The Pleasures of Warmer Weather

We survived another holiday weekend, and trying to get caught up on emails that have filled my inbox was brutal.  Taking a few days away from email was good for the soul, but catching up on reading everything was time consuming.  I almost wanted to hit “delete all” messages, but thought against it, and managed to read them all in a few days.


Coming out from under a cold snap and right into 90 degree temps this week surely brightens your mood.  We finally got everything into the garden and now Mother Nature can take over.  We thought our cabbage plants took a hit from the frost we had, but they are recovering nicely and perking up so we feel they will be ok.  Phew.

We are still battling with chipmunks over here eating our pumpkin and zucchini seeds, but those Creamora bottles over the ones that have sprouted is working.  None of them have been touched by the chippies!  (saw this idea on Pinterest)  The bottles have actually created a nice warm greenhouse effect around each zucchini and they are getting bigger by the day.  When they get a little bigger, we will remove the bottles since the chippies won’t touch them once they get to a certain size.  We can’t believe we have to go through all of this trouble just to grow a zucchini.  (Do you see the cement skull I made?  I am hoping it scares the chippies away)


Both Nikita and Bella get a thrill out of going in our garden.  They wait by our garden gate that stands proudly in the backyard by a green metal garden stake to enter are garden area.  They walk around the garden with me, sniffing all the plants.

Bella met the garden hose yesterday and it was all fun and games to her!  Nikita wanted nothing to do with the hose and kept her distance.  I kept turning the watering wand on and off and it instantly intrigued Bella to check it out further.  What happened was pure joy!  Bella tried biting the water coming out and had a blast.  It had to feel good to her since our temps were in the 90’s.  When the water was shut off, she walked over to the nozzle and sniffed, wondering what happened to the water.  Silly dog.




As for Nikita, she enjoys playing in the backyard too and always find a nice shady spot to relax in or just roll around on her back.  She loves rolling around in the yard, feet flying in the air, and grunting.  Ah, this is the life!




We also had our first fire pit night with family and neighbors.  It was the perfect night as there was no wind, but the warmth from the logs burning in the pit kept us comfy.  Relaxation at it’s finest.  We can’t wait for the next fire pit night!  With warmer weather, grilling is a must.  We had some awesome kabobs that were marinated in Marzetti’s Balsamic dressing and lots of hamburgers & hot dogs.  The ultimate sign of the arrival of warm weather is when the grill makes its appearance.




I also love adding a pop of color to the yard with spray paint.  I painted another one of my pots bright red and it definitely added the perfect color to the backyard.  Since I had the red paint out, I also painted a tiny little Adirondack chair that I found at Pat Catans which is now sitting on my desk holding my cell phone.


Adirondack chair

This is just the beginning of lots of Summer memories, good times with family and friends, lots of grilling, and reaping what we sow in our garden.  It just doesn’t get any better than this!


26 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Warmer Weather

  1. I really love looking at dogs enjoying sprinklers and hoses! Bella made my day 😀 And also I am happy to hear that the cabbages and plants were doing well. Hope to see photos of them soon!

  2. It looks like Nikita and Bella love to enjoy the yard. Do they like to play fetch or do they just chill out and enjoy the grass?

    Nice that those bottles are doing a good job protecting the seedlings. Soon you’ll have delicious zucchini!

    • They play with their toys, chase each other, then relax in the nice grass. We just took the bottles off the zucchini today since the plants got bigger. From our experience, the chippies don’t bother them when the plants are bigger. Phew!

  3. Wow, your grass is really green. It almost looks too nice to be real. Great job. Love the cuddle photo, you’re so lucky to have a yard and your doggies! Awesome.

    • Oooooh, thank you for mentioning something about how nice the grass looks! I have been working hard on repairing pee spots and seeding like crazy to get it to look like this! I am lucky, aren’t I?! Life is good!

  4. Great idea about those little bottle seedling protectors! I have a giant ground squirrel living in my front yard (dog free zone) and he eats most of what i try to grow from seed. I am going make some of those little seed houses today and be prepared for my next batch of sprouts that come up!

    • They really work! None of the little zucchini’s that are covered up have been touched by any critter! Once the plants get a little bigger, we will remove the bottles. It might look funny in our garden, but at least I know I will have zucchini’s to make zucchini bread!

  5. I saw that idea on the Creamora bottles too and am glad to see how well they’re working. And yes, the squirrels will damage a garden too. As do dogs, especially little miniature pinschers who love ripe tomatoes! Grrr. . .

    Thanks for following me on Pinterest. I’ll be by to follow you also.


    • Aw, schucks…you noticed that I am following you on Pinterest already? That’s is so cool! I love Pinterest so much as it is addicting. I never knew a dog would eat a tomato? That is really interesting! I don’t think Nikita or Bella would eat one, they are picky eaters.

    • Thanks! I found that little chair in the doll section at Pat Catans craft store! I had to paint it red. Now, I want to go back and get a few more and paint them in bright colors like yellow, aqua, and lime green!

    • I found that idea on Pinterest and it works! No chippies getting to our zucchini and pumpkins this year! We just can’t believe that we have to go through ALL OF THIS to save our seedlings without them getting eaten! Grrrr. Ah, the cycle of life of a gardener.

  6. Great photos! Beautiful dogs. I wonder how bad the Mosquitos are there, being from Michigan. We don’t have them or any biting bugs here. Love the little skull and anti chippy bottles! Will chicken wire keep them out! Or are the holes too large. Welcome to your summer!

    • The bottles are working great! I am glad I saw this idea! That skull I made from a cement mold and since we love Halloween a ton, I decided to place him in the garden. I think chicken wire would not work, as you are correct, too big holes. I just wish we could plant things and not have to worry every day about something eating it. Now…I saw a squirrel the other day too, and I wonder if he will eat anything in the garden.

    • Ooooh the grilling – we love this time of year! Marinating your chicken or beef tips in Marzette’s Balsamic makes them the best tasting kabobs ever! The Creamora bottles are definitely working – no chippies ate them!

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