27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Unwanted Visitor at 2:30am

  1. That is what you get Val for being such an EXCELLENT cook!! He heard about all those SAVORY recipes that you make!! LOL I saved a skunk who fell into our pool a couple of years ago at 3:00 AM. After I dropped the net on the ground and ran back inside the house, he came over to the back door as if to thank me for saving him from drowning! Through the CLOSED door, I said, “YOU’RE WELCOME!” He turned around and waddled away. LOL

  2. Oh dear, little rascals hey? Well cute as a button though. We don’t have racoons here, I might enjoy them a little too much since people seem to mostly complain about them.

    • Yeah, I know! And I was thinking just that when I headed outside at 2:30am to pull the can back into the garage. My eyes were darting back and forth looking for him to jump on me!

    • LOL! We have TWO watch dogs, but Nikita was snoozing on her back on the bed, while Bella was doing all the barking. I guess they take shifts during the night. LOL

      • It is funny. I think Nikita is at a point that she “would” let us know if something was definitely wrong, but perhaps she did not feel a raccoon was putting us in any danger. Bella, on the other hand, barks at everything she sees and hears.

    • We had not seen any until our neighbor said that he saw two of them coming out of his garage. Then last night we saw this guy. I actually went out and put the garbage can back in the garage. He rummaged through our other neighbors can and dumped it all over the sidewalk, that’s why I took ours in! (I did not want to do any clean up this morning)

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