growing and then to lose it all in one night, no wonder you are in shock! I do hope plants can recover and you can figure out a way to keep the deer away from them. Something Jen at My Brown Newfies did was bowls of dog urine around the garden. I know that’s gross, but it is supposed to keep the deer away. 😦

    Thanks for joining the blog hop, I’m sorry your first hop had a such a sad story.

    • I have also heard that human urine works too, but I cannot see myself squatting down to pee on our garden fence at any time. Thank you so much for your well wishes and we do hope that things can recover in the garden from such a horrible hit from the deer. We had to go out today and purchase more red peppers to replant in the garden.

    • Yeah, you have a good point Rumpy! They could have just walked over to our rain barrel and had a drink too! All the things they would find at home, food & water! 😦

  8. My neighbors and I in our little section of Southeastern Pennsylvania have pretty much given up on vegetable gardening, and I’m about to stop flower gardening. My losses are just too expensive. One neighbor and a friend some miles away have enclosed their gardens in cages! The deer are voracious. I’m sorry you lost all your veggies and hopes for a harvest. Your lettuce may recover, but it’s doubtful. They truly decimated your garden. I hope the pleasure of seeing little fawns lessens the pain. I’m not hopeful! Sorry! 😦


    • By all means, I don’t mind watching the deer walk all over our neighborhood in small packs, but when they eat what we are going to put on our table for food, that is not good. Our neighbor gave us some really stinky spray to spray around our entire garden area and he said that it should keep em out. We are going to purchase some of this ourselves. It was the foulest odor and looked like blood dripping down our fence poles, but if it keeps them out we are all for it then. We’ll see…..

      • I will for sure! We just picked up a bottle of this stinky deer repellent at Petittis Garden Center and we will be spraying our garden fence later. I hope it deters them away – because the smell of this stuff makes everyone close their windows!

      • Oh no…..this stinky stuff does not touch the veggies! You just spray it around the garden, on the garden fence too and it deters the deers. Never does this stuff touch our veggies!

  9. I am so sorry for your gardening loss… there is always that risk isn’t there. I think that your plants will surprise you and come back lush, green and leafy in no time… Lets just hope the deer don’t come back!

    • I agree with everything you mentioned. We do hope that things revive and start new growth, peppers we are doubtful, but we’ll see. Yes, there is always that risk of this happening and it happened to us in the Spring when we uncovered our 25+ strawberry plants from the winter. Uncovered them and two days later, deer ate them down to nubs. Geez! We hope they don’t come back too!

      • Yes, they are so beautiful to watch and the little babies are a hoot running around. But when they make their dinner plans in our flower beds and now garden, it is not cute any longer! 🙂

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your garden. The deer do crazy things like jump into small spaces. It’s the same thing over here in Walton Hills, they are everywhere!

  11. Oh noes!!! Oh, this is just terrible!!!! I feel your pain abouts the tomatoes! They are Ma’s FAVORITE! She usually just eats them off the vine. This does pain me….though, you did provide the ‘disclaimer’ , so it IS my fault for lookin’!!! BOL
    I’ll keep my paws crossed that ‘nature’ finds another place to graze!!
    Ruby ♥

    • Oh Ruby, I know…..Mommy LOVES tomatoes too and that one Juliet tomato had over 30 on it – – all gone! We can always send the deer to our neighbors garden… but he would not like that either. I just had to put in a disclaimer, and I am sure everyone laughed that I had one in there! LOL Kissies right back at ya!

  12. Oh I am so sorry to read this. All your lovely plants eaten like that, no wonder you are upset. The first year we were here we suffered with the deer munching everything, but now we have put up an electric fence, and touch wood that seems to keep them away. Drastic measures but perhaps you could try that too?

    • We are out for blood now. LOOK OUT DEER, here we come! Payback is a b_tch ya know! Drastic times calls for drastic measures. We just hope that everything comes back, but we think that all of our 25+ pepper plants are toast. What a shame!

    • Yep, they did. I heard they can jump up really high, and I was not expecting to see that they jumped our garden fence. We even found deer hoof marks in the grass outside of the garden where they went in. Amazing is what it is. All of our family & friends saw the garden yesterday when they came over and they were shocked too!

    • Pain is definitely what we are feeling today for sure. We love watching the deer when they are in the field across from the house, but definitely NOT in our flower beds and our garden! That is a no no!

      • I heard they can jump much higher too. Our garden fence is 6′ high and they did that with ease. Did you watch the deer video in that post? You can see them jumping (not in our yard), but over fences.

      • I think it had to be one of the Mommy deer that we see all over our neighborhood with her babies. Our neighbor told us that it was probably only one deer, because he said that if it were more….then the entire garden would have been down to nubs. Phew. If there is any good that can come from this, we are glad it was only one. We had to head out today and purchase more red peppers for the garden.

  13. I am also in shock! I was living vicariously through your stunning garden. Now it just looks like everything I’ve ever tried to grow in my life! Meanwhile, there must be the most hideous, morbidly obese deer walking around somewhere nearby…. 😦

    • Yeah, I had that thought too about the deer. They probably ate so much that they have an upset stomach today. Also, we have our rain barrels right behind the garage and I am sure that when they got done munching, they just simply walked over and took a drink to wash down their meal. Darn deer. We are so sad, but hopefully some of the plants can recover. Not sure about the peppers though & the romaine. 😦

  14. I shouldn’t have clicked the like button, this sucks. Having lived in Michigan my entire life until recently, I can’t tell you in this space my disdain for deer. I absolutely despise these animals. They are both a nuisance and menace. A menace to drivers and as you have found, a nuisance. I am sorry to see this Val, I hope the garden has time to recover. Apparently, you and hubby must come up with a bulletproof system to protect your food. I suggest an electric two or three wire fence as a staring point. Grrrr…

    • Grrrr is right. My first thought was barbed wire on top of the fence. Deer are not our friends at all. Did you watch that video clip I added in the post? I could not believe how huge the herd was. If I saw that herd jumping over our garden fence, I would give up gardening all together for sure.

      • Sorry no I didn’t see the video. I am not a hunter but grew up with hunting and have no issues with any of it – the deer population is insane and needs to be thinned out.

        if I had my way with this, their would be two deer hunt seasons in Michigan until the numbers are such that people are rarely casualties of these animals that have so little intelligence as to walk onto a road directly in front of a speeding car.

        There are thousands of car/deer collisions in Michigan each year – ridiculous. Your hard work is yet another example of the plunder and chaos these animals cause.

      • I agree. Something needs to be done to keep the number of the deer population down. Every year here, we see more and more babies running around and instead of saying “aw, how cute”, we are like “oh no, not another one”. They need to pass out deer condoms so they don’t pregnant!

      • LOL!! Deer condoms = shotgun. 🙂 I wonder though just who is responsible for setting a certain number as normal for the herd population… It needs to be adjusted downward a good way.

      • I know, it just makes me sick. We had to run out today and purchase more red peppers to replant in the garden. My Sweetie also planted more Romaine and leaf lettuce too.

      • I suppose the plants have time to recover yet this season, are you putting chicken wire or something over the entire area? You knoooow they’ll strike again…

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