Freshly Picked


You just can’t help but love freshly picked strawberries and what makes them even better is when you grow them yourself.

We originally purchased 25 strawberry plants from Burpee last year, a few of them did not make it.  When you plant strawberries, they will not produce any berries in the first year, and we were aware of this.  We carefully covered them up with straw to protect them over the winter and hoped for the best.  Since we have never grown strawberries before, we were hoping that they would survive our cold winter.


When we felt it was time to uncover them, we carefully removed the straw over them, added a little more good garden soil around them, and started to water them.  They started to perk up nicely.  Until one morning, we went outside and found the most horrible thing had happened.  The deer came in and chewed all of our plants down to a nub.  We were horrified.  We were outraged.  We had thought that we would never see a strawberry this year at all, after looking at what the deer had done.  At this time when we had uncovered the strawberries, we had not put up the fence yet around our garden, and we probably should have.


But, to our amazement, our strawberry plants came back with a vengeance and have now probably doubled, as we have strawberry runners all over our strawberry patch!  We definitely have the funny feeling that the whole bed we have them in will be taken over by the strawberries by next year.  (which is not a bad problem to have)

We have been picking fresh strawberries daily and are enjoying our tasty harvest!  But, we are still amazed that we even have any strawberries this gardening season after what the deer did to them.



35 thoughts on “Freshly Picked

  1. Val, your strawberries look sooo delicious and refreshing!! I ran out of my strawberries and missed them in my cereal this morning! I LOVE the pictures that you took of them; clever idea of the water running over them!! Val, I think that you need a fence around your backyard to at least keep out the deer. ENJOY your strawberries!!

    • Glad you liked the strawberry pics! Man, if it’s not the chippies, or the birds, then it’s the deer and now raccoons! It’s like freakin wild kingdom over here at times!

  2. Oh man, you makin’ me drool all over my keyboard here!!! Those strawberries look DELISH!!
    Thanks so much for visitin’ my bloggie! Ma put up a new ‘follow by email’ feature so you can follow my little arse by email! hehehe
    Ruby ♥

    • Hey Ruby! What is your blog address again? I accidentally closed it! Anyhow, my family has always had airedales and we just love them so much! When I ran across your blog today and saw you, I immediately had to keep in touch! Where are you from? Let me know what your blog address is and I will subscribe! Hope you subscribe to ours too! Nikita and Bella are our beautiful kids!

    • Hey Kirby! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment! When I was washing the strawberries, I had the thought to take a photo of them with the water running over them, and since it turned out so nice, I added my star lens to add a little twinkle too! Glad you liked it!

    • I liked how the photographs came out too! I got the idea of taking a photo of them when I was washing them while the sun was coming in the kitchen window. You gotta take opportunities like that when you see em!

    • I hear ya on that one! For example, just last night the deer walked through our backyard (AGAIN) and ate more of our plants in our flower garden! Geez, can’t they just leave them alone?

    • Aw, thank you! I had that idea this morning to take some photographs of the water running over them and they turned out better than I expected! Definitely makes you want to eat some strawberries!

  3. They are lovely, there is nothing like a strawberry picked fresh from the garden. Like you I started off with just a few plants, then last year, I planted out all the runners into another bed and now have 2 beds of strawberries. I have picked just 4 berries in the past 2 days, ours have a bit of catching up to do, need some sunshine!!

    • Yep, sunshine definitely helps! Our weather here has been so strange, cold a few days, then hot, it just has not reached a happy medium yet. What is it waiting for? If it waits any longer, summer will be over! Also, I will have to start posting about our pumpkin progress too, ie: how many we have and what kinds we have planted. It is fun to watch them grow too! We are trying again this year to grow the Red Warty Thing Pumpkin, and we should have good luck this time, as they are “inside” our garden fenced in area. No deer can eat them this year!

  4. Oh this color – strawberries from a store have never this fabulous red and homegrown strawberries are like a poem or a lovesong you can eat :o) I hate this red balls but my mom is a strawberry maniac :o) Enjoy it and have a wonderful sunday.

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