Garden Update: 6-24-13

OUR GARDEN 6-24-13

I know you are all on pins and needles anxiously awaiting our garden update, so sit back and take in the view from our garden!  It’s been 10 days since we have had any rain, and we need it badly.  Our rain barrel is close to being empty and desperately needs to be filled back up again.  We also have a huge garbage can placed next to our rain barrel to fill that up, once the rain barrel is completely full.  I just switch the gutter extension hose from the barrel to the can…presto, instant rain container that I just dunk my watering can in!  I think we are supposed to get some rain later today, and I am keeping my fingers crossed on that!  Our grass is even starting to dry out from all of these hot humid temps.  We are just doing our best to use only rain water that we collect for watering the garden to cut down on our water bill, and this has definitely helped tremendously!  You can not imagine the amount of water you use when gardening!

Other than our constant battle on a daily basis chasing off the Chipmunk we named “Chip” from our garden, we have not experienced any issues yet and everything is coming along nicely.  Nikita has been very helpful in chasing away “Chip” and the birdies that sneak under the strawberry netting.  We have seen a few white garden moths around and they usually like cabbage, so I did some reading on Pinterest and a lot of people are stating that we can minimize and/or rid these moths with just plain flour, by sprinkling it on top of the cabbage.


We had some nice garden soil left over from the garden, so we decided to add the rest of it (and get it off the driveway as I am tired of looking at the blue tarp already) to our backyard flower bed behind our garden.  This spot is now the home of all of our pumpkin plants.  I forgot to count how many pumpkins we have planted back there (and I will be planting about 8-10 more this week) which range from Connecticut Field Pumpkins, Jack Be Little Pumpkins, and the famous Red Warty Thing Pumpkins.  Since this flower bed looked 100% better, just by adding the nice dark garden soil around the pumpkins, I decided that I would finish the garden bricks around this bed.  Man oh man, this totally completed the garden area with beautiful results!  I could not wait for a certain someone to come home from work to see what I did, and when he did, he was WOW’d!



Our Romaine Lettuce has finally had a growth spurt.


The cucumbers are coming along nicely.


The zucchini has its moments, and some days the leaves turn a little yellow, but that is from all the rain we had been getting, but they are green again.  And today, I looked really close and I think I can see a really tiny zucchini forming!  Yeah – zucchini bread is on my mind!

ZUCCHINI 6-24-13

We finally have sight of small Big Boy Tomatoes this week!  Yeah!  As you can see, you can tell the difference from a Big Boy to a Juliet from the shape.  Big Boys are round, and Juliets are longer in shape.  The Juliets usually sprout in groups of 8-10, so you can just imagine how many we are going to harvest this year!  Nice!



This Juliet Tomato plant is now over 6 feet tall!


Our Flat Dutch Cabbage is growing by leaps and bounds.


Both Red & Green Peppers are multiplying daily.

RED PEPPER 6-24-13

And our Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce will be picked this week!  Parts of our two rows of leaf lettuce has gotten so big that it is now ready to eat!  Gotta stock up on lots of salad dressing now!  Look at that row of lettuce, nice eh?!

LETTUCE 6-24-13

So there you have it, our garden update for the week!  Everything is coming along nicely and we can’t be more pleased with its progress!



The flower bed is also popping with colors, from our Russian Sage, yellow wild flowers, Bee Balm, Cat Nip, and our hot pink Phlox just bloomed today.  Our Coreopsis will probably start to bloom in July, so just a little more time to wait on them!  We snuck about 8 pumpkin seeds in this flower bed too, and although we knew better to not plant them, we did, and we were not surprised that when the deer roamed in the other night, they nipped down about half of them.  We knew it was coming, we just kept our fingers crossed that they would not find them, they did.  Live and learn.

Summer would not be the same if we did not have a garden.  This is something that we truly love!

28 thoughts on “Garden Update: 6-24-13

  1. The love you have for your garden shines thru Val. Everything is so tidy and gorgeous and green. Very well organized too. We’ve had a lot of rain so I wish I could send you some. Last night around 1:30am we had a crazy thunder and lightning storm and it rained in buckets. It seemed like it was right over the condo. 10 minutes later, it moved off and we could hear it in the distance. But those initial cracks of thunder almost made me jump out of bed.

    • Oh we have been getting rain here too! Tuesday we got a huge lightning and thunder storm roll through here that was quite severe, and it has now rained every day since. Our rain barrel and extra can are now filled up with rain water! Phew, because since we had not had any rain for awhile, the rain barrel was close to running out. We do both love working in the garden and I love making everything look so pretty!

    • Thanks so much! It survived the huge thunder & lightning storm we got last night too! Phew! I went out first thing this morning to make sure none of our tomato plants were snapped. Mother Nature was cruel last night. I just can’t wait until we can pick things from the garden!

  2. Wows! That is just gorgeous! Ma wants to know when harvest time is so she can come over and ‘snack’! BOL
    Great work!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Nikita, I hope you got that chippie!!

    • Aw thank you! We absolutely LOVE this time of year when we can head out & create a fabulous garden, not to mention, some tasty things to eat! Nikita is right on it and chases away all the critters in the garden! 🙂

  3. WOW!! Your garden looks FANTASTIC!! And, I LOVE the photo of Nikita guarding your garden!! She looks sooo cute!! It is AMAZING how the cabbage knows to form into a “ball”!! Your newly finished pumpkin garden looks BEAUTIFUL!! According to our weather maps here, it looks as if today you got your much needed rain! Yesterday, we first had VERY LOUD CLAPS, NOT RUMBLES, of thunder with NO rain. I do NOT like when there is lightning and thunder but NO rain!!!!! I really believe that two of the CLAPS were RIGHT OVER our house! Harmony jumped onto the kitchen chair near me and was shaking uncontrollably (and so was I)! We HELD EACH OTHER!! (NLOL) It was VERY SCARY!! Then, it poured for about five minutes! After that, some rumbles of thunder and a few drops of rain; no big deal! It is also VERY HOT AND HUMID here too!! We COULD use a NICE rain for a day but NOT a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR of rain! Val, I thought of you today when Christopher and I went to a Garden Center. They had tomato cages in LOTS AND LOTS of COLORS: purple, yellow, orange, red, just to name a few, VERY BRIGHT COLORS!! I thought, “What a neat idea!” They would really make anyone’s garden look COLORFULLY DELICIOUS!! I now wish that I bought them (for next year), but I didn’t know how Michael would feel about them, and he doesn’t know yet that I bought MORE flowers! (Shh!) I hope that you have been getting a more restful sleep at night (got my three allergy shots today) ! Night Night ZZZzzz!! Luv Ya!, Karen XO

    • Hi Karen! Ya know, we purchased the cheaper tomato cages last year, and I did too as well see those with all the colors, but this year, I took out my spray paint and painted our cages in our garden Key Lime Green! Yep, saved a lot of money by spray painting our own! The colored ones in the garden center are expensive. We did in fact get LOTS of rain last night with the huge thunder and lightning storm that blew through here twice. Our basement even flooded, but not too bad. The storm sewers could not keep up with the rain and it backed up in the basement. Roy’s company lost power and he had to stay at work until almost 9pm, he came home and ate dinner, and when I went downstairs, we had yet another hurdle to handle with the basement being flooded. YIKES, what a night! Rain barrel is overflowing, and I switched the gutter extension over to the garbage can now to collect more rain that is coming today.

  4. The pavers around the pumpkins really make the area look finished. Your garden makes me feel like i’m watching the food network, they should really hurry up an invent taste-o-vision. The best part is your garden puppy, waaay better than a gnome!

    • Aw, thank you! Our leaf lettuce is on drugs or something as we can’t believe on how well it is doing! Yeppers, Nikita is on duty. Both her and Bella absolutely love coming into the garden with me. I think they think it’s a room or something. They wait by the door I made to enter…

  5. Your photos make mummy yearn for summer. It is winter here in New Zealand and mummy has been busy in the garden preparing her garden beds for planting of garlic, with a little assistance from Me and Nellie.

    • I really do think that it is the rain water that we are using is helping our garden grow so healthy! Last year when we did not use rain water, we noticed the difference in the plants after a rainfall. It is quite amazing…..and the water is free! 🙂

    • We wanted to grow it last year, but time slipped by us and we did not, so we had to make sure we grew it this year and we are glad that we did as it is coming in nicely! Has your Mom grown Romaine before?

    • Ha ha ha, Nikita helped me chase out a birdie from under the netting one morning, and now…..days later, every time she goes outside, she has to run over to the netting and sniff it all to make sure all is right in the garden. It is sooo cute that she does this. We are probably going to cut our first batch of lettuce tonight for dinner!

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