Spring Storms & Blooms

Cleveland, OH is the only place on earth where you can go from 87 degrees on Monday to 40 degrees by Thursday in one week.  

On Monday, it was sweltering hot and just trying to get through the task of mowing your lawn before you fainted, was tough.  By Wednesday, the weather changed, storms arrived, brought downpours of rain, and I had to put away the flip flops for more suitable footwear.  Yep, we live in Cleveland, OH and this happens all the time. The weather here is so unpredictable.  We’re used to it, but don’t like it.  It sucks.

STORM SKY 5-23-13


STORMS 5-23-13

STORM 5-23-13

Doesn’t the weather man or Mother Nature know that we are trying to start a garden over here?  Geez.  I had to head outside after dinner last night, and completed covered the entire garden with plastic to protect it from the bitter cold and high winds. The garden looks hideous right now, but at least it is covered up and the plants are protected.  Hopefully this will keep the soil warm a bit.  By the time I got inside, I was soaked and freezing.  My fingers felt like they were going to fall off from frost bite.  (not really, but that is what it felt like)  What we thought was amazing, is that our rain barrel has completely filled up from the rain we got this week.  The barrel is either a 50 or 55 gallon barrel and in just a few days of rain, it is overflowing!  We might need to check back with our neighbor to see if we can get a second barrel from him and use it as an overflow barrel.  With the rate at which the barrel filled up, we will have enough rain water to water the garden all season!  Nice!  Now, we can definitely see firsthand why everyone wants rain barrels!  Not to mention, rain water is so much better for your plants than the water coming from your hose.

I love photographing the sky.  The cloud formations lately have been stunning, yet quite eerie.  I can sometimes sit at the kitchen table and watch as the darkness rolls in and changes the skyline completely.  The way the skies looked this past week is like how they would look if we were expecting Halloween to arrive, not Spring.  But, what are you going to do?  Absolutely nothing, just bundle up.  I had to put on my Cleveland Browns hat and warm winter coat just to head outside with the dogs last night.




Earlier in the week, I got some great photographs of our Spring blooms. I have to capture them at just the right time for some stunning buds.  The fern stems are all unrolling, the marigolds are magnificent, the peonies are getting ready to open, and the smell of the neighbors lilac trees fill the air.




Our warmer weather won’t be returning until about Sunday, so I am just going to sit here next to my space heater and keep warm.  And just think, June is just around the corner and I have a winter coat back on!  Something is not right here.


34 thoughts on “Spring Storms & Blooms

  1. That cold weather sounds perfectly awful…
    and I was going to say something else about it, but my jaw is too busy dropping…
    WOW! Those skies – incredible! And I really like the flower images, too…
    I mean… you’ve created a LOT of beautiful images here…

  2. We tend to get these weather roller coasters too. Very unpredictable. I hope you were able to save all your hard work. You captured the stormy sky’s really well 😀 Hope the sun starts to shine soon. We’re forcast for spotty rains and 19 C – 20 C all week. (mid 60’s – 70F) I guess it’s pare for the coarse.

    • We think we lost two of our Juliet Tomato plants, and we feel that everything else survived the frost that came in. Phew. I have more Juliet plants downstairs to replace them!

    • LOL, yep….you’ve got the perfect weather where you are for sure! Wish our weather was like yours! 🙂 Those sky photo were crazy! Every storm, I always head outside to capture them!

  3. Oh no, no, no, Cleveland is not the only place like this. It’s so frustrating when you have to run the air and the furnace in the same day and living in Chicago, you do that with more frequency than you’d think. In Virginia, not so much, but we’ve had some major shifts in temperatures accompanies, of course, by the high winds. Oh yippee!! More fun in the yard afterwards.


    • Me bad, and I just thought it was here that we had such crappy weather, not to mention unpredictable! Glad I am not in this alone! BTW, love that photo of your doggie!

  4. Those closeup shots are gorgeous! I finally have a few things in bloom, like peony, but it’s been a bit of a miserable spring in Toronto. Today was lovely though!

  5. It’s thesame here, weird weather…at this time of the year we are getting rid of the carpets yet we are not! I hope your plants are well protected. I so love your photos about them! Those lilac would be nice to put inside the house 🙂 Wishing you a good weather soon! Happy Sunday~

    • Happy Sunday to you too! It’s 3:00am here right now and I am up suffering with allergies. They always seem to hit me when the weather changes. Grrrr. I think we might have lost two of our Juliet Tomato plants from the cold & frost, but I still have more plants in the basement that I have not brought out yet, so we are still ok. Hugs to you!

      • Oh great you got some more! It’s sad to hear about the 2 Juliets though, just imagining the time you have to wait for them to grow, then finally they were out in daylight – only to settle a little bit and be gone. Thankfully, you got some more, hope this time the weather won’t get crazy. I mean, it’s almost June… You have allergies , I have headache. Pain killer pills are everywhere in the house during this time. Despite of this, wishing you a memorable Sunday! I am hopeful that the plants can hang on a little bit more. 🙂

      • I think we will be ok, other than the 2 Juliet plants. I agree, you baby them for months, take em outside to grow up, and the elements take em down in one night. Not fair!

      • But it’s good you kept some more. And consider yourselves lucky because not everything got destroyed. The good luck is still on your side! 😀 I hope to see more of the plants soon, I am excited to see how they did after the storm, hope you don’t mind my curiosity?

    • I hope this is the last cold spell we have now for awhile. I had to cover all the garden plants up as well as all of my nice flowers too just to save them from the frost last night. 🙂

  6. I hate unpredictable weather too but (as I jinx myself) I think we might finally be through. Now it’s just crazy HOT! Hopefully your garden is surviving! And your pictures are amazing!

    • We hope the garden survived this weekend too, had frost last night, and every towel we have was covering the garden to protect the plants. Our weather was coming along nicely for this time of year, then took a nose dive into the crapper. Glad you like my photos! There will be more!

  7. Sounds like an EXACT copy of our weather this week here in Southeastern PA but just a day later! I had just completely turned all the thermostats OFF on Monday, and now it is going to be in the low 40s during the night! What gives! Our neighbor behind us took the cover off their pool two weeks ago to be ready for the Grandkids to swim during the Memorial Day Holiday. I don’t think that we will see them doing any swimming this weekend! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL AND EERIE! I do not like when I see clouds dip downward in the sky like in your one photo! Did I ever tell you that I had relatives living in a suburb of Cleveland? They would tell us that they spent many times in their basement because of tornado warnings and horrible storms coming off of Lake Erie! When I was a teenager, I was visiting them because my cousin was performing (Rangerette?), and there was a parade. Well, a violent storm came up so quickly that everything had to be stopped VERY quickly, and everyone had to take cover VERY quickly (but not before we were soaked)! Needless to say, I was VERY FRIGHTENED! I had been through lots of storms before that one but not as violent as that one!! Aren’t Spring Blooms BEAUTIFUL!? Your Spring Blooms look so GORGEOUS!! It is so PRETTY here!! I wish more people here would plant flowers for the summer! We did see an increase in flower planting here last year, but there could still be more (and I’m sure that the nurseries would agree with me; nurseries in our area seem to be decreasing)! That makes me Sad and Disappointed!! When you go to places like Home Depot, Lowes, or stores, they just don’t have the knowledge that nurseries have! Well, anyhow… Hope EVERYONE (including ALL of your Readers of your Blog) has a FANTASTIC, PEACEFUL, RELAXING AND ACCOMPLISED Memorial Day weekend!! LOTS of HUGS AND KISSES, Harmony, Christopher, Michael, and Karen XOXOXOXO

    • If we had it our way, we would plant flowers all over the yard, but the deer eat them. We try to get the deer resistant ones, but sometimes I wonder if those really work? From what I can remember in past years, Memorial Day has always been dampened by rain, so we’re just spending it indoors where it’s warm! Hugs to everyone at your end of the world, stay warm!

      • Well, so much for working outside today! Remember that I wrote yesterday that it was going down into the 40s last night? Well, THE WEATHER FORCASTERS WERE WRONG!! IT WENT DOWN TO THE LOW 30s!!! BRRRR!!!! The heat is back on!! And, now, today it is soooo WINDY!!! I am back to wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt!! Since it was a longer weekend, we were suppose to work on opening up our pool and start planting flowers and our vegetable garden! GRRRR!!!!(Harmony taught me to say GRRRR!!!! LOL) STAY WARM!!

      • LOL, we turned our heat on yesterday too! I have been outside pulling off all the layers of blankets, boxes, and plastic off the garden and all of my flowers, hopefully the garden survived the frost we had last night. Yes, I agree, Brrrrrrr! (way to go Harmony for teaching Mommy how to say that!)

  8. One of many reasons we left Michigan! No more cold or dangerous storms. I hope the plants pull through the cold snap – my mother would either cover her plants or even run the sprinkler system on them to stop frost. Not sure how that worked but it did.

    • Wow, I never heard of running a sprinkler over the plants to prevent frost, but parents usually know what they are doing! Right? They are all covered up right now & protected.

      • Val, John’s Mom is right on! Nurseries and orchards due this “sprinkler trick” all the time when there is going to be a possible frost(I don’t know about freeze though)! They have too many plants to have to cover them.

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