The Ah-ha Moment

Do you just throw things away and never think about them again?  Empty bottles – trash it.  Candle burned down – throw the jar out.  Empty Creamora bottles – bye bye.  It hit me like that infamous Ah-ha moment, when that invisible light bulb appeared above my head. (and yes, if I probably would have looked up, I would have seen it there hovering over my noggin)

It is the neatest thing when you get that moment and think to yourself, “now why didn’t I think of that”, then you feel stupid for not thinking of it, because it was so simple.  Don’t fret, we’ve all been there at one point or another, and I had the infamous light bulb go off this week.

I had a little candle that came in the cutest glass jar with a tight closing glass lid, it burned out.  I was about to throw it away and thought against it.  Instead, I ran hot water in it to melt the wax left on the bottom.  I have big plans for you little jar!  Once all cleaned out and dried, I dumped all of my pink allergy pills (yes, I suffer badly with allergies) into the glass jar.  Just perfect!  Now, instead of looking at an ugly allergy pill bottle, I look at my new adorable glass jar that houses the pills that makes me feel better.  Ooooh, the Gate Keeper of curing puffy watery eyes!  (NOTE:  I would not recommend this idea if you have little children in your home!)

Which would you choose to sit on your counter?

Which would you choose to sit on your counter?

Now, I need to go find a little candle or two for our other bottles of medicine.

Keeping in the re-purposing mood, I have stock-piled lots of those large plastic Creamora bottles.  With these bottles, they are going to save the world, well maybe not the world, but they will save our little plants and pumpkins that are coming up from all the chipmunks!  Yep, another ah-ha moment!  Since last year we had a terrible time trying to deter the chippies from munching on our new pumpkins plants coming up, and we tried everything to stop them.  Nothing worked.  So, I am going to try this new Creamora bottle trick to see if I can save our plants from being dominated by the chippies.

Nikita trying to sneak something to play with!

Nikita trying to sneak something to play with!

Repurposing a Creamora bottle.  Remove the plastic label from the bottle, and wash out the bottle really well.  Now, run your x-acto knife around the last groove on bottom of the bottle until the bottom falls off.  Throw away the lid.  Also, note that when you look at the bottom you have cut off now looks like one of those clear plant bottoms you buy at the store for your pots.  (another repurpose idea)  Now you have a clear bottle that you can shimmy or push down into the soil real well around your little plants that are coming up.  The lid lets air in and the clear bottle lets the sun in.  Once the plant is established, you can remove the bottle.  It appeared to us that the chippies won’t touch a plant that has matured, but they prefer the seed (and yes, they did dig out tons of our seeds from the soil) and prefer the little tiny plants.  We are going to fix that this year!



What have you re-purposed and got that ah-ha moment?

22 thoughts on “The Ah-ha Moment

  1. Clever girl! I like that plant idea with the bottle tops. I’ll keep that one simmering on the back burner. Luckily for us, the city has a recycling program for plastic, glass, paper,styrofoam. We’re in a condo with a single garage so really appreciate their diligence.

    • So far, those Creamora bottles seem to be working and the chipmunks have not eaten our little sprouts yet. He has dug around them in the dirt, but has not touched the actual seedling. Nice! We are doing all of this just to protect the seedlings to a certain point in growth, then we will remove the plastic bottles.

  2. Love the recycling ideas. Glass bottles of any form never go to waste in this household. Hubby, with his illness, cannot drink tap water so we have a filter attached to our kitchen tap and glass bottles are the best for using to constantly refill for fresh water.

    • I even took our glass spaghetti sauce jars and filled them with things like, those small 25 watt bulbs, tie wraps, extension cord plugs, and the list goes on. It really organized the workbench! I love a good repurpose idea!

  3. That jar is really cute! I’m always looking for new ways to repurpose everything but I’ve never considered using candle jars before. Great idea 🙂

    • Glad you liked the idea Beth! I have done that too and did a shout out to everyone to save certain items for me for a craft project too! Glad I could help! {Val}

    • I agree! Like I mentioned, it is not something to do if you have kids in the house, but if you don’t, it would definitely look great on your counter or in the medicine cabinet. You don’t even need to label the glass jar either, because you know what your pills look like and what they are for! I need to get a few more glass jars for my headache pills too!

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