Wordless Wednesday




Trying to get a photograph of lightning is tough. (double-click on photo’s to enlarge to see the lightning better)



31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. It is hard to get good exposure on lightning. I think you did it really well. They look great enlarged We had a good show last night too. I took that camera class and Darryl would probably recommend a tripod and to set the shutter speed to maybe 13 – 15 seconds (it’s the TV icon on my camera). I don’t have a tripod but any level surface can suffice, like a porch railing or window sill.

    • I will have to try a tripod next time! I use a Nikon D40 and I need to find an online manual to look up info on taking these types of pics! If you run across a Nikon D40 manual, let me know!

  2. I’ve been trying to get lightning photos for many years and I am not lucky ! Hahaha! Definitely beautiful lightning photos Nikita! 😀

    • I just read that post of yours and when you run outside to quickly to take a photo, a tripod is something that I do not take with me. I think also, that I have not found the right settings on my camera (perhaps night mode or something like it) to capture the lightning strikes.

  3. Wowsa! Those are just beautifuls! Very impressive. I tried to pick out one that I liked, butts I liked them all!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Fabulous photos! Lightning is incredibly hard to catch, you did excellent work. I tried back in Michigan last summer, they aren’t near as nice as these. I think it’s a matter of luck and a super fast shutter finger. Did you change your theme? I noticed your photo at the bottom, or maybe I never scrolled down to the very bottom! Great Author shot!

    • The storm that we got last night would have been fabulous for lightning shots (the news said that there were 16,000 lightning strikes), but the weather was so severe and I was not going outside. Not to mention, our basement flooded a bit, so I was busy cleaning that up! Geez. No, I did not change my theme, but I am working on sprucing things up a bit. Glad someone noticed!

    • Oh yes we did! It was a huge severe thunder & lightning storm that rolled through here twice. The news station said that we got over 16,000 lightning strikes last night! Rain barrel was overflowing this morning and I just switched over our gutter extension to the other huge garbage can to collect more rain water for the garden.

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