Wordless Wednesday


Bella’s first experience with bubbles.  She paid more attention to the bubble wand instead. Silly dog.


30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Just took that photo yesterday of Bella. She loves posing for the camera, but it was funny that she ignored the bubbles, and stared at the wand instead. Silly dog.

  1. I love bubbles, I have a recipe to make my own except it’s hard on the lawn. Neat picture! At first I thought it was a stuffed toy…I need new glasses LOL.

    • You are too funny! Nope, that was the bubble wand I zoomed in on! Bella is such a ham. She stared at the bubble wand more than the bubbles, but Nikita chases the bubbles all over the yard! Silly dogs!

    • It was funny. Bella was not amused one bit with the flying bubbles all over the backyard. She paid attention to the stick I was holding! Silly dog, silly dog.

      • Oh don’t get me started on boxes! Geez, I can’t even open up a box of spaghetti or rather…..anything, without Nikita going nutso! She WANTS that box badly and will do whatever it takes to get it from me! It is quite funny!

      • My Vizsla does that with the towels. Good luck trying to dry him off when he comes in wet. It’s really hard to keep getting the towel back until he’s wiped off enough.

      • Oh the differences that Nikita and Bella have. I love both of their personalities so much. But, they make such a cute pair together.

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