Garden Update June 3, 2013


Ah, the beginning of June has finally arrived.  By now, everyone’s garden should be planted and the hopes of harvesting a plentiful crop is on everyone’s mind.  We are as well, dreaming of the day when we can start picking veggies from the garden, but also watching your plants mature is an adventure in itself.


A few days ago, we took off the Creamora bottles from our zucchini.  The plants have matured enough to stand alone from chippie attacks, but we are still keeping a watchful eye on them.  (one seed still has the bottle over it so the chippies don’t eat it!)


Our strawberry plants are growing like they are on crack and will soon take over the whole garden bed by our garage.  We even got to eat our first few strawberries over the weekend, and need to watch the chippies as they are starting to nip the ripe berries.


The Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce is coming in beautifully in two straight rows.  It is funny how we have some spots that are bushier than others, but that is probably because we might have dropped more seeds in those places.


Both are red and green pepper plants are maturing nicely.  We even have little peppers forming!


Two of our Juliet Tomato plants that we thought we might have lost due the frost we had are actually producing tomatoes right now!  Nice!


I even added some Halloween crows in our garden, which scare the pants off of Roy every time he goes into the garden.  I laugh, but hope that the birds will scare away whatever might enter to munch on our plants.  We’ll see if they do any good, but for now, it provides a good laugh every time we head into our garden.  Here’s one, just hanging around on our garden door.


We headed off to our local garden center over the weekend to purchase the only two plants we did not start from seed.  These Jalapeno plants will be used for my salsa and I will get my Cilantro from our next door neighbor.


All in all, we are so pleased on the progress of our garden as it is coming along nicely.  Even Roy’s Jack Be Little Pumpkin plants are getting bigger by the day.  We also have other pumpkins growing too, which include Connecticut Field and Red Warty Thing pumpkins.  If you have never heard of the Red Warty Thing Pumpkin before, Google it to see how cool it looks! It it reddish orange in color with bumps or warts all over it.  We tried to grow these last year and they did remarkable in the garden, but the deer ate them and we were left with nothing.  This year, we have them protected inside our garden fence, so the deer won’t be munching on them this year.  Live and learn – the gardeners hardships only make them better gardeners!

31 thoughts on “Garden Update June 3, 2013

  1. I know it’s not nice to be jealous, but I am! I have a lovely big garden, but over the years it’s become impossibly shady, so growing edibles is now pretty much limited to herbs. I could ditch the car and make use of the very sunny driveway, though.

    • Aw, schucks….thanks for all the nice compliments! We have two of the cutest doggies around! This is our second year gardening and have learned a lot. I made that cement skull for the garden with a cement mold! We are really BIG into Halloween and everything that goes along with it. Glad you are now following along with us! WELCOME! {Valerie}

      • We love everything that has to do with Halloween! I even make our own wood tombstones for the front yard too! We added a great new addition to the front yard last year of three 6 foot skeletons holding up in the air a wood coffin that I handmade. People were stopping as they drove by to take a photo! Check back in my older posts in October to see for yourself!

  2. So tidy! Looking good Val. Those are super straight rows too. I googled those pumpkins and yep, they’re some ugly. They’ll be great in one of your Halloween set ups though. I liked your creative Cover Dog issue too, that bandana is very bright and cheery!

    • I love mixing it up a bit sometimes on the blog and thought that I would try to make a magazine cover for that post! Everyone liked it! I can’t wait to see if we get any Red Warty Pumpkins to grow this year! I really really want to see one! We had a really nice plant growing last year (outside of our garden fence) and the deer ate it. We were so disappointed, so we are trying again this year to grow some more! Nikita and Bella love wearing bandannas!

    • Aw, thank you Clowie! Everyone seems to like the magazine cover I created with Nikita. She does like posing for the camera for sure! We are loving gardening season right now!

    • Our garden is 6′ x 16′ and we ran string down it to make six rows. This makes it easier to keep things in perspective when planting! Thanks for stopping by!

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