Our Garden Adventure Begins

Click on photo to enlarge to read our garden markers

Click on photo to enlarge to read our garden markers

The time has finally arrived.  The tedious task of tending to seedlings in the basement is over.  Keeping a watchful eye on them for months in the basement & babying them has ended.  It’s do or die time.


We started hardening off our plants last week, and yesterday we started bringing out all of our 40+ plants from the basement, away from the gentle warmth of the grow lights and safety in the basement, and brought them out to the cruel world outside.  We planted two of our Juliet Tomato plants, one Big Boy Tomato plant, one Red Pepper and one cabbage plant yesterday in the garden just to see how they would survive the night in the “real world”.  They all made it!


Now, today, I will be planting the rest of our plants out into the garden and hope for the best!  We hope that we get a nice rain here soon, as I want to start using the rain water in the rain barrel to water the plants, as rain water is so much better for the garden.


We are so pleased to see that our leaf lettuce is already starting to pop up in two nice straight rows.  We already have about 4 Romaine Lettuce sprouts popping up, one Cucumber has popped, and one Zucchini made its appearance this morning!  Man, we are so pleased to see this!  Yahooooo is what we actually said!


Now, this is the fun and exhilarating part of gardening.  Watching your plants grow! Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you can plant a little seed and pick veggies from it!


I hope you also noticed the little red brick plant markers all around the garden too!  What?  You didn’t notice them?  I picked up a handful of little brick slices when our city was laying bricks in town and I knew that one day I would find a “purpose” for them.  I did at that!  I painted with nail polish plant markers!  Another way to re-purpose nail polish!  LOL


Our garden adventure begins.


24 thoughts on “Our Garden Adventure Begins

  1. That’s a very tidy bit of gardening Val! Cute reuse of the bricks too. Hopefully the hail didn’t kibosh your early efforts. We are having a very rainy and windy day here, no outdoor projects will transpire.

    • This part truly sucks! I have more than 40+ plants that I had to hand carry each and every one outside. So far, the ones that we planted directly into the garden (after hardening them off) are doing great! Phew!

  2. AWWW Nikita love your new banner! And I am loving the architectural blue print you somehow made on your future garden, so jealous…..kirby that is……many plants to attack and hide in

    • As of today, almost all of the garden has been planted! I had to hand carry all 40+ plants from the basement outside, so that they can get planted in the garden. Almost done! Bella, our little pup, loves to walk in the garden with Mommy and she sniffs all the plants close to the edge of the garden. It’s so cute!

  3. Val, your garden looks so delicious already! Can’t wait to plant our garden too! Have you tried grape tomatoes? I believe they come in red and yellow varieties. They look exactly like “grapes” and are sweet(especially the red ones)! They make a VERY nice addition to salads, pasta salads, warm pasta dishes, whatever! Our neighbor eats them just as one would eat a grape. I just put them in a warm pasta side dish for dinner yesterday. They do add a wonderfully sweet flavor! Can’t wait to see your garden grow!! Bon appetit!!
    (Sometimes I still have a problem leaving a comment on your Blog! I’m sorry!)

    • I have received all of your comments lately! We can’t wait until we can start picking veggies, but that’s a little way off right now. It is amazing though, that we had peppers growing downstairs in the basement under the grow light too!

  4. Oh how I love your garden! I wish I could do the same 😀 I am very very excited to see the veges grow into full bloom and ready for harvest. It is indeed exciting! And patience is a virtue. 😀

    • I knew I would find what to do with those little slices of brick! Ha ha ha, I never noticed that it matched my boots! It does! I still have a few more bricks to paint!

    • Ooooh, we are so excited too! I take so many photographs of the plants in our garden, as it is fun to watch them grow up! Better yet….it is awesome when it comes time to “pick them” and eat em! Nothing beats a home grown tomato! Better than the supermarket!

      • They are different – can’t say exactly why but there is a distinct difference. My mother used to grow the big red tomatoes, and the little cherry kind too. We would set watching TV and stuff them down!

      • I did cherry tomatoes last year, and this year we’re doing the Juliets! They are longer and meatier! We are also growing Big Boy tomatoes too and those are the nice big ones. Oh, I can’t wait!

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