Happy Birthday Bella


The calendar on our fridge says that it’s my birthday tomorrow (6/29), and I don’t know what a birthday is, because this is my First Birthday that I am celebrating.  I don’t know where I came from, but all I know is that I was found wandering on the streets when I was really tiny until I was rescued by my Mommy & Daddy and they gave me a forever home.


From the day I was rescued, I have been treated like a princess and have been provided everything in the world.  I have a wonderful home to live in, good food to eat, and endless supply of treats, an overflowing box with toys to play with, a great Sister (Nikita) whom I get to play with every day, the best Mommy & Daddy in the world, and a fluffy bed to snuggle in when I need to lay my head down to rest.

Life is good.  From walks everyday with Mommy, to the attention that I get each and every day, the endless hugs and kissies, to the pampering of paw wipes when I come in from a rainy lawn, to the baths that I get when I roll in something in the yard, to the ice cubes Mommy puts in my water bowl, and all the tricks I am taught how to do.  A never ending supply of love.

Mommy and I also do something really fun together.  She started doing this with me when I was younger and it just stuck with me.  Since she is always in the kitchen cooking awesome dinners for Daddy, she has to put on these huge mitts every time she opens up that big thing that cooks their food, and when she does….I go into action.  I wait for her to close the door on that food cooking thing (as she tells me to stay away when she opens the door because it is hot), but when the door closes, she puts her mitts up in the air and….. we box!  Yep, Mommy and I are dooking it out in the kitchen, going round and round in circles, as she throws soft punches at my face, and I fight right back and smack her mitts with my front paws. I can stand on my hind legs pretty good, so this is fun for me.  But, what is neat that Mommy taught me, is that when she goes “Ding Ding” to end our boxing round, I sit down.  She then pulls the gloves out from behind her back and we box again, going round and round in circles.  “Ding Ding” the round ended, and I sit down.  It is the most hilarious thing in the world, and Daddy sits and watches us and laughs really hard.


I am so thankful for all the wonderful times that have been shared with me and mostly, I am thankful for being rescued from the streets and placed in my forever home as this is the happiest place on the face of the earth.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of my wonderful life!


This is me on one of my first walks in the neighborhood.


Me and Nikita playing when I was a puppy.


My first visit to the vets.


Oh no, I already found Daddy’s wine in the fridge!


I am king of the world on my tire toy!


My first Hoodie, don’t I look adorable in it!

I love this photograph of Bella sitting by the front door!

I love this photograph of Bella sitting by the front door!

The calendar says it is my birthday and now I know what birthdays are all about! Birthdays celebrate our life and our happiness with those who share it with us. Birthdays are special, and my first birthday is one that I will never forget.  Thank you Daddy & Mommy for showering me with so much love & affection and giving me a forever home, a place that I can call my own.  Woof.

Happy Birthday to me!

42 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bella

  1. HAPPY BELATED FIRST BIRTHDAY, Bella!!!! You sure do look Cute in your tutu and hat that your Mommy made for you!! I bet that you had LOTS of FUN on your Birthday!! What flavor was your Birthday cake? Harmony’s favorite flavor is Carob and Peanut Butter!! MMMM….!!!! Did you have fun tearing the wrapping paper off of your presents? What did you get? Can’t wait to see the video of you and your Mommy boxing!! Let’s see, the next Birthday in your Family is your Big Sister’s Nikita and then your Mommy’s, right? Don’t know when your Daddy’s is though!? HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, Bella!!!! LOTS OF LOVE, HUGS, AND KISSES, Harmony, Michael, Christopher, and Karen XOXOXOXO

    • Check out the about me page, as it shows all of our birthdays! But, you are correct, Nikita’s birthday is on the 18th and Mommy’s is on the 22nd. Daddy’s is on Sept. 2nd. Mommy & Daddy need to work on getting that video done of us boxing as it is the funniest thing ever! I have lots of fun boxing with my Mommy! Ding Ding!

    • Thank you Sugar! I am quite the photographic dog, aren’t I? (hee hee hee) I sit and watch out the front door and make sure the neighborhood is safe! Mommy made me that birthday outfit and hat and I loved it! I danced around in it and it was a lot of fun to wear! 🙂

  2. You really nailed the meaning of a birthday, B. I am wishing you tons of happiness as you celebrate this one. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I am not ashamed to say, I am mad jealous of your tutu!!

    Love and lots of birthday licks,

    • My Mommy made my hat and tutu for me as a special gift. I danced around in it all day and will be wearing it all day today to celebrate my special day! Where are you located? Maybe I can ask Mommy if she can make one for you? Thanks for your birthday wishes!

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.. You are very lucky to have such a caring Mommy and Daddy, but they’re just as lucky to have you and your big sis in their lives too. Hope you had a lovely day – look forward to seeing some pics of your presents!

    • Aw, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! I do indeed have an awesome home with my peeps who play with me all day and show me so much love! I am one lucky dog!

  4. OMD! I LOVES your story Bella!! And, what a PAWSOME game you and your chef Moms have! That must be tons of funs!! You gotta get your Pops to video it for us!
    I wanna wish you a Happy Happy Burthday gurl!! And, wows, I do LOVES your tutu! So YOU!
    Ruby ♥

    • My Mommy is the best, eh! Yes, we agree that we need to video our boxing matches as it is hilarious! I want to show everyone how talented I am in the ring! LOL Mommy made my birthday hat and tutu for me and I love it! I ran around all day with it on and even went for a walk down the street too with it – people were checking me out as I strutted my stuff! LOL Love you Ruby!

  5. Oh my, how cute are you? Bark out loud, sounds like a happy day! So many more happy ones ahead too. Great photo’s mum! Don’t you have a BD coming up soon too? You told me the day once but I haven’t written it down. Cheers to all!

    • Yep, you are correct….July 22nd is Mommy’s Birthday! Check out the about me page! Bella had such a fun day running around in her tutu! I can only imagine how many photographs I will take of her from now until her next birthday! Love & huggies to you!

  6. Happy 1 Year Birthday Bella. Glad that Mommy and I were able to offer you your forever home. Keep up the cute antics and love the kisses goodnight before you lie down. You and Nikita are angels to us sent from heaven. Enjoy your special day tomorrow.

    • Hi Daddy! I love you too! I am definitely one lucky dog to have such a good life with you and Mommy. I love giving you two kisses before I go to bed every night, that is just me being cute. I know you really like it. I love doing my foghorn noise too when I want to go out. Remember, that when I am on the landing, I need to go outside! Thanks for loving me Daddy, cause I love you too!

    • Bella’s boxing with Mommy will have to soon be put on video tape so I can upload it to the blog, as it is the most hilarious thing we have ever seen. Keep watching for it, cause it will be worth the wait.

  7. I just cry reading Bella’s birthday post…it got to me, the love that she’s taken everyday…the photos of her young self…and I also laugh cos she looks so adorable in her tutu (what do you call it exactly?) dress. It is cuuuuuteee, I want one, too!!!
    Bella is so full of life, so lucky, so loved, and her story and birthday? I want to share it on my facebook! 😀 (I laughed hard when I saw that photo of daddy’s wine being licked :P)
    Happy happy birthday, Bella! Wishing you more birthdays to come! And always be good with sis Nikita! 😀

    • Aw, thank you for such a beautiful comment! Yes, both Bella and Nikita are lucky to have a forever home here with us. We dote on them every day and give them all the love and affection we can. All day long, they get hugs and kissies from me! She loves her new tutu so much, that we might let her wear it more often. Gotta have her tutu on her when Daddy gets home today so he can see her in it! And yes, it was funny when Bella was a puppy to start licking Daddy’s wine bottle! Nikita did that too when she was a puppy. Thank you for all your love!

    • Hey Wally & Sammy! So nice of you to stop by and wish me a Happy Birthday! I love all the attention I am getting, and this must be part of what birthdays are all about! I am liking it a lot! Did you see the awesome hat and tutu that Mommy made for me? She is so talented! And, I heard that she is making me a cake tomorrow! Hope I got presents to open!

    • Hi Emma Dog! Thank you so much and I am glad too that I have a wonderful home and a great Daddy & Mommy who love me! Not to mention the best Sister in the whole world! Love you so much Nikita!!!

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