Happy Birthday Steve!


I have been super busy today, but I could not let the day pass without wishing our awesome neighbor, Steve, a Happy Birthday!  So here’s to you Steve, wishing you all the best on your special day!  Thanks for being such a great & wonderful neighbor! We love you man!


Over the weekend, we had dueling fire pits going, one in our yard, and one in Steve’s.  It was the perfect night for one too, as there was hardly any wind.  Steve came outside with $80 in smoke bombs, so you could guess that we basically smoked out the neighborhood in colors that night!  It was an awesome sight for sure, one color after the next billowing down the driveway and into the street.  LOL


Steve had the bright idea and wondered what would happen if you placed a smoke bomb in the fire pit…. smoke bomb + fire pit = Awesome!  The colors danced around in the fire pit, but they did not last long because the heat must have been too much for that little smoke bomb.


So, here’s to you Steve, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

Your neighbors,
Roy, Val, Nikita & Bella


31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Steve!

  1. Thanks everyone for the b-day wishes… And yes, I am that cool. May be repeating last weekend very soon (maybe saturday)

    Thanks again to everyone with the nice comments!

  2. Certainly looks like one happy guy. It’s so nice to have neighbours you really enjoy. I’ve never seen a smoke bomb, tres cool. You americans have all the latest greatest stuff.

    • The smoke bombs were really cool. The white ones sucked, but the red, blue and yellow ones were awesome. And when we added a bunch of colors together, that was beautiful!

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