Does Someone Have to Go?


This is a new Fox Broadcasting TV Show that airs on Thursday nights at 9pm that we found while flipping through channels a few weeks ago, and after catching the first episode, we’re hooked.

Frustrated business owners hand over their company to the employees and tell them they have 48 hours to turn the company around and fix what is wrong, even if it means letting a co-worker go.  This is where it gets interesting.

Almost every office has some level of dysfunction which usually is by fault of a handful of employees.  The procrastinator, the person who comes in late all the time, whiner, lazy, incompetent, back-stabber, gossip, and the list goes on, but they all possess toxic personalities which can poison an office and take a company down.

The owner leaves the company in the hands of their employees to give employees a voice in assessing how their company is functioning, inviting them to make recommendations on how best to solve their issues in order to make their company better and giving them the power to determine the fates of their fellow staffers. But when the owners leave their companies in the hands of their employees, those workers quickly learn that solving personnel issues isn’t as easy as it looks.

In the end, they have to answer the tough question, “Does someone have to go?”


You will never want to go to the conference room ever again after watching this show.  It all starts with all employees reporting to the conference room, unaware of what is going on.  The owner of the company plays a pre-recorded video of what is about to happen.  They state that they have 48 hours to turn this company around and make the decision “does someone have to go”.

They start off by showing on the video a video-taped interview of each employee with them stating for the record, what they REALLY think of their co-workers.  Ouch, you can feel the tension build right now as each and every employee is trying frantically to recall what they actually said about their employees.  Feelings start to be hurt, and you can cut the tension in the air with a knife.

Once they go through all the employees video taped feelings of their co-workers, the boss comes back on.  They state again that they have 48 hours to fix what is wrong with their toxic office and pick three co-workers who are the companies biggest problem.  Everyone leaves the conference room.  Everyone starts talking.  Groups of alliances start to form and you can tell immediately that they all gang up on certain people.


Everyone gets called back into the conference room again, and they are all thinking… “now what?”  The boss comes on the video again and states that in order for all of you to make your decision, you need to know what each of your co-workers salary is.  This is where everyone in the room quickly pulls out a sheet of paper so they can frantically write down everyone’s salary information along with the number of years with the company.

Now, if you thought that having everyone “know” what the other thinks about them was bad enough, now….everyone knows what each is making.  Some people have walked out of the conference room in disgust knowing that the slacker makes more money than them, while others find out that they have been with the company longer and make less money than most.  More feelings are hurt.  But it is not over yet.


All employees get an email with a list of everyone’s name on it and they have to vote for three people who they think are making their office toxic.  At this point, they have to decide what to do to make the company a better place, is it worth it to keep someone, does someone make too much money for what they do, or ultimately does someone have to go.  Everyone places their votes, and to what you might think, was not an easy task.  After their votes were placed, they all went home for the night and I am sure that not one of them slept a wink.

In the morning, they were all called back to the conference room, the boss comes back on the video screen, and states that their votes have been tallied and now everyone’s photo is being shown on the screen.  Per their own votes, once your photo is removed from the screen, you are “safe” from elimination.  One by one, their photo’s are removed, and you can see the relief in their faces when they see their photo disappear.  Now, it gets down to the final four.  The video pauses, the tensions rise.  One photo is now removed, until there are three.  These are the bottom three individuals whom everyone has identified as toxic to the office.  The people on the screen are horrified that everyone thinks that “they” are the problem.  Wait, it’s not over yet.

the toxic three fight for their job

For the bottom three employees, they are asked to sit down and write why they are important to the company and have to make a presentation in front of the entire office.  They are fighting for their job at this point.  One by one, they enter the conference room and make their presentation.

After the toxic three have left the room, everyone discusses what needs to be done.  In some cases, some employees were given 90 days to get their act together or they would be terminated if they did not, others were terminated on the spot.

Through this entire 48 hour ordeal, the boss was not involved in any of these decisions, nor were they at the office.  It took a lot for the boss to turn the company over to their employees, but something needed to be done and quick so they did not lose their company.

Now that you have the scoop on this interesting TV show, I hope you tune in tonight to see it for yourself.  Do you have a toxic office?  Or does just a few co-workers just need to go?  What would you do if you were in this situation?


12 thoughts on “Does Someone Have to Go?

  1. Man this is such a crazy scenario. Honestly, I think that having a job these days is such a precious commodity and as much as I understand having to let people go, I don’t think I could have the heart to be a part of it! At least not publicly.

    • All of the companies who participated in this TV show had definite improvement in morale with the employees as they had a better understanding of everyone’s job, instead of what they were doing before, like pointing fingers at people. They all improved across the board. The truly toxic people were given 90 days to improve or they would be terminated. Most of the truly toxic people did make a turn around and had improvement, some did not want to change and were terminated after the 90 days. The show is really great and gets you thinking on how you should treat others at the office and that YOU do not know what everyone does, so instead of pointing a finger at someone – – first and foremost, find out what they do for the company.

      • Haha just saw a typo in my comment. I really think I need a larger computer screen. 🙂

        I just think all of that is management’s job. It really should not take a tv show accomplish this.

        I have had the envious (not) job of recommending someone be terminated. It is not fun. We take it very seriously and would never let fellow employees in on the decision. But then we don’t have what anyone would call a toxic work place. We have many long term 20 and 30+ year employees.

  2. Terrifying. I’ve not heard of the show and it obviously doesn’t get aired here but if I ever do see it, I’ll be sure to watch. I’ve had a company where one person in particular proved to be extremely toxic. Would have been fascinating to watch this go down from the sidelines there. I do not, however, like the idea of people being publicly humiliated, so I doubt I’d ever have done it.

    • The employees were all called out on the show, but in the end, the results were fantastic and the employees worked together better and had a better understanding of each other!

  3. Hey Val:
    OMG I watch this to. It is on right after Hells Kitchen it is an addicting show to watch.
    Thank god my office is not like that…lol

    Luv ya Annette
    Luv ya Annette.

    • I know, we absolutely love this show! And don’t even get me started on Hells Kitchen & Master Chef because we just recently got hooked on those shows too! (ever since Idol finished, we started checking out other new shows) Hells Kitchen is awesome and Chef Ramsey is remarkable, so much talent!

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