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Pinterest is the greatest invention other than coffee & wine.  Ever since I heard of Pinterest, I was hooked immediately.  I created my own Pinterest Boards, one by one, adding things that I love, things that I wanted to one day make, funny things, awesome craft ideas, home decorating ideas, holiday things, and the list goes on and on.

But it occurred to me, that most of us fellow bloggers might have Pinterest Boards too, but we are unaware that they do.  So I wanted to reach out to everyone today and have YOU leave your Pinterest Board Link in the comments section so everyone can enjoy your Pins!

Share the love on Pinterest today, and follow the boards that you love from your fellow bloggers.

Here is the link to my Pinterest Boards:  NIKITALAND

Currently, I have 44 Boards, 1,207 Pins, and I am following 166 other Pinterest Boards.

pinterest_badge_redTIP:  If you are new to Pinterest, you can click the red button at the top of the page to Follow All Boards, or you can select just the Board you are interested in following.

TIP:  Look at the top of the page to the right side, and you will see the 166 Following.  Click on this and it will show you all the 166 other Pinterest Boards that I am currently following and what interests me.

TIP:  At the top right side also shows who is following your blog.  I currently have 43 Followers.  You can click on this link to see their Pinterest Boards.  If you follow one of my boards, you will now appear under my Followers!

TIP:  When viewing a Board, if you like something and want to add it to your Pinterest Board, just hover your mouse over the picture and a Pin It button appears, click Pin It and another box opens where you can tell Pinterest what board you want to pin it too.  Also, you can change the description of that pin too!

TIP:  Also, if you are interested, I also found out a way that you can save your Pinterest Boards as a PDF.  Read all about it in this blog post!

TIP:  If you don’t currently have a Pinterest account setup, I would take the time and set one up today!  By having a Pinterest account and exciting Boards, you will also get a lot of traffic sent to your blog!  This is always a good thing, as we all would like more followers on our blog.

Take the time RIGHT NOW, and leave YOUR Pinterest Board Link in the comments section so we can all check out your wonderful Boards!  Share the Pinterest Love!  


50 thoughts on “Share the Love on Pinterest

  1. I’ve enjoyed following you on Pinterest and as you can tell, really enjoyed the photos of Bella. I know some of them were in your blog posts previously, but they were so cute!

    I did a lot of Pinterest this last week as we drove around. I can’t really read in the car, but Pinterest was a fun way to pass the time.


  2. I went gangbusters for the first while but have gotten more selective now. I love looking thru the pet ones, so fun. If I live to be 100, I have more crafts than I will ever have time for LOL and still Pinn more. So addictive!

      • LOL, LOL….I’m a goof. Sorry, I totally misread that Val. Yesterday, my brain was on overload. My friend Kari gave me a crochet lesson and then I finally got a smart phone….I had to do “soooooo much thinking” (I’m saying that like Captain Kirk). I’m swinging by again to deposit a link, Thanks for the invite to do so…HA have a good one!!

      • Wait a minute! You FINALLY upgraded to a Smart Phone? WOW! Now, I am the only one left on the planet who does NOT have one. What kind did you get?

      • Nope you aren’t, my friend Roy doesn’t even have a cell phone. He wasn’t to be ‘un-reachable’ when he leaves work.
        I got the Samsung 4S. Bit of a learning curve happening. 😀 Makes you feel every bit your age. LOL

    • Have you checked out mine yet? I have found some really interesting things, things to dream about “wishing” that you had, and some awesome recipes too! Thanks for following! I’ll go check out yours too!

  3. Well….my experience with Pinterest may be a bit different than some folks’. I have unfollowed a few folks, just because I’m not interested in baby ideas or bachelorette party ideas… I find I prefer to just type something in the search bar to find what I’m interested in. Oh, and when I click on the link to your Pinterest page, I get a message that it can’t be found. I’ll just do a search for you!
    Here’s my link (I think), but I must warn you: you’ll probably be disappointed!

    Have a good weekend!

    • The link was checked before I hit post, and when I viewed it, it worked. I have checked on the link and have changed it. Try it now to see if it takes you to my Boards. I hope so. Let me know! I agree with you that I don’t want to know anything about baby stuff etc and will not follow things like that. I just follow things that I like! Let me go check out yours now! 🙂

    it is my happy place, i can spend hours just looking at stuff.
    I don’t know my link but you can search for me: Robyn Wright-Parkin / RobynWP. I will be looking you up asap 🙂

  5. I have no idea how this works, but after reading your post I’ve created an account
    Misaki was taken so I think I’m called MisadsofMisaki – paws crossed! No idea how it all works though lol

    • I will go take a look at what you created and I can help you out! For example, in the upper left, there is a search box. Type something in there and watch what pops up. It is addicting! I was just looking up “cement” as I am getting into cement crafts, and was WOW’d by what I found. Also, in your Pinterest Header, make sure you add your blog link like mine.

      • I just followed your board too! That is how I started out, I sat down one weekend and invested some time in it and figured it all out. How to search etc. Also, the little box at the top left with the three lines on it takes you to all the categories on Pinterest. Or, like I mentioned, you can type in your own search term to search for specific things.

      • Hey Misaki, don’t forget to add the “Follow Me on Pinterest” Button on your blog too so people can click on that too!

    • Oh boy oh boy, since you have one already started, you should use it as it most definitely will gain you attention for your books! Do you have a Pinterest button as a WordPress feature appear under all of your blog posts? If you do, once you do a post, you can click on the Pinterest button and add your items to your Pinterest account! GAIN THAT TRAFFIC to your books, it works!

  6. I haven’t gotten into it personally, but I have one I keep for work /tgfglaucoma. I like the idea of it but I just haven’t gotten into it for myself! I am heading over to view your board now!

    • Even a lot of companies now use Pinterest to show off their products & services. For example Home Depot and lots of craft businesses. I have received a lot of traffic from Pinterest to my blog. I hope you like my Pins! 🙂

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